About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poem #254 - Master of All That You See

Master of all that you see -
Through your own creativity.
All you see comes from your mind.
There the creative force you find.

Picture a rainbow stretching far.
At the end there lies a jar.
Will you fill it with golden beads?
In your mind there lie the seeds.

For all you’ve acquired to this day
You have created along the way
By drawing to you events and things,
People and conditions and all life brings.

Your thoughts and beliefs have shaped your reality.
Surrounding yourself with those who share commonality.
Look around and you’ll see this is true.
Like a magnet they’re attracted to you.

For like attracts like – it’s a physical law.
But through the thoughts in your mind most of all.
So take great care of how you think,
For you may attract things as quick as a wink.

Never lose sight of your mind’s great power
To shape your world by the minute and hour.
For you are a miniature version, of course,
Of the One Universal Creative Force.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poem #253 - God's glory

Sheep bleat; donkeys bray.
Each speaks in its own way.
Flowers bloom; water flows.
In their movement, life it shows.

All of creation tells a story.
Where there’s life, you’ll find God’s glory.
Take a breath and hold it in.
The greatest truth is there within.

Breath is life and life is Spirit.
Not a ghost – no need to fear it.
For it is you, this living force
That through all living things does course.

Like a heartbeat, it’s alive,
Causing all to grow and thrive …

Sit in peace and feel the presence
Believe and you shall know:
This spirit lies within you
There’s nowhere else that it can go.

Separated you may feel at times
But find it not so odd
To know that you and all you see
Are one, for you are God.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Poem #252 - Nature's Struggle

I find this poem interesting in that it's not something I normally focus on, yet obviously the spirit world does ...

Smoke stacks spew their bilious fumes
Polluting your air.
Does no one care?

Fish swim in streams
Turned green
But not natural.
There’s nothing natural in a scene
Where nature fights to survive
Barely alive
Unable to thrive.

Recognize the harm you do
To what is part of you.
See the life that flows
Where nature grows.

Find yourself in what you see

All of nature’s part of thee.
Keep it pure
So it may endure.

Long after you have gone
From the earth and moved on
Your earth will remain.
Right now in pain,
Help her regain
Her natural state.
Do not wait
‘Til it’s too late.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poem #251 - Answers

Search not first for answers from others.
For all answers start within.
Available for the asking,
When you are ready to begin.

There are many ways your questions
May be answered once you ask.
To stay attuned for how they come-
This is your challenge and your task.

Who can say if others
Hold the truth for you?
It’s when the words speak to your heart
Then trust them you can do.

So yes, it may come from a voice,
Either human or pure spirit.
But having asked so clearly
Then you’ll be more prone to hear it.

Your answer may come from a book
On pages that are written.
Again, because you clearly asked
It’s as if you had been bitten.

“That’s it!” you’ll think –
“The words I need!
And now these words
I know to heed.”

So yes, the answers that you seek
May come from others, true.
But best when first asked from within
For guidance that is due.

So many fail to ask this way.
They drift without direction,
Wondering so hopelessly,
“What’s the answer to this question?”

It’s simple when you close your eyes
And ask the question of your Source.
The answers always come quite soon
In ways that makes you say, “Of course!”

So what is it that troubles you?
What stone does lie unturned?
Ask it now to God, within,
Where all great lessons they are learned.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poem #250 - Just Pray

A loving reminder from the spirit world of the simple message they continue to repeat. This poem came to me almost immediately, as fast as I could write the words …

Out of darkness comes the light.
The love of God dispels all fright.
When you can sit and feel the flow,
Then true peace and love you’ll know.

Be not afraid to ask for Him.
And when you do, just let Him in.
Then to you will come all things -
All the goodness true love brings.

This is what we’ve come to say.
So begin again with each new day.
Sit and ask the love to flow
Before throughout your day you go.

This love you’ll take as you do walk.
You’ll feel it as you do and talk.
And such a difference it will make
In each decision you choose to take.

We cannot emphasize too much
The power of God’s loving touch.
So in these simple little rhymes
We come to you in troubled times.

Reminding you of what you need –
So our advice we ask you heed.
Remember why you do exist.
This time for prayer do not resist.

Go forth and know that God is real.
In silence you can truly feel
The love He brings to all of you,
If only you will know it’s true.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Poem #249 - Your Heart

“The faint at heart” - what does it mean?
Weak and timid, prone to scream.
The term depends on how you choose
The image of the heart to use.

For yes, the tool which in you beats
With a pattern that for years repeats
Can grow old and then expire
When from so many beats it does finally tire.

But used to mean your very soul,
Then your heart is always whole.
Never faint, but always strong,
There to guide you your whole life long.

But why the heart?
Why use this part?
Why not the head?
Or some other part, instead?

For it lies within the place that works the best.
To feel the love well in your chest.
It rises up, but can subside
If love you show or choose to hide.

So never forget the heart’s sole role
When used as a symbol for your soul …
It’s there to keep your connection true
With the Spirit that flows through you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poem #248 - Ups and Downs

Weep no longer.
Shed no more tears.
There’s no valid reason
To go on mourning for years.

For loss comes to all.
It’s a part of your path.
But suffering and torment
Very quickly can pass.

It’s alright to grieve,
To expel bad emotions.
But the need to continue
Comes from all your false notions.

If you understood better
That life’s about change,
Then our advice to stop suffering
Would not seem so strange.

“This too shall pass”
Is a statement of fact.
For each passing moment
Brings a new way to act.

For nothing is static.
No pain lasts forever.
You think you’ll never recover
But you must never say never.

For just as the sun
Once again each day rises,
Around the bend in your path
Comes an array of surprises.

Do not give up hope
For the sun’s shining rays.
For a mix of sunshine and clouds
Is just part of your days.

So treasure the sun
But despair not in the clouds.
For past your tears there is hope,
Once are lifted the shrouds.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poem #247 - Choices

Sitting on the doorstep
You watch the world go by,
Picking shapes out of the clouds
That float across the sky.

Formless shapes that with the wind
Take on an image known -
Matching patterns in your mind
That once before were shown.

Your beliefs are like those clouds above.
They rest inside your head.
Creating actions you do take,
Not fresh new thoughts instead.

If fresh interpretations were
Your response to each event,
Imagine how your world would change
To challenges that were sent.

You would be freer then to choose
And how you would react.
You’d be stuck not in such a rut.
So routinely do you act.

The choice is there for you right now,
To choose the way you see.
So will you choose your patterned way
Or choose to be set free?

And thus unchained how will you act?
With love or out of fear?
The answer’s simple if you stop
And choose God’s voice to hear.

And so today turn t’ward the sky
And with freedom see your choice.
Then go forth and cast aside old ways.
Speak with a fresh new voice.

For every moment of the day
You create your life anew
By choosing how you see the world.
The choice is up to you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poem #246 - No One is More Important

“Rank has its privileges.”
This you’ve heard before.
But no one man over another
Can possibly mean more.

For all are created equal,
Just the same in God’s domain.
When you take away the wrappings,
Then just love it does remain.

In your world you adulate
Those who act upon your screen.
You bow and curtsy like a peasant
Who is meeting with a queen.

Why this fascination
With others more than you?
Do you not remember
That you are worthy, too?

It matters not the job you hold
Nor what treasures you acquire.
The heart of man’s what’s valued most.
It’s this you should admire.

So while you can appreciate
Success that each has earned,
It’s far more beneficial
That you leave earth having learned:

To love each soul for what it is –
A spark of the Divine.
And know that only this goes with you
When you cross the finish line.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Poem #245 - The Life Force

The Life Force is a name you give
To God’s awesome power.
With the ability to take a seed
And produce a lovely flower.

But such an act is trifled
When considering your body.
For the many miracles that take place within
This vessel’s not so shoddy.

Formed it is by God’s great will,
The desire to give you breath,
To animate your arms and legs
To walk with you through death.

And then beyond, always as one
In thought with other souls.
To go on creating just like God –
One of your many roles.

How vast and mighty is this Force –
All knowing, oh so wise,
To create order on your earth
Just as in Heaven’s skies.

Give thanks this day that you do breathe
God’s breath with each you take.
And know there’s not a thing you do
That you don’t do for Spirit’s sake.

So worship God by showing that
You understand your role.
And live your life in service
By showing love to every soul.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi friends,

Just a note to let you know I've redesigned the essay page on my website (www.SuzanneGiesemann.com) and added a couple of new essays ...

Poem #244 - Guidance

The Ten Commandments – ways to live.
Guidance to your life they give.
Thou shall not kill; Thou shall not steal.
The truth they hold, in your heart you can feel.

But you do not need written rules.
You have your own internal tools
To tell you how to live your life
With greater love and far less strife.

It’s called your conscience – this your guide,
The compass that you have inside.
And always it will truly steer
A course for you that’s plainly clear.

When you wish to clearly know
In which direction you should go,
Just tune in to your heart and make
The choice it tells you you should take.

This skill’s quite easy for man to hone.
No need for commandments etched in stone.
Just guidance that is always there
That can be trusted to never err.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poem #243 - You Do Make a Difference

Wonder not why you are here…
If a difference you can make.
If only one other life you touch,
Then life’s greatest prize you take.

It’s the prize of knowing you have served
To touch another soul.
For in the great school of your earth
This is a major goal.

So many fail to know this.
So wrapped up in their acts.
They focus mainly on the self
And lose sight of these facts.

Immersed in things material
The focus is all wrong.
When eyes see all externally,
You fail to hear God’s song.

It’s a constant hum inside of you,
But some may never hear it
Through the constant noise around them,
They fail to hear their spirit.

But those who hear it have a glow
That others cannot miss.
They see the peace with which you walk
And think, “Can I have this?”

It’s there for every soul to have –
The joy of knowing who you are.
You cannot force them this to know,
But you can model from afar.

And if only one life you touch,
Then know you’ve done your task.
To heal the world one little bit
Is all that we can ask.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Poem #242 - Baby Steps

First you take a tiny step,
When before you only crawl.
In this way of moving on
There is no risk you’ll fall.

But slowly you look at your feet
And see how now you move.
With one foot before the other
You can now get in the groove.

Your evolution is like that
As step by step you grow.
Asking for life’s answers
In your heart and mind to know.

These come not always in one burst,
But often as a slow progression.
And sometimes when you are confused,
You suffer some regression.

Like a spiral do you go,
Moving forward sometimes back.
But always upward t’ward the truth
Of knowledge that you lack.

For your whole life’s about all this:
The evolution of your soul.
And it is this that pushes you –
The longing to be whole.

Keep searching for the answers,
But know they’re all inside.
Planted there just like a seed …
In your heart they do reside.

And there along your journey
As you water it with love,
All truth will be revealed to you
Like sunshine from above.

So walk; there is no need to run
As you progress from your crawl.
For this journey’s to be savored,
The act of loving most of all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poem #241 - Teachers

“When the student is ready,
The teacher appears.”
You’ve heard this quite often
Throughout your long years.

How many times
Have you met just the right soul,
Who comes into your life
With a prominent role?

Pay heed to your thoughts
When they tell you, “Hear now!”
For this person has wisdom
Which to you to endow.

They may be quite young
Or they may be quite old
Cloaked in raiments quite tattered
Or wearing rings made of gold.

But it’s something they say
Or a thing which they do
That tells you they bring
Special learning for you.

If in need of some guidance
Then close your eyes tight,
And ask for a teacher
To come when it’s right.

We’ll send you a good one.
You’ll know when they’re near.
For the light will go on,
And you’ll see things quite clear.

And then someday soon
You’ll reverse these fine roles,
And will serve as a teacher,
Helping guide other souls.

So be open to all
Who down your path come your way.
And hear the true message
Which their words have to say.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Poem #240 - On Pride

Humility -
A virtue true.
Having tempered pride
In all things that you do.

While it’s good to be pleased
When success you achieve,
Thoughts of your greatness
You’re best just to leave.

For nothing is served
By being better than most,
Except when pure thoughts
In your mind you do host.

It is true each has talents,
And these you should use.
But when others you best,
Please humility use.

For no one is more special.
You are all God’s one child.
On no one more than others
Has the Great Spirit smiled.

If pride you must show,
Then of this one fact be proud:
You are all blessed with Life.
This you should freely shout loud.

For Life shows no favorites.
It knows only “being.”
Unique, yes, but not special,
When with spirit eyes seeing.

Go forth and rejoice
In your uniqueness and skills
But treasure all Life
Which God’s love truly fills.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem #239 - Chance Encounters

Chance encounters
When two people meet…
You so often think
It is a random feat.

But what you think is chance
Is no great mystery.
There’s purpose in the meeting.
All things are meant to be.

Look closely – pay attention.
Where’s the meaning in the act?
You can learn and grow each moment
By the way you do react.

Do you respond with kindness,
Or make no sound at all?
Does the chance to love just pass you by
Even though you it does call?

See purpose in each moment.
Miss not each chance to grow.
Ask yourself, “What can I do
My spirit more to know?”

For in your interactions
When dealing from the heart,
You’re awakening inside of you
Your true, essential part.

Waste not these chance encounters.
See them as a special gift.
Use them as a chance to love,
And thus your soul to lift.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Poem #238 - Pride

Swallow your pride.
What good does it do you?
Let all feelings of ego
Simply pass right on through you.

Your pride serves no purpose
But to set you apart,
When all are the same
There inside in the heart.

Why strive to be different
When in seeing your link,
You’ll find you’re more peaceful
Than you’d ever dare think.

With pride comes a fall
When the truth you do learn
That no one is better
When to God you return.

So start living now
As if you had no hard shell.
Let all see your essence
May your words this please tell:

That love is the reason
You came to exist.
So try not to stand out
But see love – don’t resist.

If in others you meet
You see not the same trait,
Know that in sending them love,
You’ll see change, just you wait.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poem #237 - True Beauty

Some things you do “in vain”
Acting from pure vanity.
You do this without knowing
The thought of separation is insanity.

By thinking of your beauty
The differences appear
“You are more pretty than the next”
Is what you long to hear.

But beauty’s just a fleeting thing.
It means nothing at all.
For inside’s where you’re all the same.
From this beauty you can’t fall.

Why focus on your separation,
When inside you’re all the same?
So beautiful it blinds the eye…
This light is love by any name.

Try not so hard to stand apart.
Try instead to feel connected.
As you seek to know your Greatness,
All your steps will be directed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poem #236 - What Lies Beyond

Visions of splendor –
Sights that bring you to your knees…
Can you imagine
A world with things like these?

This world it does await you.
It’s there for all to know.
It matters not your faith or creed.
To this place you all will go.

Your experience may differ
Base upon your life on earth.
For it is true you reap your ends
From what you sow each day from birth.

The more you spend your days there
Sending love and giving service,
More beautiful it will be beyond.
But wait! Do not be nervous!

The beauty’s there for all to take,
For Heaven knows no favors.
Surrounded by pure love and light,
Every soul its beauty savors.

But just as on earth, there are degrees
Of beauty to behold.
So know that as you learn to love,
More Heaven’s streets are paved with gold.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Poem #235 - Good Advice

Scurry, scurry,
Rush and worry …
Why so much running around?
Put on the brake.
Not one more moment forsake!
Time’s a wasting
While you’re always chasing
The treasure you seek
Is there when you peek.
Have a look …
There – in the dark nook.
This gold you can’t find
‘Til you silence the mind.
How many times must we tell you
Of the rewards?
Countless treasures
By your measures,
Yet all free
Just for thee.
If you would just stop and sit.
This is it --
The throne!
Yet unknown
Until you silence the chatter.
What’s the matter?
Have you no time
For an experience so sublime?
Put on the brake.
This chance please do take.
And ye shall find.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poem #234 - What Really Matters

Diamonds are a dime a dozen -
Merely shiny rocks.
Why place so great a value
On a ring inside a box?

But place instead your focus
On what that ring stands for –
A symbol of the pledge to wed
And love forever more.

It’s good to have such symbols …
Reminders for the heart.
For nothing’s valued quite as much
As the love of which you’re part.

So wear your rings and hold them up
To sparkle in the sun …
Symbols of the greatest joy
When two shall join as one.

But know that all are joined right now
With or without a ring,
For all are One in Spirit
Separated by no-thing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poem #233 - Remember

As always, once the words come, they just flow. All this in under five minutes. Thank you, spirit world.

Hear the words we whisper to you …

Babies cry in their tiny beds.
What could be going through their heads?
Is it a physical need or pain,
Or does a fleeting memory remain?

For children remember from where they came.
They know the two worlds are not the same.
From spirit did their soul arise.
Now here they are – it’s such a surprise.

So quickly they do lose their touch
With the spirit world that meant so much.
At times they sense and feel us near,
‘Til mother says, “That’s nonsense, dear.”

And so they learn to thus suppress
The spirit world, and sense it less.
By adulthood they’ve long forgot
That from the physical world they’re not.

And so begins the great return
As life’s big lesson they do learn:
That they were born of God’s great spark -
Come from a world that knows no dark.

And all their life they feel the pull
To return to where the heart is full.
That part of them has never left.
But unaware, they feel bereft.

Just know that it’s a simple thing
To return and feel the spirit sing.
Acknowledge that you’re spirit first –
So fully loved and blessed, not cursed.

And in this knowledge, rest assured,
That knowing this comes great reward.
Your spirit wants to be uncovered.
Now that these truths you’ve rediscovered.

So spend your days like a budding flower,
And by giving love, reclaim your power.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poem #232 - It's Up To You

Misery –
You bring it on yourself.
Don’t you see?

It’s all a matter of interpretation.
What to one is a blessing
To another’s desperation.

As a group you think alike.
“This is awful!”
“This we like.”

When each event, in itself,
Has no meaning … it simply “is.”
No “Aw shucks,” no “Gee whiz,”

All is neutral
Until upon it you do place
A frowning or a smiling face

These are ways you learned to believe
Even though your suffering
Such thoughts don’t relieve.

It’s a choice you make:
How to see
Each event in your reality.

So start today and choose quite well
Whether to live
In Heaven or Hell.

It’s up to you,
So watch your choices.
Listen to your inner voices.

Starting now, take an oath:
“I choose the best thoughts
For my growth.”

In old patterns
Do not be stuck.
Do not think all fate is luck.

It’s up to you
And how you live
When colors to your world you give.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Poem #231 - Fear not

In the shadows
Lurks your fear …
That evil draws near.

Fly away!
Banish the doubt.
There’s nothing but
Imagination about.

How can there be evil
In a world of pure love?
Where nothing but goodness
Comes from above.

Evil’s a creation
From within the mind.
The force of attraction
Attracts thoughts in kind.

It’s all a result
Of what lies there inside.
So if evil lurks
In your thoughts it resides.

It’s simply a matter
Of rousting it out –
Not allowing it back,
Giving evil no clout.

If in your heart
You believe all is good.
Then you’ll see only goodness
In your life, as you should.

So banish all thoughts
Of the devil and such.
There are no evil spirits
Which your life they can touch.

Accepting this truth
Bathe your thoughts in white light
And banish the fears
Which before gave you fright.

Recognize you are spirit –
Pure love at your core,
And safe in this knowledge go forth …

Fear no more.

A note from Suzanne on today's poem: In a post-9/11 world, I would be naive not to recognize that "evil" (a judgment) exists in our current reality ... it is the result of ignorance on the part of some misguided souls of who and what they really are (spirit-beings in physical form). As always, I don't write these poems - I simply "take dictation." My interpretation is no better than anyone else's, but I believe this poem is not addressing that type of "evil," but the misconception that there are evil spirits.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poem #230 - Go For It!

See the word within
Giving strength and confidence
To find success and win.

With your words you help
Others to find strength.
Encouragement does prod them on
To go to any length.

So many need this extra push
This boost in confidence,
And with your smiles and helping words
From confusion you bring sense.

You’ve no idea how linked
All souls are at the core.
Encouragement brings out this bond
Helping others to do more.

To be a helper is your role.
In this way you do serve.
So look for opportunities
To help others find their nerve.

In this way you both do grow,
By forging this strong link.
Your helpful words help both of you
In more ways than you think.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Poem #229 - Go Within

Never give up.
No matter how hard the struggle.
Help is always there
When you feel yourself in trouble.

Life is not a solo walk.
You do not tread your path alone.
Help is always waiting for you
Far closer than your phone.

There’s a part of you that’s linked
To all souls who’ve e’er existed.
Those who’ve never felt their presence
This great fact have just resisted.

Help is there within the silence.
You can find it when you sit
And silence all your worries.
That’s when you’ll think, “Aha! That’s it!”

For our voice is very subtle.
You must listen very hard.
But only after making sure
Your thoughts you do retard.

And then, in perfect stillness
Feel a shift – a subtle change.
It is there, in utter calmness
That your life we rearrange.

For once you make that vital link
With your ever-present guides,
There’s no way you can deny them,
There’s nowhere you’ll want to hide.

For this ever-present source of help
Is there to comfort and to love you.
They will answer all your questions
From within, not from above you.

Be in no hurry to discover
The joys that do await.
But patiently seek out these friends…
It is your earthly fate.

They’ll wait forever, if they must
For patience they do have.
But seek now while you have the urge
To feel their loving salve.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Poem #228 - Boundless

Filling all of space
You expand.
Your consciousness could never
Be contained in one hand.

You are everywhere at once –
Larger than life.
Like a balloon that keeps growing
With no end in sight.

In this way you’re connected
With all that exists,
Touching all with your thought
Where just energy subsists.

So how does this help you
To grow in your path?
By seeing yourself
As a whole, not a half.

You think you’re quite separate –
That alone you do walk.
For your bodies look different,
Varied tongues do you talk.

But the thing that does bind you
Is the stuff which you breathe.
With the Life Force you thrive
And great things you achieve.

This great Force never leaves you.
It’s your very soul.
It joins body and mind
To make one complete whole.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poem #227 - Your Best Friend

So many feel the need to fill
The silence with some sound.
And so you fill your life with noise
When no one is around.

Never fear that you’re alone.
You walk not a lonely road.
Silence merely gives you time
To watch your life unfold.

There’s nothing frightening in the dark.
When you silence all the chatter.
It’s then, when you do turn within
You find the things that matter.

While friends are good to have around
Fear not your solo time.
For this is when you come to know
The part of you that’s most sublime.

And then you’ll meet your dearest friend.
The one who’ll ne’er desert you.
The kind of friend that’s best to have
Who’ll always love and never hurt you.

This friend is you – your very soul.
It’s who you truly are.
You’ve searched so hard to find true love
Yet you needed not look far.

For love lies there within your heart.
Your soul’s its very source.
The greatest friend you’ll ever find’s
This ever-present Force.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poem #226 - Know Yourself

Ransom -
A price you pay
When something dear is taken …
Money you pay eagerly
To get back that which was forsaken.
But what would you pay
To get to know yourself?
Not enough money exists
For that kind of wealth.
Count your money not,
But, oh, count your blessings.
Have you no idea
While sins you are confessing
That you are so loved?
So loved
That nothing you could possibly do
Could bring judgment upon you –
Only regret …
Sadness at the lack of knowing …
Understanding of who you truly are.
There’s no need to search far.
Your greatest ally lies within,
Where there’s no such thing as sin.
Just misunderstanding …
Ignorance of truth.

Pour light into the darkness
And see there your true beauty.
It’s your life’s most important duty -
To find your light
And see all with new sight.
Once revealed,
You’ll truly be healed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Poem #225 - Light and Love

It doesn’t matter.
Nothing’s really real.
Put aside your feelings.
Here’s the real deal …

Light is what you call
The beams from up above.
But light is just a synonym
For God’s undying love.

Tiny little particles
So small you cannot see
But flowing through all matter
They’re pure light-energy.

But why call light love?
When love’s a thing you feel.
Because, my friend, it’s simple:
Love’s the only thing that’s real.

Your very presence here is proof
That you were born of this pure spark.
God wanted you to feel His love
And formed you from what was dark.

A spark of love – a seed of hope
That in you He would find
A way to manifest Himself
As body, spirit, and as mind.

All that exists is energy
And energy is light.
It’s love that makes the light turn on
Giving brightness to the night.

So walk this day this knowing:
You are part of All That Is –
A spark of God’s desire,
For you, dear one, are His.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Poem #224 - What is Reality?

Stroke the kitten’s paws …
How soft they feel.
Velvet to the touch …
Is nothing real?

You look, you see, you taste and hear.
Is all illusion, that which you hold dear?
If real to you these things they seem,
Consider how you feel in a dream…

You move about with silent ease
With all as easy as you please.
Reality’s a shifting thing.
Such a challenge it does bring.

To know what’s real and what’s illusion
Can cause great questions and confusion.
The answer lies not in the brain.
Where misperception does remain.

But in the mind, which does survive –
That’s the place in which you thrive.
Each realm in which you find yourself
Brings to you such growth and wealth.

It matters not what’s real or fake,
Only what learning you do take.
If, indeed, you life’s a dream,
Then learn from it: what does it mean?

Use this time to stretch and grow.
There is no limit to how far you go.
All life is yours to grow and thrive.
Rejoice that you are here, alive!

And when from this dream you wake
Then all your learning you will take
To dream again and learn some more
When you pass through heaven’s door.