About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Poem #56 - Why Suffering?

Emotions of this life
From which you seek relief

Fear not the hurt and pain
When into your life cometh the rain
These are but markers along the journey
All must face
With life they come apace

Never welcome
But a needed part of growing
Suffer them knowing
That such is how you grow

Out of darkness comes the light
The hawk cannot take flight
But for landing
In these opposites find understanding
True growth comes at a cost
What is found must first be lost

So in the darkness seek the glowing
That comes from inner knowing
Find inside the comfort and the care
That through your pain
Love is always there

Life may not seem fair
But there’s an order and a reason
For every earthly season

The blossoming
The growth
The dying
Repeated through the cycles, through the years
Bring the laughter and the tears

All a necessary part
Of evolution
The solution
Is to accept the flow
And with acceptance truly grow
This please know:

You are Love
And Love can never die

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poem #55 - What Lies at the Core

For clarity of vision
Look within
That which seems inscrutable
See with new vision

There inside the spirit lies
To animate the body
Which walks and speaks
Yet knows little of the valley and the peaks
Of mighty mountains
So high, so forbidding
To climb them seems
A task quite unforgiving

But harness the power of the mind
Then soar like a hawk
Above the mountain top

The wave of the ocean holds no power
That which makes it rise and fall
That which controls it all
Is Source
The Force
The great mystery
Throughout history
Man has stopped to ponder
How it all began
Knowing not that all he sees
Is part of one big plan

Oceans wide and mountains tall
The Lord God made them all
These ancient words they hold great truths
Yet focus not your eyes
On craggy peaks that reach for the skies
Look inside
To that which you see not
Search instead your very own thought

There you share
The creative power of the master
There’s no way to do things faster
But to know that given time
All is done with power sublime
See beyond the surface to the core
There inside is beauty ever more

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poem #54 - The Rhythms of Life

Fish swim upstream against the current
Dark waves push them back
Who can say when all we hold dear
Will come under attack?

Sit quietly and ponder the future
Like that dark wave it does loom
Before us
Filling us with doom

What lies beyond it?
You see not through the water
Eyes blinded

Tears fill the eyes
You don’t realize
The future it lies
Here and now spread out before you

Seeking ever yonder
All is ever changing
Nothing stays the same
The rhythm of cycles
Are all part of the game

Birth and death
Repeated without end
New growth results with every turn
This great truth please learn

You know not what the future will bring
But change is certain
There’s no final curtain
Only life that goes on
Perhaps in different forms to take
This great promise can we make:

The mind it does continue
Growing and evolving
Life’s great mysteries resolving

This is the future that awaits
Your body goes through different states
But mind does evolve
Like the earth it does revolve

Fear not the future, my child
It’s not unruly and all wild
But orderly and planned
Written in the sand

Friday, August 28, 2009

#53 - Essence and Energy

Two poems today (#52 and #53)

I am.
Before a single sprout arose through the dirt
A seed of thought took root
Planted firmly
This is how it all began
The mind of God it did expand
And grow
Hoping for itself to know

Like a river it does flow
Over stones in streams
Drifting lazily
As if in dreams

A silent whisper snaking through time
All part of one great design
To mesh together
And intertwine
In its beauty, so sublime

All you see it comes from this
The mind of God creates with bliss
The substance of matter
Which seems to you as solid
Hard to the touch …

But you know so little of that
Which seems to you so hard
All vibrates and pulses with energy
Pure, unceasing action

Try to catch it in your hand
It runs away
The dancing photons they do play
A trick on all your senses so fine
At its core, all is divine

What your science cannot explain
It’s God! We do exclaim --
Master of it all
All glory to His name

#52 - The Light of Love

Two poems today (#52 and #53)

When toward the light you travel
Mysteries of the world unravel
There you’ll find
All things divine
Comfort beyond measure
Greater than your greatest treasure

For there beyond the curtain
One thing you’ll know for certain:
Love is real
It’s warmth you’ll feel
So reliable

You feel it not so strong
Here where crowds do throng
And snare you in their nets
Of greed and lust and power
True love these things do sour
Pushed aside for earthly goals
Love is hidden to so many souls

But once released from earthly gains
There inside the love remains
Seek it now while earth you walk
Proclaim it in the way you talk

Be a beacon for those in darkness
Guide them gently through the starkness
Of a life where love is hid
Their true demons help them rid

Know that love it will sustain you
Here and ever after.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poem #51 - True Prayer and the Nature of God

At the end of the day
Sit with us and pray
And at the beginning, too
When each day starts anew

Prayer in any form is good
Connects you with the Source
But there are better ways than others
To speak with God, of course

Prayer should come from deep inside
Not uttered verse by verse
This way is often little better
Than an uttered curse

For words you say with little thought
But say because you’re told
Hold little value
When they come out of a mold

True prayer’s a conversation from the heart
You say what you truly feel
And then these words they play a part
In helping you to heal

Give thanks, for sure
God loves to know you care
He wants to know you love Him
And acknowledge that He’s there

But after that, just talk to Him
Don’t ask for special favors
He grants not wishes like lollipops
That come in different flavors

God is Mind, all powerful
So infinitely wise
He fits not in some box
That you can quantify with size

But He is there regardless
Giving order to all life
And watching His creation grow
With beauty it is rife

It all unfolds in God-time
Like a seed that starts to sprout
And each with its own schedule
Its true beauty does come out

It’s Natural Law that guides it all
From oceans big to kittens small
And asking God to change things
Would cause the sky to fall

But we are here to help you
Here at your beck and call
We in the spirit world
Are here to help you all

Give thanks to God and praise
But ask him not your life to save
We’re the ones who intervene if we can
If, indeed, that’s part of God’s plan

If this seems different than what you’ve heard
Let the new knowledge not disturb
Your life’s belief
Only find relief
In knowing you’re always cared for
That’s what we’re there for

And God, too
Looks over you
From within and without
Of this have no doubt
You are loved
No matter what

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poem #50 - A Question About Sensing Spirit

A friend asked the question: "Why can’t I see or understand with my physical mind what I have always felt inside?”

Spirit works not as most people think
We have no need for food and drink
We see not with physical eyes
Touch and taste no compromise
Our hearing comes not from the ears
We know nothing of salty tears

But you who are encased in flesh
See as if through darkened mesh.
The things of Spirit
Like a veil your vision it covers –
Hiding from you what’'s real
But deep inside like silent lovers
The truths we do reveal

This knowing comes not from the body
That relies upon a brain
It comes from something far more subtle
A world that knows no pain

Trust in what you sense and feel
Even if you never prove it
Your heart and mind they know what’s real
This doubt you can remove it

Oh Ivy dear, forget the flesh
It knows not of the Spirit
But with the ears of Spirit dear
We’re sure that you can hear it –

The breathless whisper
The beating heart
That pumps not mortal blood
But holy love that flows within
In one great gushing flood

For this you need no eyes, no ears
No tongue to taste or swallow
You’ve far better ways to sense the beauty
When your true calling you follow.

We leave you with our blessing.

Poem #49 - The Center of the Circle

Search not in the sky
For love
Within it doth lie
Faintly glowing until
The brain you do still

Be as one in mind
With God, your Creator
Save this though not until later
Unity is the Source of all creation
Without a Source there can be no nation

Yet, when one becomes two
The separation is felt
And like a mighty glacier
The structure does melt

One needs two to know itself well
But when there are two
A mighty tree the axe it does fell
Cleaves it in pieces
Splits it in half
Left longing for unity
Like a mother and her calf

The division is necessary to know the One
But nothing feels right
Til reunion is done
For we are all drawn back to the Center
To this great Union we want to re-enter

The point lies at the circle’s hub
The spot where together two coins will rub
And when two sticks together you churn
A spark ignites, then a fire does burn

There can be no wholeness ‘til these truths you know
Inside will be dark until the glow
Of God’s love you ignite
By gaining in-sight
Of your true nature, your Source
You’ll know this all in due course

But learn the lesson now
And then you’ll know how
To find the love we all seek …
In your Center take a peek

Live not on the rim
To the Center dive right in
And there find your bliss
The sweetest, purest kiss

This is love Divine
Nothing else could be so fine
Return to the Center and be Mine.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poem #48 - A Perfect Body or a Perfect Spirit

A hand curls into a fist
A limb misshapen
From some a perfect body is taken
But he who knows of imperfection
Knows greater truths beyond detection

Many look with pity on the soul
Who they picture as not quite whole
Oh, what a shame!
They do proclaim
But they do not understand
The true nature of man

The body is nothing but a tool
An instrument to help you through this school
The soul’s the part that matters most
The body only plays the host

It matters not if limbs are twisted and gnarled
If when one walks, the feet get snarled
But how one walks the path of life …

Oh, such importance please give here
For when you live here
This is paramount
On this one thing you can count:

The soul’s growth matters not on outward looks
It comes not from things you read in books
But from your actions and your thought
These things surely can’t be bought

A life of service can you give to others
Loving and helping your sisters and brothers
Even if the body is bent
Your last penny here you’ve spent
There’s always love inside, so much to give
For this great service does each man live

To you it seems a pity true
To see one whose body is lesser than you
But pity not until you know
If the soul inside t’ward the light does grow
For this each soul does come to earth
This is the purpose of each man’s birth

Whether you walk with a firm, straight step
Or haven’t mastered walking yet
This matters not a bit
If the body doesn’t fit
What matters is the spirit inside
From this truth you cannot hide

Treasure life for all it offers
Digging deeply into the coffers
Of wisdom and truth
And grow, my children grow.

For this you have come.

We thank you for your time.

Love one another.

It is all we ask.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poem #47 - Home is Where the Heart Is

This life it has its challenges
That all must face
This is part of being a member
Of the human race

Face each day with joy
Look toward the sun and smile
Every little moment
Stop and think awhile
Of all the many ways
God fills your hours and days
With chances to succeed
With the encouragement you need
For all along the way
People stop and say
“How are you?
How’re you doing?
Haven’t seen you in a while
Glad you’re back
Welcome home
It’s good to see your smile.”

But you are never far from home
No matter how far away you roam
When you sit and realize
Your true home is here
Always near

Home is where the heart is
A true saying when you know
That we are with you always
Wherever you may go

And we are such a part of you
That there inside the heart of you
We dwell
Loneliness is just a state of mind
When yourself you do remind
That the spirit walks beside you always

Call on us if you do doubt
That we are here – just give a shout
Your constant friends
Love never ends.

Count on us always

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poem #46 - The Glory of Nature

Curtains rustle by the window
A gentle breeze blows against the folds
The cloth gives way
To mysteries untold

From where cometh the breeze?
Does it come from the trees?
Or is it Spirit driven?
Yet another gift God’s given …

All of nature tells a story
Of God’s great glory
From the highest mountains with their craggy peaks
To the rivers, streams, and smallest creeks

Rabbits scurry through the grass and leaves
Long-legged dear with white spots
Look through innocent eyes
Fear and danger they know not
Until a predator comes within their scent
A blade of grass by a paw is bent
Then on alert the doe does stand
Ready to flee
If need be

These built-in instincts are the gifts
God gives to all His creatures
One of many features
That brings order out of chaos

It’s natural law
View it with awe
For it is never changing
There’s no rearranging
The order of the world

Tides go in and out
The sun revolves about
By rhythms and cycles we do live
Yet rarely do we stop and give
The credit to the maker
The one and only Creator
For all this priceless treasure
Beauty beyond measure
For animals and plants and birds
Miracles beyond our words

Stop each day and contemplate
Take the time to appreciate
The beauty of God’s art
Of which you are a part

Give not a passing glance
Thinking all is here by chance
Give thanks for all you see and hear
Keep these treasures near and dear
For they are yours to behold
As the gifts of God they do unfold
Before your eyes
And give thanks

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poem #45 - The Touch of Love

Silence the wind
It bellows and howls through the night
Filling young minds with fright
“Oh, please, turn on the light!”
They cry
Great fear in the eye

Soothe a furrowed brow
To calm them, you know how
Wipe away the tears
Help dissolve the fears

This is what a parent does
Smothers their young children with love
The comfort of a hand
The healing touch
Soft words and such
Take away the fright
That often comes at night
When in the darkness monsters loom
Filing tender hearts with gloom

But who will soothe the furrowed brows of you?
Now much older, it is true
No mother’s lap to sit upon and rest
No father who knows best

Alas, you see with mortal eyes
There’s so much you do not realize
Like parents we do care for you
With great pains we watch, it’s true

We guide your steps, we light the way
That every footstep finds its way
We soothe the furrowed brow
In the best way we know how

Great doses of love
Is our best prescription
For what ails you
When all else fails you
Turn to us for advice
Never think twice
You can never intrude
Questions aren’t rude
This is why we’re here
Like parents you hold dear
To give advice and comfort that you need
Your soul’s deep longing we will feed

Just turn to us when you have sorrow
There’s no need to fear tomorrow
For we will hold your hand
If you fall, we’ll help you stand
No crutches do you need to lean on
For we’re here at your side
No need to run and hide

Just as the child knows he’s protected
We are here, although undetected
Call on us, we’ll respond
Of you we are quite fond

(I ask: To whom is this directed? I feel it’s not just for me … )

Oh no, my dear
Please make this clear
Our words are meant for all to hear
For all can find great cheer
In knowing they’re assigned a guide
To walk with them beside

They can’t be seen
But they are there
To watch over you with care

You who read these words, please know
There’s nowhere far that you can go
Without our love and protection
Our deepest affection

It is our work to walk with you
And this we do with love.

In the stillness you will feel it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poem #44 - Knights in Shining Armor

An interesting experience today. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal doubts, feeling that I’m making up the words in the poems. I decided to make a concerted effort today and write only what I hear without letting my mind jump ahead and find a word that rhymes to “make it fit.” I think I was put in my place by the spirit world … I started out almost resisting words that rhymed. Once they set me straight, the whole feel changed to something far more beautiful with a theme I would never have thought of:

Duty brings you here
To sit in this chair and listen
We thank you for your time
To listen to our rhyme …

God forsaken
This is how some feel
When all alone they sit
Thinking no one loves them

Nothing could be farther from the truth
All are loved
By many in the spirit world
We hover around you at all times

This is our task
To watch over you and keep you safe

Never is a child born
That we’re not there to see it.
Never does a baby cry
That we don’t taste its tears
How many ways we do help you
To get through the hardest days
Watching from beside you and above
We guide you with our thoughts
Gentle reminders
To go this way or that
A nudge, a soft prod
Do not think it odd
That you should be helped in such a way
This is how it works

… You resist our rhyming today.
Let us try again.
Yes, they’re your rhymes
But our thoughts.
Quiet the mind and listen
As we speak through you …

Fairy tales are stories with a lesson
Heroic figures with shields that glisten
Knights on white horses
Save the damsel in distress
You know the rest.

But is not life one long story?
Filled with hope and glory?
Like the knight who rides upon his steed
And performs a mighty deed
An archetype of all that’s good
Listen to it if you would
And see that heroes are all the same
Saviors of the masses
They see the world with rose colored glasses
On a sacred mission they do ride
To rid the world of evil
The Great Spirit at their side

But this is not a fairy tale
This is life for real
Heroes live among us
Their skin and breath you feel
They’re the ones who know of God’s great might
Never lose him from their sight
Great deeds can they accomplish
For they know God meets all needs

This is not a fiction
Know this with great conviction
All can conquer evil when they know
The power of the spirit they can throw
Like the javelin of the knight
To spear away their fright

Mighty is the power of the Lord
Far mightier than any soldier’s sword
Wear it at your side
When as a knight in armor you do ride
Armed with nothing but the strength of God’s great love
That wraps around you like a glove
Oh so snugly does it fit
For you were meant to cherish it
And hold it close at hand.

The love of God
Conquers all

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poem #43 - The Nature of Hell

Again, two poems today, #42 and #42, this one in answer to my question, "What is Hell?"

Hell’s a place that knows no shame
There go those who’ve played the game
And lost-
Their time on earth they wasted
God’s great love they never tasted
Spent their days in anger and hate
Waiting too late
To understand
Why they did come
Until their time was done

Those who kill and hurt their brother
Never serving one another
Move no closer to the light
Live their days in fear and fright
Seeing with regret
That love exists and yet
Their chance they did squander
Now they wander
In the darkness, almost lost
Chances given and then tossed
Like garbage in a heap
Failed to take a leap

Now they fester
There in darkness they sequester
To review their deeds and learn
That their time was not to spurn

Some awake and see the truth
Others linger without proof
This is Hell
This knowing they did lose their chance to grow toward the light
Realizing wrong from right
Held back until they know
They’ll never reach the glow
Until their deeds they recognize for what they are
Bear the scar
And ask forgiveness

Only then can man move upwards and glow
Evolution it is slow
For those who’ve sinned
They’ve much to learn
Amends to make
For those they did forsake

This is true justice
In this please trust us
You can never escape
The mistakes you make
But those who live a life of love and service
Will go on to find the glory
Of their story
This is how it works, this life
With true justice it is rife.

Poem #42 - Focus on What Truly Matters

Write these words today
Hasten not to play
Surely you can hear our voice
Beyond the many thoughts which intrude upon your brain
The message it is plain

History has been unkind
The battles of mankind
Constant use of force
Takes a toll
Leaves you less than whole

Forget the little kitten and his whiskers soft to pet
These things have you and yet
You do not appreciate these gifts-- the simple pleasures of life
Filled with strife you spend your days

Worry not of things like taxes
Guns and axes
Pity you can do no more
To separate the wheat from the chaff
There is no room to laugh
When so much pain and heartache
Do you bring upon your fellow man

If we could give you sage advice
We’d tell you always to be nice
To worry not if there’s enough of this and that
There’ll always be plenty—too much fat
In everything
When matter is your focus

Nothing lasts for long
Your focus is all wrong
Turn towards the light and see
The constant glow, your destiny
There to guide you, light the way
Give you hope, come what may
Find these truths, this we pray

Before it’s too late.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Poem #41 - The Transition

Two poems today (#40 and #41)

Who can say
At the end of the day
Who lives on and who goes to sleep?
Who crosses through the door toward the light …
Takes flight

You know not these things while here you live
But know to each the Lord does give
Another chance

There’s so much more that you can’t see
Beyond your sight, a world that’s free
Of pain and suffering and misery
No longer will these come to thee

Without the body you will fly
For you rest not when you do die
You live as spirit, free from pain
Treasures beyond your knowledge you will gain
A world where greed and fear and pride
Do not reside

Fear it not this change called death
It’s just a passage
It comes to all and brings no pain
All the world will you gain
When this transition do you make
Your loved ones’ hands again to take

Of this one thing you can be certain
There’s no final act, no final curtain
Perhaps an intermission
For this you’re given permission
To rest and prepare
For what lies there
Upon the next stage

We wait for you with open arms.

Poem #40 - Gone From Your Sight

Two poems today (#40 and #41)

Gone from your sight
But not from your memories …

You loved them so
When they did walk upon this earth
Their tears you wiped away
And then one day
In the blink of an eye
They disappear
No longer here
To touch and kiss and say
I love you.

But even though you cannot see
Their faces, hear their voice
Fear not, you’ll see them once again
In this you have no choice

For this is how the world it works
One of life’s most cherished perks
Gone from sight, but living still
In other realms to wait until
You’re reunited once again
To feel their love, to stroke a hand.

The spirit lives beyond the death of matter, don’t you see?
You cannot kill it – victory
Lies in the knowing that the soul lives on
Sings it’s happy song

And so just wait
You’ll see your loved ones once again
Happy greetings they will give you
They did not outlive you.
They simply waited
Your arrival at their side
From their sight you could not hide.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poem #39 - The Ego vs.the Spirit

How long must man go on fighting one another?

Since time began men have bickered
The flames ever flickered
Stones they did sharpen
Weapons used to kill
Forever still
When the blood of the body
Flows from holes poked with points
Broken joints …

All of this unnecessary
Keeps you from bliss
Hear us when we say
It doesn’t have to be this way

Go forth in peace and live among each other
Learning to love your sister and your brother
Put the mighty ego aside
This false power you must hide
It knows not of love
It wants to rule the world
Turning things of matter into tools to use in anger

But counter to the false lit pride
Lies a depth of peace inside
That knows nothing of power and might
Nor how to fight

It wants only settled weather
No storms or gray clouds
Not to be proud
But to see the love and beauty in all things
From a place of wisdom it sings
Its songs of joy and laughter
Hope for the future
Where man will live to infinity
Sure of his divinity
Caring and loving
Wanting only to serve
This is what you all deserve

When you awake and shred the lies
Tear off the disguise
The mask that does hide
The true spirit inside
Then love will rise and take its place
Fill your every day with grace
Make this world a better place
Where all may live in peace

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Note About the Poem Titles

I realized that my numbering system was making it difficult to go back and find certain poems when I wanted to read them again. I'm adding titles now, but after the fact. Unless I ask the spirits a specific question, I never know what the topic of the day's poem is going to be. So, if a poem has a title, it was put there by me AFTER opening my eyes and reading what I received.

Poem #38 - Reincarnation

For this second poem today, I aksed Mike's question: "What can you tell us about reincarnation?"

Lives on earth are short-lived in your time
But measured this way cuts it fine
So much to do
Hard to fit into one life
All the lessons and the strife

So you come back to do it again
Repeat the cycle once or twice
And then
Move on to other realms

Did you live before as a tree?
We say no, can’t you see?
Soul force is your essence

A tree’s a tree forever more
But human beings can no more
Come back as something other than they are
Once a man, a man you are

Not all come back
In fact, quite few
And this they simply choose to do
To learn the lessons
They failed to learn first time around.
When they did walk upon the ground

So look not at every soul
And wonder if they lived before as man
How to execute the plan
Depends on many factors
Requires many actors
Each going his own way
Only God can say
Who moves on and who goes back
Each to take a different tack

Where to go? What’s the solution?
It’s all a part of evolution
As the soul develops fine
Moves farther t’ward the Divine
No longer in need
Of returning to a seed
But growing
In knowing
And so moving upward toward the light
Once they’ve got it right

This is life
A constant journey toward perfection.

Poem #37 - You're Not Alone in Your Troubles

I received two poems today, #37 and #38 (so check them both out). For this first one, I simply listened ...

Wholesome and carefree
In the days of your youth
No worries to trouble you.

How life changes through the years
See the difference with your tears
All the struggle takes a toll
Leaves you feeling less than whole

Buried memories rise to the surface
And fester like a sore
Oozing pain forever more
Unless you find a way to get beneath the worry and distraction
Take some action
To uncover
You’ll discover
There’s a host of help to get you through
No more wondering how to do
The things you struggled with before
Waiting for you like an open door
A welcome party with open arms
Smiling faces glowing in the light
We want to help and make it right

Come to us when things get tough
Bumps get rough
It’s our job to smooth the road
We can help with troubles untold

A phalanx of angels we stand tall
Willing to help you with it all
You’re not alone
Can’t you feel us here?
Talk to us, we’ll lend an ear
And bathe you in the golden light
That warms our world both day and night

Comfort is what we will bring
Soft our voices they will sing
And rock you gently in our arms
Keep you safe from harm

Here we stand
To lend a hand
If you’ll but call usWe’ll be there

Friday, August 14, 2009

Poem #36 - The Truth is Inside

You create with your thoughts
The world you live in.
Many are the minds that contribute to your reality.

Each has his own view
Of how things are true
Each one certain
His way is right.
They hold their thoughts dear
Even though it’s clear
That many minds see differently.

How to reconcile
And leave all with a smile?
An impossible task
But this we ask
What difference does it make
If some real knowledge they forsake
In lieu of false views
From reading the good news
And taking each good verse
Like a play they rehearse
Each line over and over
Repeating word for word the phrase
Holding in their gaze
The letters, words, and meaning
As if they held great value
When all the proof they need of God’s great glory
Comes not from some old story
Written through the ages
Captured in the pages
Of a book which they call holy
No, the truth they’ll never find
Til they look inside the mind
And ask the question:

How do I know?
Where’s the glow
That burns inside the chest?
Where the answer that is best
Starts as a flicker and then burns
Til the real lesson one learns.

Trust not what others tell you
Lies and stories they may sell you
But the one and only guide
Is buried deep inside.

There lies true knowing
The flames of wisdom ever glowing
And only those who trust this guide to lead them to the truth
There will find their proof
Of science and religion and philosophy
This is how it’s got to be.

Man was given guidance he can use
But this gift he’s bound to lose
If he takes what’s told unto him at face value.

Like sheep that wander in a herd
Never daring to branch out
But milling softly all about
They get the group mentality
But that’s not true reality

Once again we say to you
Look inside for what is true
Accept nothing til you’ve tested
Every theory every proof
There you’ll find the truth.

The brain’s a sharpened tool
It’ll help you, as a rule
But trust not everything it says and does
We can say this now because
We use this tool not here
We have no need for it without a body
Yet we’re left with something greater
Given to us by the Creator:
A mind that sees past trickery and fiction
Has no need for great conviction
Other than the knowing
Ever constant, ever glowing
We discussed
Know this, you must:

If you’re to grow
Great wisdom to know
See through the deception
Learn this lesson
Trust your heart
It will lead you not astray
Go inside yourself and pray
And the truths you seek you’ll find there
It’s divine there.

Keep the faith.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poem #35 - God's Gift

“If at first you don’t succeed
Try, try again”
Words such as these
Spur the deeds of men

But how, pray tell
Do things get done
When you think that you’re
The only one?

Nothing happens by itself
Your fame, your glory, and your wealth…
These are gifts given to you
Because it’s your due

Everything you achieve in this life

Is a gift from God
You may find this odd
But nothing happens without His knowing
No coming or going

He watches all with eyes that see
For his eyes are your eyes
His heart is your heart
It’s plain as can be

There’s no separation ‘tween the two
You are God and He is you
How’d you get here without Him?
Do you think you got here by some whim?

You’re an expression of his love - He comes through you
Believe this, it’s true
The Great Spirit lives and breathes
In plants and flowers and rocks and trees

Everything that you call life

Is spirit through and through
And the highest of all his creations, of course, is you.
Cherish this life that you’ve been given
By love of Spirit it’s been driven

All the glories of this great earth
Were given to you at birth
To you and everything that lives
God’s love and blessings, these He gives

Savor every moment that you breathe
Yet know that when you leave
This earth, there’s more
For you have lived before
And you will go on living
For God’s spirit goes on giving
After your last breath
Beyond the transition you call “death”

It’s impossible to kill
God’s everlasting will
To give you life-His greatest gift
May this knowledge your spirits lift
This day and every day that follows
Soar high like the swallows
And return each year
From far and near
To receive his blessing.

That is all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poem #34 - True Beauty

Beauty comes in many forms
On the earth you have your norms
But when one doesn’t measure up
You see it with scorn.
Push it aside
Attempt to hide
That which you label ugly
How unkind!
Don’t you see?
All is beautiful in God’s eye
Nothing ever passes by
That the Great Spirit doesn’t
Place his touch upon it
Graces it
He places it
In your sight
To wonder at his might
That he could take a tiny seed
And let it grow into a weed
Or tall into a tree
Or even stand and walk like we did
When we walked upon the earth
As you have since your birth
But here with our new view
We see things apart from you
Not just the outer shell
But deep inside as well.
There lies the beauty you don’t see
Until you look with eyes like we
Judge not by outer sights
That way never will be right
See the oneness of all things
In spite of all appearances
This is love that never changes
Rearranges only before your eyes
No surprise.
See the truth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poem #32 - What Should I Do With These Poems?

First spoken poem. I ask: What would you like me to do with these poems … will I do one on one readings, or write a book? Do you see me standing before large groups and speaking extemporaneously to answer people’s questions? How far can we go with this? (Note: my voice got shaky like an old man. My left hand was gesturing. Very cool!)

Oh dear one, we have come
To work with you
It’s your due
Tarry not
There’s more to come
We will not stop
Till our work is done.

This we say to you
Write the words, they’re true
If you could only see
What we see in thee
A useful tool
A way to communicate with the world.

We are quite pleased with your progress to date
Listen more, don’t anticipate
Our words
But sit still and know that until we give these thoughts to you
There’s nothing you can do.
It’s true.

How far can you go?
Just take it slow for now
And enjoy the process
As we reveal ourselves to you In this way
Every day you sit is good
We knew that you would
Come to us eventually
Listening quite mentally
For all the years we’ve worked with you
To bring us through

Yes, the books you’ve read did play a role
In opening your soul
To us and our great message.
Carry it forward to the masses
Yes, you can hold classes, if you like
Speak to groups of people large and small
Give our messages of hope to them all
For those meant to hear them
Will come near
When it’s their time
To hear these messages in rhyme.
You want to write a book?Just take a look
All the wisdom you can find
Is there inside your mind.

It doesn’t matter if you put these words on paper
So that all may read them later
Just as long as you keep them near
Where others these words they can hear.

One on one you ask us?
Should you sit and task us
With questions from strangers
There are no dangers
In this work of God
Some may find it odd
But hear us when we speak
The mighty to the meek
These words we speak through you
Hold lessons wise and true.

Share them now for those who come
All of this good wisdom
Relax, don’t you worry
Once again, there is no hurry
Watch it all unfold
Like silver, bronze, words of gold
Will glitter upon your lips
These mighty words and tips
For life and love
That comes from above
To those who need to hear it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poem #31 - There's a Reason for Pain

Oh little children, we do love you so
This please know
There comes a time in each person’s life
When they will face much stress and strife

But carry on through all the pain
In every heartache, there’s much to gain.
You think that life should be
Completely sweet and free … of hassle.
But look more closely,
Can’t you see?

It’s from the hard times that you grow
Like metal heated to a glow
It’s forged much stronger
Endures much longer
From the process…
The experience of being molded
Look back on how it’s unfolded – your life

Every step along the way
Brought you here today
Exactly as you are
You’ve all come so far
With valleys and hills
You’ve weathered the ills
And gloried in the victories
You all have your histories

And for this you’ve come here:
To grow faster
Reaching for life ever after
So that when you get there
You won’t forget there
How each and every stone turned over
Held a lesson.

Cherish all the moments good and bad
Ones that make you happy,
Ones that make you sad.
All are part of the whole picture of your life
They’re the fixtures
Bless them all
Great and small.

That is all.

We love you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poem #30 - Where Do The Answers Come From?

Today I asked the spirit world a very personal question from a friend. I was interested in what would come through because I had no idea what the answer was. Once the words started flowing, however, I knew the answer very clearly, so when I was finished writing her poem, I asked my own question: “I don’t know the answer when I sit down, but suddenly when I’m writing, I know it. How does that work?” And they answered:

It’s so easy, can’t you see
The answer comes from we
Who put the thoughts there
In your mind we share
The words to pass along
With rhythm like a song.

They’ll sound like your own thoughts
But believe us, they are not.
We put them there
To share
For the betterment of all
Big or small
Keep asking
It’s your tasking
Trust what you hear
The words they are clear
Because you let us near.

So, anyone who follows my blog – if you would like to be part of this, see poem #28, then email me a question. I’ll ask the spirit world and send you what I get. Don’t worry – nothing will go on the blog without anyone’s permission.

Poem #29 - How Do Butterflies Become Signs?

I asked: How do butterflies become signs from the spirit world?

You think and see things with limited eyes
You don’t understand how vast is the mind
That controls all of nature.

We can move mountains if we wish
But there’s no point in this
A tiny insect we can ask
To do our task

For we can move them with our thoughts
Free will, have they not
There to do our bidding are they
All cooperating as a whole
For it’s all one great soul

If you could only see
The awesome majesty of life
It’s all one Spirit
But you can’t hear it
As we whisper to the butterfly, the hummingbird,
And any little creature
To do our bidding, they comply
They do trod or fly
Happy are they
To serve in this way

We all interact
This is a fact
So it’s no great mystery
How strange things happen
When you can see the big picture.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poems #28 - What Type of Questions Do You Want?

#28 8AUG09
Poem #27 was another personal one in answer to a friend's question. I'm getting the clear impression that the spirit world wants me to use them to help people in this way, so I asked what types of questions they would like to answer from other people…

Truth abounds
Hear the sounds
Of wisdom within.

We can never say
Which way
The game’s about to play
But all may come to us
And we will be here
This is clear, dear.

Ask whatever strikes your fancy, we don’t care
The answers, they’ll be there
For we have access to all the knowledge
You can learn in college
And then some!

What’s your pleasure?
Is it truth about your purpose?
Do you want to know the reason you are here?
Ask us, dear.

Or have you a problem of the heart?
That’s a place to start.
Relationships can give you trouble
If you let them
But forget them not
For all pairings of man and woman have a reason
In each season
There are lessons to be learned.

How to lose weight?
What’s my fate?
There’s no limit to the questions you can ask
It’s our task
To sit with you a while
Make you smile
And make you ponder
What lies yonder
It’s all worthwhile.

How’s my health?
Will I have wealth?
All are worthy questions.
Ask away,
Each and every day
Listen to our musing
We hope we’re not confusing you
By keeping things so broad
It’s not really odd
When you realize
We have access to the skies
Where all the wisdom lies.

Are you curious?
Or maybe furious
About something that’s gone wrong
A question that for too long
Has gone unanswered?
Worry no more
That’s what we are for
To bring you peace
Find release.

So bring them on
Ask away
Let us do the work we’ve come to you to do
It’s nothing new
It’s overdue
This kind of wisdom to impart
It’s no art
Quite natural, in fact
We have made a pact
To serve mankind this way
So come to us and pray
And we will be there

Hear us now
We know how
To love and serve
Bring you what you deserve

Let’s get started.

Okay, then I had a question! (see Poem #29)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Poem #26 - Boys and Their Toys

I got snippets of lines that in the back of my mind I recognized from previous poems (Since time began, there’s been a plan… Heaven isn’t far, it’s right here where you are… Co-create, that’s your fate …) I asked them to give me something different, and they did: limericks!!! (of sorts) which flowed non-stop, no thinking on my part!

There once was a little boy
Who had a little toy
And with it he did play
Each and every day
It brought him so much joy

But in the end
His fun he did spend
On games and things
Guns and rings
His will it did not bend

As boys grow older
And the seasons colder
Changes they make
There’s more at stake
Their actions they grow bolder

But here’s the lesson you should learn
For all the money you can earn
Nothing lasts forever
Have it now … whatever
Your treasures they can burn

The thing that matters most
Is relying on your Host
He’s there inside
He does not hide
Nor like the ego boast

Search inside and find this treasure
There lies peace and beauty without measure
It’s there for all
Who make the call
So call it at your leisure

Search not in buildings with roofs
For the eternal truths
Look in your heart
For there thou art
Most likely to find the proofs

* * *

Yes, we’re good
You knew we could
Change the rhyme
Given time
But what difference does it make
What patterns the lines take
So long as you do come and listen

There’s much work to be done
Come back each day
And together we’ll pray.

God bless you all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poem #25 - Heroes

So what happened to poems #23 and #24? Well, I tried an experiment. I had two friends give me questions to ask the Council of Poets. I asked and received two beautiful poems in response. The answers are very personal, though, so I don't want to put them on the blog. The answers are words I wouldn't have chosen, for I didn't know the answers myself. A wonderful confirmation from the spirit world. I received Poem #25 during the same meditation period as #23 and #24, so three poems in one short sitting. These guys are working overtime!

Courage takes many forms
Actions beyond the norm
Helping others when times are rough
Is tough

Heroes serve in many ways
We count their service not in days
But in the manner they help others
To rise above the standard

Who will step out of the crowd
And shout aloud
The message we need to hear
These truths that we hold dear
These are the ones we need to revere
Those who care not for glory
But to tell the story
Of love and sacrifice
For their fellow man
All part of one great plan.

We need the messengers to speak
The story’s not unique
But when all voices join as one
Our story will be done

‘Til then we search and look
Like turning pages in a book
For he who is willing
Without payment of a shilling
To take a stand
Across the land
And lead the way
For this we pray
Forever and a day.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poem #22 - God's Hand in Nature

Comes the morning
Without warning
Tis the dawn of a new day.

Come out and play
This we say
Colored lanterns light the way
Along a path of lilies
Flowers of the field
Great beauty they do yield

Scurry down the trail
T’ward the holy grail
Of light and love
Heaven above
Dawn brings new hope
That all will turn our well
It’s a tale we long to tell
To those who’ll listen
The dew drops they do glisten
Like glittering diamonds
God’s jewels
Of expression

Hear you not the sounds of music

In the wind?
Ancient melodies since time did begin
All of nature tells the story
Of God’s glory
If you would take the time to see, smell, touch, and hear
What is near
At hand
Across the land
Evidence of love
Comes in many forms

Look around
In the sky and on the ground
Where else could all the beauty come from?
But from Him
Not on a whim
But well planned out
As an expression
Here’s the lesson:

You are one with nature
It’s your essence.
Respect all living things
Creatures great and small
Love them all
Deep within you’re all the same
Spirit is the name
For that which binds you
Let us remind you
Again and again
Until you get it right.
For now, good night.
May the good Lord bless you…

That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Poem #21 - Where Cares Are Lost

I sat down to meditate thinking that I should have waited until later in the day. I was a bit out of sorts due to things happening with our plans. I felt a presence, but I wasn’t getting anything. I also kept drifting off, then I felt the need to pick up my pen…

Oh, my friend
It’s not the end
It’s just that you are restless
Settle down now
Quiet moments come and go
Always can you know
There’s beauty in the silence
Like a silent, gentle glow.

Hark and listen if you will
To the silence, calm and still
All the more you’ll learn from this
The silence brings you bliss.

Sort out your cares and troubles
Worry makes them triple, double
Just relax and be
Sit with me
And you’ll see

Here’s where cares are lost
Amid the beauty of your thoughts
Thoughts that come outside yourself
There’s no stress here in our world
Like a flag unfurled
To flutter gently in the breeze
Be at ease
There’s always time for these—
The worries of your life

Let them loose to fly away
Leave them for another day
Release the burdens in your chest
We know best
How to bring you comfort.

Sit and pray for a while
We want to see you smile
Nothing’s as hard as you make it
Give up the struggle, take it easy if you can

Sit and read a verse
Don’t go from bad to worse by stewing
Fall back into our arms, we’ll catch you
Never let you fall
We’re at your beck and call
If you’ll let us
Don’t forget us
Call us what you will
Your guides and guardians still here.
Ever loving, ever watching
In your care
We are there

Keep the faith.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poem #20 - The Mind: The Greatest Instrument

Before I began today's meditation, I was thinking (worrying, actually) that the words that are coming through in these poems are very simple and they're all starting to sound the same. Well, the spirit world put me in my place today. As for the Latin at the beginning, no, I don't speak Latin. I simply wrote down the words as I heard them. I looked each one up online afterwards, and this may be simply jibberish, I don't know. (Any Latin scholars out there?), but as you read the poem, it all makes sense in its own way...

Imprimatur non soquili
Vestigi quorum hominem
Ad dominem
Satisfacem lorum ipsilum
Ad dominam
Qui veni ipsi hoc

Does it matter what language we speak?
Hear these words …
Henceforth know
So-called jewels
Fortitude … forbearance …
Shakespeare had the tools
These kinds of words to use
Howsoever shall a man use his language
It matters little
So long as the message gets through
For this we come to you.

Using words, they’re all we’ve got
Mind to mind without a thought
Your brain’s an instrument
Just a tool
Over the body it does rule
But deep inside the brain
Hidden like memories remain
Remnants of the past

Forsake not these carousel horses
That go up and down
Round and round
Where’s the brass ring?
The mind! The mind!
It holds the key
To memory
It goes on and on and on forever
Never winding down and stopping
Round and round
Safe and sound
The greatest instrument
What an implement!

Children on horses
Merry-go-round games they play
At the end of the day
The ride is over for the brain
But thoughts remain
We’ll come again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poem #19 - Worry Not, There's More to Come

(From Suzanne: A special day today -- a "two-fer"!)

Sing like the birds
Write down our words
Carry away your worries and your cares
Relax a while
Sit and smile
Always troubled are you all
By worries big and small

Things of matter top the list
You get the gist
Cares and strains
Aches and pains
Last not long
Are temporary stains
Little to gain.

Fix your eyes
Upon the skies
There you’ll find
Peace of mind

Four score and more
A mighty age
Sets the stage
For more to come
When day is done

You’ll carry on
Tarry not
Til all this life
Is long forgot

Rest your weary souls
Know that you are whole
Beyond the body
Comes a life
Free of strife

It waits for all
Who get the call
To cross to finer pastures
Greener than the eyes have seen
In the spaces in between

Met by loved ones who’ve been waiting
Your arrival
There to greet you
Meet you
With smiles and love
Give you hugs
With holy arms
And all the charms
Of life beyond the veil
This new life you’ll hail
When it’s your time
Step in line
None will fail to reach it

(At this point I felt the now-familiar feeling that the poem had come to an end. I lay down my pen, but kept my eyes closed, hoping to simply enjoy the presence of the spirits. After a minute or so, my right index finger began to twitch again, the signal I have come to learn is their sign to me that they want me to write. Another poem? Two in one day? They had me in tears by the end when I realized what was happening, because yes, today is my birthday, and I certainly wouldn't have written a poem to myself … )

We celebrate your birth this day
In a very special way
Greetings from the world of spirit
Singing softly, can you hear it?
Voices chant together

Happy are we
To see you smile a
And be free
Of cares and worries
Celebrate! Have fun!
The day has just begun
A day to know you’re loved
Here and up above

That’s all.
Have a ball.
We know you’ve lots to do
For now, adieu
And happy birthday to you.

(Wow! ... What a gift!)