About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poem #110 - Go With The Flow

Whoever said that life is easy
Had no troubles of his own.
For one of the great truths of life
Is that you reap what you have sown.

Everything you do in life—
Your every little act,
It comes back to affect you.
You can count on this as fact.

There’s no variation in this.
You can count on it as law.
For certain things in nature
You should look upon with awe.

There’s no chaos in the natural world
For all is well in order.
What may at first seem roughly drawn
You’ll find has a smooth border.

When you work within God’s laws
Your life it has a flow.
It’s only when you fight the stream
Things smooth no longer go.

So try to live your every day
Abiding by these laws,
And you will feel far closer
To the One Abiding Cause.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Poem #109 - Judge Not

Judge not your brothers.
Let them live their lives.
For only as you walk your path
Does each one learn to thrive.

No one can say his way is best;
That he is better than the rest.
For each has come to walk his trail.
This life is neither pass or fail.

Judge not the one who eats too much
Or he who fails to smile.
For you can’t understand his ways
‘Til in his shoes you walk a mile.

Your only job in life’s to grow
Not walk the path of others.
Don’t worry if you differ much
From your sisters or your brothers.

See past the actions and the looks.
Judge not on outer signs.
Send only love and you will learn
To read between the lines.

The message that is hidden there
In differences between,
Is that the part that’s all the same
Is that which can’t be seen.

Be not so hard upon yourself,
But start out with this day,
And see those who you once did judge
In quite a different way.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poem #108 - A Part of the Whole

Comes the dawn …
And with it new surprises.
What will happen today
As the sun rises?

You know not the answer
For yours is to wait
And watch it unfold
As you discover your fate.

But are you a puppet
Whose arms move on strings?
Acting only when forced,
Knowing not what life brings?

Or do you create
What unfolds in each hour?
Have you any idea
Just how vast is your power?

Each cell in your body
Is aware of its role.
All work thus together
To enliven the whole.

But just as your cells
And your organs – your heart
Make up the whole body,
You, too, are a part.

Each system, each human
Is part of something quite large.
Each one individual
Of his self is in charge.

But working together
You form something much greater.
A cell in the body
Of the One Great Creator.

What happens to one
Does affect the whole group.
It comes back to affect you
For you’re part of a loop.

So while independent
Your actions may seem,
Your role is quite vital
In the Big Cosmic Dream.

Take each action with care
For important you are.
In the vast sky of creation
You’re one twinkling star.

Note from Suzanne: I get a daily spiritual thought by email each day. I never open it until after I've meditated. Just after posting this poem, I opened my daily email, and here is what it says today: "Your whole body is God - your whole system is God. There is nothing in this world which is not God." Wow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poem 107 - Shine Your Light Forward

Never before has man
So needed the touch of grace.
The stresses of his life
Show clearly on his face.

Weep not for things of the past …

Look with eager eyes for things to come.

Your future lies before you
Spread open like a sheet.
When looking only forward
No mistakes will you repeat.

For life’s a constant journey.
One with tests and many trials.
But never do you walk alone
As you tread the many miles.

Step forward briskly; have little fear
For you are truly guided.
And things do unfold perfectly
When guidance is abided.

The light that guides you shines within
And never does it dim.
So seek it when you lose your way
In this way do begin.

The light you feel, that warmth inside
Does grow within your heart.
And from this light you cannot stray.
Of you it is a part.

So march on briskly to your future.
Shine your light ahead.
And light the way for others
Who may see ahead with dread.

For those who know the truths of life
Are beacons unto others.
And in this way they give a gift
To all their earthly brothers.

To he who walks with halting steps
Reach out and lend a hand.
And shine your light that in this way
True love they understand.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poem 106 - Being Playful

He’s back! I recognized the energy right away and some of you will recognize this voice. Not sure how to divide up the phrases I heard, so bear with me, and my apologies to the poet - the phrasing here is my guess at how to type up the words hand-written continuously on the page ...

Surging ever deeper into the wild.
This world is like a playground for a child.

You pull a string and watch it bounce.
A puppet.
Knowing not who to the arms
The movement does bring.

Dance and sing.
Finding joy and laughter.
A clown’s big smile that lasts forever after.

Toys and games.
Play with abandon, then toss them away
And play again another day.

Search for more.
Don’t sit and wait.
This is it –
Your game.
Play it for all its worth.

Dive in.
Go for a swim.
Do something crazy on a whim.

Get up and move.
Don’t just sit there.
Breathe in and out the joy-filled air.

Yours for the taking.
Yours for the making.
In life partaking.

All in.

(I love this reference to the poker term- “all in”- where you take the big risk and bet all the chips you have left. At this point when I could tell the poem was over, I felt a sense of this poet’s satisfaction and a dusting off of his hands, as if to say, “There!”

Monday, October 26, 2009

Poem #105 - True Beauty


You say it’s in the eye
Of he who sees with the brain
But there beyond the eyes
Something far more subtle does remain.

Oh, if you could only see
Your world from one who’s truly free
Not one who’s bound by heavy chains
Of idols false and bigotry.

Oh, such beauty you’d behold.
Beauties that are yet untold.
They’re there just waiting in your mind.
If you, your chains would just unwind.

For everything is beautiful
The essence of its source.
A vibrant, living energy
A true pulsating force.

It’s beauty you don’t see, yet feel
For the force is love, and love is real.
When love’s true power you do employ.
The true beauty of life you will enjoy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poem #104 - The Source of Inspiration

Creative minds do think in sync.
They hear the words with no need to think.
For what they hear is inspiration
A word much like your respiration.

Inspiration is the same
As the true meaning of its name
In-spirit is truly what you are
When you breathe in from afar.

Who knows how genius does arise?
To see a prodigy brings surprise.
But these are merely ones much gifted
For their minds have been uplifted.

So in tune with God are they
That thoughts and visions fill their day.
They may not realize how they know,
But from this connection the genius does flow.

Yet all can have this same connection
If time they spend in deep reflection.
Great wisdom comes to all who pause
And find the link with The One Great Cause.

Take in a breath and feel in-spired.
With fresh air no longer tired.
For breath and spirit are thus connected.
As are you with the One so respected.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poem #103 - Light

Today all I can say is, "Wow" ...

Bitter tastes the root
For it never sees the light.
And some plants know when night has come
For they curl themselves up tight.

Why this passion for the sun?
Why be pulled toward its heat?
For light’s the source of all that is.
This lesson we repeat.

At your core you’re consciousness.
Just “being” at its essence.
The physical it has no power.
Just simple obeisance.

When science joins the spiritual
And all seekers work as one,
Then finally you will find the truth
The true quest will have begun.

Til now the work has led to strife
To prove who’s wrong or right.
But when great minds do work as one
You’ll finally see the light.

For light’s the key to all you see,
The source of all that lives.
It springs from God’s pure consciousness
His light to you He gives.

Your wise men they have known this truth
They’ve spread it through the ages.
That God is love and love is light
In this they were true sages.

So seek the light and spread the love
And in this peace you’ll find.
For already you do know these truths
These in your heart you’ll find.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Poem #102 - The Nature of the Soul

Corruption and vice
Are Earthly sins
Who knows at what point
The sinning begins?

It comes from the Earth
From things man does learn.
When greed, lust, and power
Are for what he does yearn.

A baby has nothing
But goodness inside.
There in its soul
Love and pureness reside.

But things start to change
When he does interact
With souls that are hardened.
This you know as a fact.

Evil is learned,
For the soul holds no malice.
When pure at one’s birth
It holds love like a chalice.

But as one grows older
The love it does tarnish.
Like well-polished wood
It loses its varnish.

But what is once lost
Can be surely regained.
There’s hope and redemption
For lives filled with pain.

These come when you realize
Your reason for living
For giving up wanting
And to others giving.

There’s no instant forgiveness.
You reap what you sow.
By with each loving act
True forgiveness you know.

All can instantly change
When this truth they do know:
Your purpose in life
Is to love and to grow.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poem #101 - Where the Answers Lie

Since the dawning of time
Man has searched for meaning.
Many hours has he spent.
The truths of life thus gleaning.

Many have turned to the stars
Thinking there they’d find
The key to understanding
The mysteries of the mind.

But looking outward does no good.
For the truth there does not hide.
The mysteries of the life you see
Are tucked away inside.

Ask your questions to your Self
And not to some far stranger.
For inside you do hold great wealth.
Inside there lies no danger.

It’s in the soul where you do make
The link with your true Source.
By sitting in the silence
You can feel this mighty force.

A question posed deliberately
Will find a true reply.
For no question goes unanswered
Nothing does your Self deny.

If all knew that in the quiet
They’d find guidance for their life
They’d find their days would pass with ease
With little stress or strife.

The reason for the silence
Is to quiet all the noise.
For through the chatter you can’t hear
The One who brings your joys.

He waits for you to come to Him.
You’ll find Him through your mind.
A treasure waiting for you.
The greatest of its kind.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poem 100 - On the Soul

The soul can be a prison.
A personal cell.
For those who’re in pain
It’s their personal Hell.

But this does result
When one finds no relief
From wrong-thinking and lies
That turn into belief.

The way to find freedom
And true inner peace
Is to look deep inside
And the demons release.

For your soul is perfection
Deep down at its core.
What demons lie there
From your thoughts they did pour.

So flood it with love
And wash your soul clean.
Love yourself with intention
And you’ll see what we mean.

For demons can’t live
Where there’s nothing but light.They thrive only on darkness
And building up fright.

So look deep inside
And root out the lies.
And from your true soul
Love and beauty will rise.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poem #99 - On God and Love

A very strong male presence – he felt very noble, powerful, and wise. Very serious. Some lines repeated from the very first poems.

The mighty Spirit lives on high.
This no soul on earth can e’er deny.
To know the power is to know it all.
For from His grace you cannot fall.

We here have come to tell you this.
There’s nothing greater than the bliss
Of knowing God as your true home
And that you never walk alone.

Forsake the things of earth that bind you.
Let us here and now remind you.
There is nothing greater than the Lord.
He needs no mighty shield or sword.

For love is the Great One’s only tool.
With this force the world He does rule.
And in you he does plant this gift
To use for others’ souls to lift.

Fear not your God for there’s nothing to fear.
He’s not a wrathful soul as you hear.
But lo an ever present Source
Of love, the world’s most powerful force.

Take great care in what you do.
Watch your words and speak anew
As in your heart the fire does grow
As bit by bit God’s love you know.

Share this knowledge with those you meet.
In this way all ills you defeat.
For to this purpose all have come.
We will not rest ‘til your work is done.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Poem #98 - Space Travelers

I sensed the presence of the older, “crotchety” man who came through a few days ago – theatrical, 1800’s feel … I ask, “Is it you again?” and I hear back: “Who do you think?”

Serious, never smiling
You weigh the world.
How heavy it seems.
Not light like your dreams.
See through the bubble
That causes all your trouble.

Howling at the moon.
Oh, to be free of these chains.
Tied to the earth
Once free, I would fly.
Float across the sky.

Lift off,
Free the ropes.
Soar with my hopes.
Life’s a big balloon.
You’ll see it all soon.

Do you dare
To let go your care
And drift with the wind?

Stars …
See how they twinkle.
It’s a new wrinkle.
All part of the story.

What you see isn’t real.
It depends how you feel.
Space travelers
Explore with your mind.
Who knows what you’ll find?

Paint the world with your brush.
Broad strokes.
What’s the rush?

All will be revealed in time.

(I sensed the poem was over and I realized that what had come through was completely different from what I had expected I would get. Then I heard: “You wanted me back? What did you think of that? Free, free, no restrictions. Express yourself.” I said, “Thank you, Sir.” He replied with a nod, “Of course.”)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poem #97 - Seasons of Life

My mother's twin brother took his last earthly breath yesterday. How comforting to know that he's being well taken care of now by many we've already said goodbye to, and to know that our family will see him again some day. The poem that came through today is a wonderful reminder, and I dedicate it to my uncle, Ray Sweigart...

Seasons of life flow from one to the other
Fall leads to winter as spring leads to summer.
Always the cyclical rhythm repeats.
On and on like the seasons the human heart beats.

First it is Spring, and with it new birth
As fresh sprouting flowers do rise from the earth.
Then comes the summer and warmth you do feel
And with it real growth, its days do reveal.

As the sun shines the brightest, then you can see
And grow from its warmth -- grow as tall as a tree.
Then comes the Fall and the sun starts to dim.
The days they grow longer, ‘til winter blows in.

Colder days are the norm as the body slows down
The end of the cycle often comes with a frown.
What lies beyond the last season? you wonder with fright
As the sun goes away and day turns into night.

It’s the nature of cycles to start and to end.
They never go straight—by their nature they bend.
Round and round they do go, always starting anew.
What seems like the end is a fresh start for you.

Here on your Earth there’s a limit of space.
No room for containing the whole human race.
There must be a way to make room for one more
And so t’ward the heavens there opens a door.

Death’s not an ending, but lo—a fresh start.
But first from this life here on Earth you must part.
And then a new cycle begins yet again.
A new form of life, but a life without end.

Fear not the new cycle, although it means loss.
For eventually all to new life they will cross.
It’s all part of nature, as natural as breath.
So fear not, but welcome, this change you call death.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poem #96 - On Charity

Amid the clamor and the noise,
Hear these, our words…

Charity, a gift of the heart
Is a good place to start
To know the goodness that is yours.

When gifts are given
Asking nothing in return,
God’s good grace is what you earn.

We speak not just of money now
But gifts that you do so endow
That help to better other lives.
In this way, your love it thrives.

The giving of one’s self like this
Brings forth a kind of inner bliss.
But some do not know of this fact
And so they often fail to act.

Instead they focus on the self
And guard their treasures and their wealth.
But he who gives what’s his to keep
Great benefits are his to reap.

The lesson comes when you do give.
It’s such a grateful way to live.
For serving others with your time
Brings rewards indeed sublime.

Give selflessly at every shot.
Give what you can to he who has not.
And in so doing, earn the grace
That comes when you do put in place
The things that matter most in life
It starts with giving, sacrifice.

For nothing ever matters more
Than showing others to the door.
The door to heaven opens wide
And he who serves may step inside.
For through your actions do you show
That loving is the way you grow.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Poem #95 - Balance

So many children suffer
From too little food.
Not enough to go around
For the entire brood.

Hear these words:

If one goes hungry
All do starve.
There’s no need for this
With so much meat to carve.

You live in a world
Of have and have not.
In some places there’s plenty.
Others nothing have got.

Why is there lack
When so much wealth abounds?
Consider the trumpet
As it blares out its sounds …

One note is loud
Yet the other quite soft.
One’s held out quite long
The other played oft.

Somewhere there is balance.
Somewhere in between.
This is the solution.
You must find the mean.

It all starts with seeing
Your face in the other.
Although he looks different,
Inside he’s your brother.

You must learn to love.
For this you are here.
When one suffers, you all do.
This should be quite clear.

Pray for the sinner
For he knows not the way.
Your love and compassion
Will hasten the day

When all taste forgiveness
And then understand
That when all think as one
You form a tight band.

And thus joined together
You learn and you grow.
In the spirit of love
To the heavens you go.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poem #94 - The Way to Truth

Tarry not.
No time to waste.
There’s much to learn.
Sweet words to taste …

Forgive the sinner. He knows not
Of how to use the gifts he’s got.
For all are blessed with mighty power.
But used unwisely, the soul it can devour.

Sit in silence and contemplate
What is your duty? What is your fate?
Is it to amass great wealth?
Or is it to abound in health?

Never will you see the way
Until you take the time of day
To sit with us and hear our voices.
With our help you’ll make much better choices.

So few do know that we are here
Waiting just to lend an ear.
They fail to stop and then to ask.
So much easier would be this task…

The world is made of energy.
Forces that you cannot see.
Different realms of which you’re part.
Your science has barely made a start
To understand the way you live,
But their mistakes we can forgive.
For all in time will be revealed,
And then the world it will be healed.

For knowing then that all is one
Our work on earth it will be done.
But ‘til that time we sit and pray
That you will stop both night and day
And in the silence clear your mind
In this way to us you bind
And make that vital soul connection
That brings back all the recollection
Of who you are and why you’re here.
Without this knowledge all have fear.
But when you link with us above
Then you finally know true love.

This message we will oft repeat.
We never will accept defeat
Until all find the great release
That comes when you discover peace.
It lies with you – it is your right.
It comes when you do find true sight.

So go about your nights and days
But stop and modify your ways
By spending time with us, your guides.
Peace comes to he who us abides
And carries on what we’ve begun:
The lesson that we all are One.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poem #93 - How Great is the Journey

I sensed a totally new presence today: an older man who felt “crotchety.” My writing came out in block script. It felt terse. I had no idea what was coming through as I wrote it, only that it was a completely different style. I didn’t know when it was finished if any of it would even make sense – I just wrote what I heard. Not sure what to make of it. You be the judge:

Hasten your fingers and write my words …

The heart longs to be free.
Oh, woe is me.
Love have I not.
Forsaken in life I die.
Alone and unloved
Oh, what a plot.

Sleep comes easily now
For I dream no more.
Better this way
To even the score.

This world, this life,
What to make of it?
Beauty and laughter
The brass rings.
But so oft beyond reach.

Try, try,
My soul wants to fly.
I spread my wings and leap.
Oh, sweet defeat.
The bitter fall.
Yet through it all
Hope remains.

I rise
And wipe the tears from my eyes.
There lies another day.
How great is the journey.
I watch.
Grains of sand
Trickle through my hand.
An ant hill they form.
Who climbs to the top?
The one who sees the prize.

I arise
And go about the day.
Ever hopeful.
This is joy.
I am the toy.
Time to play.

(I said, “Thank you,” and sensed a sweeping bow and tip of a top hat: “The pleasure was mine.”)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poem #92 - The Way to Eternity

Soft as a velvet blanket
Waves lap upon the shore.
Hear our quiet message:
There is life forever more.

To live forever is your dream.
This we promise you…
A world that is unseen.

In the silence
Feel your way.
Here in meditation
Can you play.

Explore our world.
Walk through doors
And test the waters
That one day will be yours.

For now have fun.
Feel the rush of bliss
That washes through your body
When you do sit like this.

Different realities,
But all the self-same place.
You simply cannot see us
As we gaze upon your face.

But we are here beside you,
And one day you will know
That inner sight will carry you
To where you want to go.

So softly come the hints
That there’s another realm.
But all will be revealed to you
When you give up the helm.

Sit each day in silence
And this way you will see.
That there beyond the body
Does lie eternity.

* * *

(And today, a short post-script):

Mist on the water.
Fog of the mind.
When you see with your brain
To us you are blind.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Poem #91 - The Garden of the Soul

Left alone one wonders ...
Who am I?
See the beauty
That there does lie.

A beautiful flower
Left to bloom.
To grow and to blossom
There’s plenty of room.

Smell the fragrance
So sweet and pure.
Like a young debutante
So completely demure.

Lies at your core
But when you see weeds
This truth you ignore.

Hate and fear are the stains
That muddy the soul.
But cleansed clean with love
Then you’re left whole.

Grow tall
Sprout and rise
When your thoughts with love
You fertilize.

Water the soul.
Give it warmth from the sun.
Treasure the garden
For all flowers are One.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poem #90 - On Inner Vision

Once they started, the words came incredibly quickly and clearly today. An awesome experience of not consciously thinking, but remaining receptive.

Surrender to your fate.
There are things that you must do.
Listen to the words we say.
Advice we bring to you.

Have faith that all will come out well.
Your future you know not.
But in the end when all you see
You’ll understand the plot.

The beauty of the picture
Is that you know not all,
But learn as you do go along
And rise from every fall.

You see clearly through your human eyes
They serve you now quite well.
In guiding every step you take
In helping you to spell.

As words you write upon the page
You watch as you do write.
But this is not of what we speak
We speak now of inner sight.

Arise and see that inside you
There is another eye.
It’s there behind the brow you have
So deeply it does lie.

With this source of energy
Great things you can discern.
When seeing with your inner eye
Great wisdom can you learn.

It sees things that you cannot know
When with your brain you think.
For this eye is not physical.
It doesn’t even blink.

To use it you must still the mind
And see with inner vision.
Its messages will come to you
As part of our provision.

Relax and know that with this sense
This world you’ll see anew.
As messages from other realms
This way will come to you.

There’s much more to your body
Than your science it does know.
The vortexes of energy
Inside do whorl and glow.

If you could truly understand
The force that flows in you,
Then all the world you’d see anew.
Great things you’d surely do.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poem #89 - The Life Beyond

Do not think that what you see
Is all that does exist.
There lies much more beyond your sight.
This thought do not resist.

For when you look with sightless eyes
True beauty will you see.
You’ll travel with your mind and heart
Into eternity.

While in a body you do live
You go there in your dreams.
And catch a glimpse of how we live.
Impossible it seems.

Yet one day you will taste this life
For it will be your home.
When through the curtain you do pass
And you are free to roam.

Here you’ll discover freedom.
Life as it’s meant to be.
For when you can create with thoughts
Then you are truly free.

For now you live within the flesh
And thus are so encumbered.
For living in a world of time
Your days and nights are numbered.

But lessons are you there to learn
So use your time quite well.
For what those lessons are, dear ones
Why, only time will tell.

But when you pass beyond the flesh
And come to see the light,
You’ll understand these lessons,
And see the wrong from right.

The life review you read about
From those who died but did return
Is real and happens to you all
It’s how your place you earn.

But worry not if now and then
You fail to reach perfection
You live your life to learn and grow

And grow you do with each correction.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poem #88 - The Power of Love

Special. That is what you are.
Shining brightly like a star.
Created in His image, you’re told.
As valuable as a hunk of gold.

Chisel the rock, and what do you find?
There inside does lie the mind.
The part of you that does control
Communication with the soul.

When these truths you understand
You’ll see much better the bigger plan.
How your soul does play a part
And communicate by using the heart.

For love’s the key to all creation.
With this emotion you can heal your nation.
And all the woes that trouble the earth
When love from the heart you do give birth.

For love is actually energy.
It has a measurable frequency.
And used correctly can create.
It’s far more healing than fear and hate.

If all the world did know this truth
With their action’s they’d see the proof.
For sent out like a laser beam
Love’s true power could thus be seen.

Check out your science and you will see
Love’s frequency has potency
To change the shape of DNA
What other force could act that way?*

When many gather and pray as one
You’ll see that healing has begun.
For great is the power of love thus directed.
The sins of man can be thus corrected.

So take this knowledge and please do speak.
The use of love ‘til now has been weak.
All need to know that love is the way
To heal the world, so with us pray
That all will come to use this gift
And with it you will surely lift
The souls that yearn to be set free.
It comes when you do finally see.

*There is no doubt that the Council of Poets uses my consciousness to get certain messages across. I recently learned of an experiment where human DNA (saliva) was isolated from its source and taken 400 miles away. The source was shown various photos to generate different emotions. When the man felt hate, the strands of DNA instantly reacted by constricting, like a spring coiled tightly. When the man felt love, the strands relaxed and elongated.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poem #87 - Like Candies in a Jar

Blessed are the children
For wrong-thinking they have not.
They don’t spend their moments
Criticizing every thought.

It’s only as they grow and age
That they do learn to think.
And with each false belief they learn
The further they do sink.

Different cultures, different norms exist
Yet inside all are one.
So why so many differences
When the day is done?

You are a product of your thoughts.
Beliefs they shape your actions.
And it’s these same beliefs and thoughts
That divide you into factions.

Culture is a good thing.
It provides you with a root.
But when others you look down upon
The culture becomes moot.

For all is one, at heart the same.
When group norms you do remove.
It’s easier to learn to love
When you’ve nothing left to prove.

“My country’s best”, “Your ways are wrong,”
These thoughts they do divide.
They separate and obfuscate
The essence that’s inside.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking
Your group it is the best
Except that it does separate
Your group from all the rest.

Appreciate your differences
They make you who you are.
But you are all like candies
Fit inside a giant jar.

Each is slightly different in appearance
Called by a different name.
Each one a different color
Yet inside all are the same.

Appreciate the differences
But love your neighbor too.
For at the very heart of him
He is the same as you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poem #86 - The Mystery of Life

I felt no presence for longer than usual, then a strong lightheadedness and a whole new “voice”…

The womb.
Heart of creation.
There does arise
A great surprise.

New birth.
What on earth?
How does a child grow?
You want to know.
From a pairing
A thought so daring--
To conceive a life.

It’s a miracle
This thing called birth.
To bring such worth
From such a tiny speck.
Hunt and peck
Yet you can’t see

It lies inside
There it does hide.
The chick inside the egg
“Release me!” it does beg.
Crack the shell
And all is well.

Light revealed
No longer sealed.
Time to grow.
This life to know.
Bursting forth
Seeking true North.

A guiding light
It burns within.
There since conception
To give direction.
The tiny chick
What makes it tick?

Arise and see
It does await.
It is the fate
To rise and discover
The mystery uncover.

Crack the shell
And all is well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poem #85 - The Source of All Life

Little lambs do wander in a flock,
Bleating softly, unaware of danger.
They shuffle about, living only for the moment.
Then return at night to the safety of their manger.

But what of the one who does lose his way?
Forsaking the others for his will to play.
What guides him as he does walk around?
Who does help him as he puts his feet upon the ground?

The answer is the self-same force
That guides all life, and you, of course.
To little creatures life it gives
And to every other thing that lives.

This force, this guidance, this inner knowing
Comes from the source forever glowing.
The breath, the wind that fills the sails
That blows in gusts, that howls and wails
Yet gentle as a breeze too soft to hear it
Comes and whispers, “I am your Spirit.”

Feel me warm you, feel my love.
I’m here within and up above.
I’m everywhere you look, and spaces in between
Places your eyes have never seen.

It’s faith that will you finally lead
To know me and my gifts to heed.
So like the lamb that wanders free
Go forth and know you walk with me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poem #84 - The Brain vs. the Mind

You think the mind is in the brain
But there it does not live
The brain is but an instrument
Good service does it give.

It takes the many inputs
That come in through the sense.
But it’s the mind that takes the cues
And deals with them thus hence.

The mind’s the part that never dies.
It’s with you for all time.
Hand in hand with spirit
Up the ladder it does climb.

Revere the thoughts you hear inside
For each one helps you grow.
But which are yours and which are ours
Not always will you know.

For us the mind’s a mighty tool
A way that we can reach you.
It’s through the mind we contact you
We guide you and we teach you.

So dull the brain with wine and pills
If at times you feel the need
But know that in so doing
Our thoughts you cannot heed.

But never fear; we’re always here
Awaiting times you’re sharp.
And then, dear ones, we’ll work with you
Like fingers on a harp.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Poem #83 - What is Real?

The tolling of the bell
And all is well
As little heads do lie and sleep.
Yet there alone
One does weep.

Oh, why, little one
Do you cry?
Let me wipe the tear from your eye.
Bad dreams it seems
Have cast a shadow.

Fear not
Your dreams aren’t real.
Yet so they feel.
All the world is like a play
What’s real or not
So hard to say.

Actors on a stage
You rant and rage
Play acting
Your soul
Does act out a role.

One day happy; another sad
The hero, or the villain quite bad.
Trying every costume …
How does it fit?
Too big; too small;
No, this is it!

One big experiment, this life.
A play? A dream?
A silent whisper
A rending scream.

Create and mold with thoughts and hand
A lump of clay
Who can say what shape
It will take?

Only you.
The star.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poem #82 - Know That You are Loved

This poem came through today for a new friend of mine, but it holds great wisdom for all of us.

Sickness of the mind oft comes
From false beliefs about one’s worth.
You walk around believing
You’ve been unwanted from your birth.

All your life you felt the shame
The painful scars you bore.
Your pain you carried ‘round with you
And like a flag it wore.

But don’t you know that every soul who walks this earth
Did come here for a reason?
Like winter, summer, spring, and fall,
There’s purpose in every season.

No child is born who’s not desired
No soul comes without love.
For with or without parents
You were conceived in love.

You come here to learn lessons
Your walk through life you choose.
And not another soul on earth
Is meant to wear your shoes.

Through each hardship you do bear
You stretch and bend and grow.
Even if the many scars
Upon your face do show.

You have suffered all your life
And thus you did so learn.
But there is hope for happiness
At every little turn.

If your life has been so hard
That you can hardly bear it.
Don’t be afraid to raise your eyes
And with your helpers share it.

For always have we walked with you.
Your every tear we’ve seen.
The heartaches and the agony
And every step between.

Yet always is there hope for you
A chance for things to change
With all new thoughts we promise you
Your life you’ll rearrange.

See the way your life you’ve shaped
With thoughts you did believe.
Change these thoughts to good ones
And your pain they will relieve.

It takes hard work to turn around
Beliefs you’ve thought were true.
But when you see they held no truth
You’ll see a whole new you.

Practice every moment.
From this day make a fresh start.
To speak to yourself lovingly.
Find the love within your heart.

And send that love throughout your soul.
Its warmth you need to feel
For only when you love yourself
Will you begin to heal.

Know that you don’t walk alone
As this new life you tread.
We walk beside you, hold your hand
We stroke your face and head.

So start this day to love yourself
As we have always done.
Your life it has great meaning
Our precious little one.

Feel your worth. Know that you’re loved.
Believe it in your heart.
And on this day a whole new life
We’re helping you to start.