About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Poem #284 - A Lesson in Intuition

Stroke the kitten’s whiskers.
This is how the cat it feels.
Whatever brushes past these hairs
With this feeling the cat deals.

You do not have such sensors
Projecting from your face,
But you have a similar system
Firmly planted in its place.

Your energetic body
Extends well beyond your skin.
They call this field the aura,
Generated from within.

With your aura you do sense things
When they come within its field.
If you can learn to use it
Much to you will be revealed.

It’s all a matter of attunement
To the subtle energy vibrations.
It’s how you see the things unseen –
Through these extra sensory sensations.

How do you recognize them?
Please sit in meditation.
Visualize your aura pulsing
Then ask to feel its soft vibration.

Now expand it with your mind,
Simply see it grow quite large.
For this is how you do create –
Of your thoughts you are in charge.

Do this often and you’ll see
An increase in your subtle knowing.
For thus you’re giving intuition birth
And spiritually growing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poem #283 - Alms for the Poor

Behold your brother.
He stands with hand outstretched.
“Alms for the poor,” he begs.
His life it seems so wretched.

His clothes they may be ragged.
His face dirty and unclean.
These outer signs of poverty
Are not what they do seem.

His true lack is on the inside –
In his clinging to belief
That handouts will improve him –
That alms will bring relief.

He sees himself a pauper
And not as the king he is inside.
And for this lack of understanding
All hope within has died.

“Awake! Awake! And see the truth!”
This would be the greatest gift.
Far more valuable than coin or food.
These words his soul would lift.

The beggar on the street’s too lost.
He wants not to hear your words.
They fly right past his closed-off ears
Like a flock of frightened birds.

But there are those who’re ready
To be awakened now.
Hungry for a taste of love
Yet to find it, they know not how.

If you come across a frightened soul
Who suffers lack within their heart.
Then fill their coffers with your love
And thus true wealth impart.

(Note from Suzanne - an incredibly clear and strong connection this morning as I received these words. I thought, "How are they going to find a word that rhymes with 'outstretched'?" When "wretched came, it gave me a physical shock. This poet had a very strong feeling of being from the 1800s, using words like alms, pauper, and coffers ... An awesome experience to receive this poem so quickly and clearly. Thank you, Spirit.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poem #282 - Seasons and Reasons

Be still and know that I AM … you.
A change in the phrase, but words that are true.

Have you ever sat and wondered why
The ones you love, they have to die?
There is a season for all things.
And with each season, change it brings.

There must be room for new rebirth,
And so the spirit leaves this earth.
Gone from your sight, but not your heart.
Once thus connected, always part.

So death is not a final end.
Just a place in your path that takes a bend.

When comes the winter of this existence,
You’ll pass beyond with little resistance.
For in your heart you’ll know there’s more.
You merely step through the open door.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poem #281 - Powerless, Yet Powerful

Twisted branches reach for the sky
Gnarled fingers reaching high.
Many years they’ve seen gone by,
And now they stand and wonder why…

“Why, why did the wind just blow past
Leaving us to feel it last
Before it went and ran away
Standing alone at the end of the day?”

At this a breeze returned to speak:
“Oh, tree, you’re mighty, yet see how meek.
You think you are the source of me,
When this is not reality.

The wind you do not self-create.
Of this there can be no debate.
The wind was there before you grew.
You felt it as it blew through you.

A simple story of the tree,
But it applies as well to thee.
The ego thinks it causes all.
That it, alone, does stand there, tall.

But Spirit, like the wind, you see,
From ego’s grasp is completely free.
Without Spirit you’re nothing at all.
Like a tree, you would topple and fall.

So feel your spirit like the breeze
That rustles softly through the trees.
Know that it’s the ground of all being
And without it not a thing you’d be seeing.

You are powerless without the soul.
It’s the part of you that makes you whole.
Like wind and trees – a perfect team.
Body and soul complete the dream.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Poem #280 - Awakening

Awakening …
Opening your eyes and truly seeing.
Is this reality
Or temporality?

Shaken up it is - my world.
All I thought was real now swirled.
Like pieces of a puzzle mixed around
And one tiny piece fell to the ground.

What is that missing piece
That to my life brings a new lease?
An eye – open and unblinking,
Staring at me, as if thinking.

A reflection of my own,
But this one seeing the unknown.
It is the eye of God.
Why does this seem so very odd?

Are we not all but a mirror
Of that we hold much dearer?
Our most true and honest source,
That which we often call “The Force?”

Examine yourself closely.
Do it now, but not verbosely.
Go inside and find the proof.
There you’ll find God’s honest truth.

All is one and always will be.
Knowing this you finally are free.
Find the missing piece and you will see
That which you’ve been missing has been Me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poem #279 - Trust

This morning I asked specifically for words to say to a friend who is dealing with difficult physical challenges. I did not expect a poem in response, but the spirit world gave me a beautiful one anyway. The words apply to anyone in the same position, so I share them here now in the hopes that they will bring peace to others going through hard times ...

Know that you are loved.
We are aware of your troubles
And bring you healing
For all with which you have been dealing.

Such a burden you have borne.
Your life feels as if it has been torn.
Fear not what lies ahead.
Worry not, “Will I be dead?”

Place your focus on your children and their love.
Feel the peace from up above.
Find within the strength to trust.
To feel the peace, this is a must.

Trust that you in time will see
Your place in all eternity.
These troubles are a mere distraction
From life’s greatest satisfaction.

Sharing moments with those who mean the most
Will awaken in your heart the Holy Ghost.
And there you’ll also find the strength
To go to whatever length.

For no matter what to you does come,
All you reap is just a sum
Of all the love that you do share.
May you always find it there.

There … in your heart where God does dwell.
Even when your life it seems a Hell.
Go inside and seek the peace.
There you’ll find the blessed release.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poems #277 and #278

A two-fer today. #1 - just there, flowing ...

Poem #277 - Answered Prayers

My heart overflows.
Such a gift …
An answered prayer.
Is such a thing so rare
That I cry?
Yet I cannot deny
The changes inside
Since I began this awesome ride.
“Transform me!” I prayed.
Then the feeling came and stayed.
A glowing ..
A beautiful inner knowing
That I was not alone.
No fear need I condone.
Just trust and know
That wherever I go
I need only ask
Then sit still and bask
In peace.
Oh, the release
To finally know
I am home.
Never again alone.
Surrounded by love
Within … and now without.
IT is all that exists.
The feeling persists.
Where have you been all these years?
I ask through my tears.
Right here, my dear.
You needed only ask.
That was your task.
Welcome into the circle
Of love.

Phew. And immediately, after asking, the second poem ...

Poem #278 - Words

This one, a direct and very clear answer to a friend's request for guidance from the spirit world ...

Watch your words like a hawk.
Do you whisper or squawk?
Sometimes others can miss
And sense a venomous hiss.
When what you said came from pain
And in your voice did remain
A taste of your hurt.

Choose your words with great care.
Others may not hear what is there.
Hear your voice through their ears.
Do they hear rancor or tears?

The written word is quite tricky.
So you must be a bit picky,
Pairing words which impart
That you speak from the heart.

You may know that your mind
Means only to be kind
But this does not always convey
In the true words that you say.

Stop yourself ‘fore you write
Make your prose clear and tight
Then give it a test:
Did my heart say it best?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Poem #276 - Everlasting

It comes to all.
We understand the fear
To think the end is near.

The images you hold
Are of one who grows old
Then takes his last breath.
To you, this is death.

Yes, it’s true.
It will happen to you.
But the finality you imagine
Is not reality.

You see with hooded eyes.
The truth they do disguise.
Your soul cannot be killed.
Its vibrant spirit never stilled.

You exist now as pure love.
Here below just as above.
This aspect of yourself can’t die.
Believing otherwise is just a lie.

How could you stop the greatest part?
That which arises in the heart ...
The part of you that is aware …
That’s the part that’s always there.

And live on it always will.
Long after the body does lie still.
For to grow in loving is the role
Of your ever-lasting soul.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poem #275 - There for All

The angels sing.
Like crickets
Rubbing their wings.
All the world
Exists to praise -
Their spirits to raise
Through song and laughter
Reaching to the Ever After.
Raise your voices.
Sing aloud.
Choose a cloud
And soar.
Be bound no more
By limits and beliefs.
Such thiefs!
Stealing your freedom
Like chains.
What remains?
An empty shell.
Now, THAT is Hell –
To be denied
But never fear...
This please hear:
No one’s left out.
You need no clout.
To Heaven all will go.
And there they’ll grow,
Whether sinner
Or prize winner.
All will enter
Into the very center
Of the soul -
The place where all is whole.

Lift your gaze
And give praise.
There does await
Not a locked gate
But an open door
Leading to more
Of love.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poem #274 - With New Eyes

Each man has his own troubles.
Each sees things his own way.
You feel as if no one understands you
At the end of the day.

Why these deep misconceptions?
Why put up with such strife?
For you see not the oneness –
The unity of all life.

For now there’s a struggle,
Be it for money or power.
It brings turmoil and pain
And leads to life’s darkest hour.

What to one is perception
To that one is reality.
So try as you might
You can’t change his finality.

So what’s the solution?
When the facts two confuse?
It’s always quite simple:
Put yourself in his shoes.

Seeing through different eyes
May not cause you to change
But at least understanding
Will make the problem less strange.

Judge not the other
Who sees you with such scorn,
But see yourself as he sees you,
And ask to be then reborn.

Put down your defenses.
See through the eyes of your brother.
See how the picture does change
When viewed by another.

Release all the judgment
And with it your pain.
You have nothing to lose
And great peace, yes, to gain.

How can two beings see things
In such different light?
Insisting so strongly
That their way is right?

It’s because they are seeing
Through their built-up defenses,
Which prevent them most strongly
From coming to their own senses.

When at such an impasse
There’s only one thing to do:
Make the decision to walk
As one being, not two.

If the other won’t change
Then on you change does rest.
Can you do this with love?
That, dear one, is your test.

While with the other seen separate
You may never agree,
If you send only love,
You will finally be free.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poem #273 - Ride Like the Wind

Go forth with love.
Be not afraid.
Be the creator
For as the Creator you’re made.

Whatever it is
You wish to achieve,
See it already accomplished.
Your doubts simply leave.

For this is how miracles happen.
It’s not simply chance.
You create with your mind
Like a great cosmic dance.

Combining events
Pulling matter together,
You create what you desire
When your thoughts you do tether.

So harness your power
Then ride like the wind.
For you stop only yourself
When your thoughts you rein in.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Poem #272 - Slowly But Surely

As the turtle walks,
So do you advance.
Slowly, step by step
Your life you do enhance.

The journey of your life
Is like a winding path,
Progressing ever onwards
On your spiritual behalf.

At times you may lose patience
Desiring great advances.
But that’s not how growth happens
As God your life enhances.

For always you keep learning.
As you ever slowly climb.
So enjoy the onward plodding
For there is no lack of time.

Your life it is eternal.
This you’ll finally come to see
As step by step you do discover
Your own divinity.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poem #271 - Trust!

An ever-present issue…

What is that voice I hear?
As if not from outside my ear?
Could it be the voice of spirit?
So soft I barely hear it?

The words I hear cannot be mine.
Their message is so fine.
Yet who am I to think
That from God’s cup I can so freely drink?

I feel unworthy of His care.
It’s not his voice that I hear there.
Why would He come to me?
Oh, if only I could see…

Do you see the way you speak?
As if you are so weak.
When in fact you are quite strong
For God’s been with you all along.

This knowing that you feel?
Just trust that it is real.
Push away your need to doubt.
All your fears simply let out.

The ego wants to grip –
Doesn’t want its hold to slip.
For then you’d know for sure
That beyond the ego lies far more.

Thank the ego for its service
Then trust God; do not be nervous.
This Force within you has been waiting
With its love so softly baiting:

“Hear my voice and come to me.
Then you’ll truly be set free.”
Once you know yourself as Spirit
Then you will finally hear it.

Once again, we bid you, trust!
To find peace, this is a must.
It is yours just for the taking
What for so long you’ve been forsaking.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poem #270 - Who Am I?

Light in the sky.
Squint your eye.
Who can sleep?
So much excitement.
A new day!
But first … to pray.
Oh God, Great Spirit,
Oh Holy One,
What have I done?
Gone and forgotten myself again.
I wonder when …
When …
When will I learn to trust?
For trust I must
In you and me
And you as me.
Only then will I be free.
This I see
In the light.
But oh the fright I feel
At the thought of letting go.
And so
I put on a show
As if I know all the answers.
Who am I?
This I deny.
And therein
Lies the problem.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Poem #269 - The Web

Hear the muse
But its voice don’t confuse…

All words that we send you
Come from your own heart.
For there’s naught we can say
Which from you is apart.

All things are connected
Intimately intertwined
By a web of pure love
Which is sewn by the mind.

Once thus linked always there.
You can access it at will.
This is why those who’ve passed
Are there with you still.

All the world’s in vibration,
One big pulsing mass.
This you’ll see all quite clearly
When from your body you pass.

Just hold out your finger.
Try to touch this fine web.
You cannot always feel it
For like the tide it does ebb.

In one moment quite strong
Its vibrations you feel
In another no sense
That the energy’s real.

But have trust that it’s there –
This energy that surrounds you.
Containing all information
The world wraps around you.

Like a sponge you absorb it
All the waves oh so fine.
For you’re a part of this flow –
In this way, you’re divine.

To tap in to the flow
First just know that it’s there
Then invite it inside
As you breathe in the air.

This is one way of many
You can use to awaken
To your true nature as light
Which ‘til now you’ve forsaken.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poem #268 - On Courage

Bravery …
Going beyond your fears.
Having the courage to face your extinction
Before you have lived all your years.

We do not wish to denigrate
Those whom you tend to call brave,
But courage would come to all
If you knew there was nothing to save.

For death is not as you think it.
It’s merely a change of your state.
If you think death’s a permanent ending,
Then of course you would fear such a fate.

But what if you truly did know
That your awareness does go on forever?
Would there be any need then for courage?
No, you’d be brave for sure come whatever.

To live life without fear now seems hard,
But quite possible it surely can be
Once you understand completely your nature
And come to terms with your true destiny.

Your heroes are real, for they conquer their fears.
But our message is different than this.
There’d be no need for heroes at all
If you knew you were destined for bliss.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poem #267 - Why Should the Message Change?

Do you think this is a game?
And that our message is always the same?
Then why do you come sit and wait
As if these poems they are your fate?

For yes, the message does not change.
It’s just the words we rearrange.
For so many have not yet this learned:
That love and joy they can be earned…


Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went
Her lamb was sure to go.

That lamb’s your spirit, don’t you see?
Pure love, pure light, completely free.
And you it does follow wherever you go.
Through every cell of your Self it does flow.

So recognize you have this source
That through your cells and limbs does course.
Soft and gentle like that lamb.
That is your spirit – the great I AM.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well, my friends, I had a wonderful meditative experience this morning with lessons for me, but no poem came. It certainly felt right not to force it, for I can't make the words flow - they have to be given to me. In my rational mind I can't help but ask, "What more could the Council of Poets say that they haven't already said 266 ways?" I will continue to sit each morning as always, and if they come, I'll post them, but perhaps it's time for something new ... life is about change and growth, so we'll see what happens in the coming days ... Have a wonderful, love-filled day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Poem #266 - Your True Nature

Ecstasy… bliss beyond experience.
All men seek this,
Yet it can be theirs with little searching …

Your true nature is love –
There beyond the body’s shell.
Expand your current boundaries
And you will come to know this well.

These boundaries that do bind you
You, yourself, did put in place.
You see yourself quite limited
But the truth you’re free to face.

Once the truth you seek you’ll find it
And then you’ll be set free.
You’ll understand you’re limitless
Extending to infinity.

In everyday awareness
You cannot see this truth.
But learn to sit in silence
And there you’ll find your proof.

You are one with all of nature –
One with your fellow man.
For all is God and God is all
Since long before your time began.

So take off your self-placed blinders.
See yourself as shining bright.
For beyond your earthly limits
You exist as love and light.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poem #265 - Allegiances

“Be in this world, but not of it.”
Wise words which you should know.
When truly them you understand,
Then with Spirit do you go.

For yes, in flesh you walk.
But flesh is just your wrapping.
If you do think it’s all you are,
Then your flesh your spirit’s trapping.

The body serves to slow you down.
It hides your essence true.
If you never stop to go within,
You never meet the Real You.

Inside you are pure spirit –
Pure consciousness and love,
Connected to the All That Is
As below, just as above.

Yes, you’re in this world
And here you must live,
But your life here lasts not forever
So some deep thought please do give.

Be not mired in thoughts
Of material things.
Keep your thoughts oft on God
And the love that God brings.

Then you can know
What does mean this wise phrase
When in this world but not of it
You live out your days.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poem #264 - Creation

So many possibilities
And all for you to take.
For you are a creator -
Like your Maker you can make.

You need only plant the seed
Then with your actions watch it grow.
So be not so surprised
When you do reap what you do sow.

So many cry, “I can’t believe
This is happening to me!”
But it’s exactly their beliefs
That did cause what they do see.

Be careful what you think
For it will come to you.
Be it good or so-called bad
You will see what you are due.

Have a plan for what you want,
Then see it in your mind.
Bless it with your heart
Where God’s blessing you will find.

Then send it out to grow
Like the seed that starts to flower.
For this is how creation works
Once you unleash your power.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Poem #263 - Do Not Fear Death

The gentle rustle in the trees whispers …
It calls your name.
But do you hear it?
As subtle as spirit.
“Come to me,” it calls
As a dead leaf falls.
No longer useful…

Each life on earth comes to an end
But you should have no fear.
When no longer does the body serve
And you know your time is near.

It’s just that you have grown attached
To things that you can feel.
But things that seem of matter
Are not what’s truly real.

Attachments that you’ve made
Will be but memories when you die.
You’ll look back through the veil and realize
Where reality does lie.

It’s in the mind and spirit -
That which you do call the soul.
And when you leave this life behind
It’s then you’re truly whole.

You’ll see yourself as all that is –
Something now you oft don’t feel.
For the body holds you back, you see,
From experiencing what is real.

Fear not this thing that you call death.
For fear does bring you pain.
You waste your time in worry
In what time it does remain.

The beauties that await you
Will reveal themselves when you
Pass from this earth and move beyond
To what to all is due.

Fear not the aging process
When the body grows quite old.
It’s leading you to yet more life
Of treasures yet untold.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poem #262 - Reality

(An unusual poem today, but even more unusual is the ABAB rhyming pattern that flowed so easily ...)

Swinging from a tree,
Back and forth you go,
Experiencing such glee
To see the ground below.

Oh how high you fly
With feet up in the air.
You watch the earth go by
Without an earthly care.

What you do not see
As each day you do live
Is all eternity
That God to you does give.

For it’s a sort of playing
This experience on earth.
It’s what wise men have been saying
Since long before your birth.

Such fun you can have flying
Creating clouds within your mind.
It’s yours to take just trying
When the creative force you find.

Just close your eyes and picture things
Then see them as come true.
You’ll soon find this is how Life brings
Reality to you.

It starts with thought and then belief.
This is how you make your dreams.
The world’s one great big bas relief
Not as solid as it seems.

So pick up your feet and climb aboard
The swing that takes you high.
It is your thoughts that take you t’ward
The vast, unending sky.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poem #261 - Time Well Spent

(Note from Suzanne - the poems may be posted at odd hours for the next 5 days, but they'll eventually be posted each day!)

Begin at the beginning
Where all good projects start.
How you start your day out
Will reveal if you are smart …

Do you rush about like mad
Scurrying like a rabbit?
If so, just stop and think a bit –
Is this purely out of habit?

Think how much calmer you would be
If you took some extra time
To sit in silence with your soul
And celebrate The Divine.

“Oh, no! But I can’t add,” you think,
“Another minute to my day!”
This shows you do not realize
How beneficial is the time you pray.

The time you spend in silence
Lingers with you as you go.
Long after you do meditate
You carry forth an inner glow.

So rise a tad bit earlier
Even though this may seem hard,
And soon you’ll feel the benefits
And look on this time with high regard.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poem #260 - Humility and "Things"

Humility – yes, a virtue
When you check your pride.
The need to feel more important
Is something you can’t hide.

Pride comes when you do feel
Your separation from your brothers
Thinking you are somehow best
In how you relate to others.

It may be in the things you buy
Or how you clothe yourself,
The power you acquire
Or how you amass your wealth.

“Look at me,” you want to shout,
“I’m better than the rest.”
But these words they only prove
That you have failed your inner test.

For inside all are just the same,
There where things they matter not.
Inside where love and spirit reign –
That’s the true treasure you have got.

Your desire to spend more money
Buying things that make you “feel”
Only masks what lies inside you,
Where only love is real.

But don’t feel bad for lapses.
You’re only human, as they say.
But that’s exactly why we tell you
That you should always stop to pray.

In prayer you do remember
That separation is illusion.
It’s there you learn the ego’s tricks
And sort out the confusion.

So love yourself – the parts that splurge
And think you need to spend.
But know it’s just a fantasy
That prayer will help to mend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Poem #259 - Never Alone

(Regular readers will recognize this voice ...)

A soliloquy -
Words uttered alone
Just as the tree that falls …
Does anyone hear them?

Speak not with fear
But utter your innermost thoughts
With confidence
Knowing they are heard.
Is it so absurd
To think you’re not alone?

Jack and Jill ran up a hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jill fell down
And Jack ran down to find her…
But why?
Was no one else around?

Always you do walk
In company
Whether to fetch a pail
Or simply just to “be.”
Your soliloquy
Is heard inside
Where God does reside …
Your forever friend
In a world without end.
If you should fall,
There at your call.
A reminder –
Quite unnecessary when you know
From whence comes the constant inner glow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poem #258 - Fill Your Cup

“Your cup runneth over.”
Just what does this mean?
That your heart flows with love
Like an unending stream.

This gush of emotion
Comes when you do allow
What is your greatest asset
Yourself to others endow.

If only your cup
Were this full all the time,
Then you would experience
A life quite sublime.

This state is quite possible.
You can have it at will.
Simply say, “Fill my cup,”
And your cup it will fill.

For you create all emotions.
They all start in the mind.
Just like flipping a switch,
It’s quite easy, you’ll find.

Place your thoughts on your heart
With the desire to fill it,
And the love you will feel
For the love you did will it.

And once overflowing,
Send it out like a light.
For you have God as your Source
And thus can make it burn bright.

This gift is your birthright.
May your cup never run dry.
To keep it ‘ere overflowing,
All you need’s just to try.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poem #257 - On Guidance and Hope

This morning I asked a question and the answer came in rhyme. I felt as if the poem were addressed specifically to me because it spoke of the twitching finger which happens to me so often. Other than that detail, the poem is universal, but I asked for another anyway, so today's a "two-fer" ...

There is so much that you don’t know
But to you it we all will show
When in the silence you do go
Toward that shining, inner glow.

Words for now are all we have
And the feelings like a salve
To bathe you in our love and say,
“Thank you for this time you pray.”

For it is now this time we use
To tell you things you can’t refuse.
For you feel them in your heart and know
That by this feeling they are so.

Ask your questions one by one.
We’ll answer all ‘fore day is done
And there throughout your day we’ll linger
You’ll feel us when does twitch your finger.


Hope … it is a precious thing
Into your life the light it does bring.
Bathe yourself in hope’s true glow
With faith toward the light then go.

For hope doth give the soul a lift
So treasure this important gift.
When all seems lost allow hope in
And feel it through the clanging din.

For hope is always there inside
Deep in your soul it does reside.
Just knowing that it’s there, rejoice
And despair not – it is your choice.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Poem #256 - Turn the Other Cheek

When someone does you wrong,
Turn the other cheek.
Some would say it’s folly.
Some might think you weak.

For what’s the value there?
Why forgive another’s acts?
Just try it once and send out love,
Then see how he reacts.

Your Bible says to do this,
But most find it too hard.
The greatest gift is to forgive,
But this advice you disregard.

If you would only see that
Your brother’s just like you,
Then forgiving all wrong action
Would be an easy thing to do.

Only in forgiving
Do you model right behavior.
This was demonstrated clearly
By the one you call The Savior.

Try this day to be like him
If another does you wrong.
Instead of lashing out this time
Change to a loving song.

If only more would act like this
How soon would others learn.
And then there would be no longer need
A single cheek to turn.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poem #255 - True Power

Revere not the powerful ones.
Over you they hold no sway.
It’s you who holds true power
When you take the time to pray.

Just as a tiny ant does work
And carry loads upon its back,
You, too, can do great feats in life
But without the burden of a pack.

What ‘ere it is you choose to do,
What in life you choose to be,
You have the power in your soul
Your goals to truly see.

For creation starts within the mind
Which builds all that you see.
For spirit’s life, but it’s mind that builds
Your own reality.

The physical around you
Is a result of all you’ve thought.
If something’s lacking in your life,
Perhaps this thought you’ve fought.

Disbelief is just as powerful.
It builds up a real wall,
Preventing you from having that
Which you consider best of all.

So realize the power
When you change your “can’ts” to “can.”
And find that true divinity
Lies in the mind of man.