About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Poem #134 - Chance Encounters

Chance encounters; random events…
Do they happen all by chance?
If you look the other way,
Would you miss that passing glance?

A second passing’s all it takes
To have a fateful meeting.
You could have looked the other way
And missed that friendly greeting.

But if two souls are meant to meet
Then meet they surely will.
For Spirit works in mighty ways
To move a rock uphill.

You never know what’s fate or chance
So question these things not.
But treasure synchronicity
For all the things you’ve got.

For it’s those little moments
That you think were just a fluke
That in the end to mean so much
Their meaning don’t rebuke.

For God is in the details.
It’s the little things that count.
What you may think are miniscule
To God’s great love they do amount.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Poem #133 - Happiness

Happiness … a right?
Or something you do earn?
A smile takes less effort
Is something you do learn.

But what is happiness,
Besides a nice emotion?
It’s birds that sing and waves that dance
Upon the mighty ocean.

It’s powerful and curative
This happiness you seek.
For when you feel true mirth and glee
You feel no longer meek.

The source of smiles is there within.
It rises from the heart.
So when you feel the need to smile
That’s where you want to start.

Give love to others; send it out,
And sad you cannot be.
For knowing love and sharing it
You taste divinity.

Bless others with a smile and know
The power of this great force
For happiness is not a right
But a gift from your true Source.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poem #132 - Forgiveness

Forgiveness --
The greatest gift …
When used to heal a painful rift.

Those who harbor hate and anger--
Who hold for others hardened rancor,
Hold within their chest a stone
Leaving them to feel alone.

Yet when you find it in your heart
To heal that which does set you apart,
Then you know the inner peace
That enters with a great release.

It comes when you can finally say,
“I do forgive you on this day.”

Forgiveness doesn’t say, “You’re right.”
It doesn’t carry power and might.
It’s nothing but a touch of grace
That brushes softly 'cross the face.

And without judgment says, “I know
That all of us are here to grow.
And if I send you love, not hate,
Then easier will be your fate.”

For all must pay for what they do.
You face your actions, this is true.
But seeing that we all do err
And showing that the love’s still there
Then in this way you show to all
That even those who take a fall
Can walk the straight and narrow path
When met with love instead of wrath.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Poem #131 - The Path

Embark on a journey.
Walk forward step by step.
Although you may not know the way,
This trip you won’t forget…

The path of life is winding.
Many turns along the way.
And where each step will lead you,
Is not for you to say.

Walk blindly forward if you must.
It’s good to have full faith and trust.
For when you know that you are guided,
You will never be blind-sided.

Distant though the clouds may seem--
So soft and hazy like a dream,
They float above you ever more
Calling like an open door.

A heavenly realm to which you go
The greater world one day to know.
This earthly path you walk today
Is meant only to show the way
To greater things, yet to come
When your days on earth are done.

The heaven that you seek to find
Lies hidden there within your mind.
Yet when in prayers this world you seek
Bit by bit we share a peek.

May faith and hope thus carry you
Towards a knowing strong and true.
That all the love that’s in your heart
Is that of which you are a part.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poem #130 - Cry Not in Mourning

Lie down here beside me.
Rest your weary head.
Cry not in mourning,
For I’m not really dead.

I always step beside you
When my name you call.
I’m here to dry your tears
I will not let you fall.

I dance in every raindrop.
I ride upon the wind.
I whisper softly in your mind
For I am there within.

Cry not in mourning
My spirit lives forever.
It’s only in your mind
That you think you’ll see me never.

Just call my name and I am there.
I step right to your side.
And when you want to feel me close
Your wish I do abide.

It’s subtle, this my energy.
Quite difficult to hear.
But when you feel a shiver slight
Just know that I am near.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poem #129 - Never Far Apart

I gave a reading yesterday where my sitter's loved one came in very, very strongly with wonderful evidence. I have another today, so I was asking in meditation for the person's loved ones to draw near when the time came. I could feel someone standing by already. Then, the poem came so quickly and so clearly - far earlier in my meditation than normal and even faster than they usually flow. It felt as if it came from an "amateur" - one of the loved ones from a reading, rather than from the Council of Poets. It's simple, but meaningful ...

Remember me this day
As you sit down to pray.
For I am never far.
I’m right there where you are.

You think I’ve gone away.
But I am here to stay.
My memories go on.
Just like the daily dawn.

A whisper in the night
Isn’t meant to give you fright.
But to remind you I’m still there
And that I’ll always care.

Forever’s not so long.
No longer than a song.
So sing within your heart.
For we never are apart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Poem #128 - Let Your Love Flow

Like a ball of golden light
The love inside you burns.
Straining… ever yearning…
Growing stronger as it turns.

Once released it flows.
A velvet river flowing out.
Coating all it touches
Like water from a spout.

Open wide the spigot.
Let the love inside you pour.
There’s such a need
That you could let it flow forever more.

A treasure such as this
Should not be held in check.
When infinite’s the source
Growing from a tiny speck.

The more you love …
The more you let it flow,
The more to all the world
The greatest gift you do bestow.

Hold back nothing as you take
Each step throughout the day.
Let the love pour from your heart
And thus bless all who pass your way.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poem #127 - The Field of the Mind

After getting no poem yesterday, three today, (albeit one of them very short). The first two are most definitely messages to me, the third is universal.

This first poem is quite interesting, as today's local paper has an article about me and my latest book, "The Priest and the Medium":

Those who tell a story
Often seek out fame and glory.
But look not for a greater prize
For lights to flash before the eyes.

Seek only that your words will heal.
Share with others what is real.
And in this way bring comfort true.
For this is what you’re meant to do.

* * *

There's a lot going on lately with publicity for the book, multiple speaking engagements, and a slew of readings. Seems the spirit world is aware of the pressure I'm feeling:

Rest your weary eyes.
Work not so hard.
The journey that you undertake
Requires due regard.

* * *

And finally, a poem with advice for all of us. I'm amazed at how the opening metaphor comes back at the end to wrap things up:

The mind is like the fertile ground.
Like a sponge it soaks up sound.
For all that others speak and say
Is planted there throughout the day.

Through all the words your mind does sift,
And often you are set adrift
By thoughts which you don’t really need—
These kind of words you should not heed.

Try hard to keep your focus clear.
Pay attention to the things you hear,
And filter out the endless chatter.
Focus only on the things that matter.

In your world is evil and strife.
No need to let this in your life.
For spreading goodness through your days
You help others to mend their ways.

Pay no heed to ugly news.
Your life is richer when you choose
To see the beauty and the light
And focus on what you know is right.

Take care in how you choose to live,
And thus you can to others give
The gift of joy, a smile so kind
That you have cultivated in your mind.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poem #126 - Inspiration

In the back of your mind
There lies a surprise.
Just waiting to arise.

Give it breath.
Breathe life into the thoughts,
And watch as beauty grows.
Who knows

What lessons lie in wait?
What is your fate?

Be inspired.
Don’t grow tired.
All the world is yours to explore.
Simply knock upon the door.
When it opens, step on out.
Take a breath.
Have a look about.

Beauty lies in all that you survey.
When you learn to see that way.
Colored roses with their scent,
Little ladies old and bent,
All have common things to share.
Look inside and love is there.

Take a breath –

Breathe ever deeply; do not tire.
Life is breathing –
Inspiration comes with believing.

Breath in.
Be alive
And thrive.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poem #125 - Advice and comfort

The poem today was for me as I prepare to share the message of mediumship with The Villages Parapsychology Club. The adrenaline keeps pumping every time I think about the crowd of 100+ that will be there. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a poem this morning with all that adrenaline in my system, but I did...

Words that rhyme.
Phrases with great meaning
That walk and run in time.

In this way we speak to you.
We find it quite effective.
For often you do think too much
You’re far too introspective.

But when your mind you empty
And become a clear, clean plate,
We can impress upon you
Things you don’t anticipate.

We’re glad you like our poems
Glad you keep on coming back.
For in this way we send through you
The hope that many lack.

Yes, you see how free the words do flow
When you get out of the way.
Your thoughts do interfere a lot
With what we have to say.

But worry not for there is time.
There’s much work for us to do.
So if you keep coming back each day
Our thoughts we’ll share with you.

Creativity’s like a flower
That from a seed does bloom,
And rises up toward the light
When given love and room.

So when you sit and still your mind
In this way you create space
For us to pass you wisdom
That helps the human race.

Peace be upon you on this day
When many you will hear,
And know that as you speak your words
To your side we do draw near.

So spread our message, speak it loud.
It’s our thoughts that you do share.
And in this way help others
To know that we are there.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poem #124 - Sorrow and Suffering

We come to you with great happiness.
Our time is thus well spent.
For every word that you do hear
From the lips of God is sent.

* * *

Tears of sadness fall.
Pity not forever those who cry
For they do not know it all.

‘Tis but a passing phase.
All suffering comes and goes
How long the sorrow lasts…
No human truly knows.

But sorrow serves a purpose
Even though the pain it sears.
It helps the spirit’s growth
As it passes through the years.

The ups and downs of life
Are all part of your learning.
Your growth comes with a cost:
For peace it leave you yearning.

But in the trials is when you learn
The lessons that do last.
The future shines much brighter
From the darkness of your past.

But why must there be suffering?
This question you do ask.
You cannot understand the dark
If always in the sun you bask.

All life is made of opposites.
Your world is light and dark.
And through all facets do you pass
When on the journey you embark.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poem #123 - What's the Solution?

Heinous crimes
So much shooting
In this way
The love polluting

Guns used to kill
Innocent lives they still
When will man
See the plan
And stop?

Fear and hatred
Is nothing sacred?
Stop and listen:
“Love thy neighbor”
Words to savor.

Create love where there is hate
Do it now; do not wait.
Only in this way
Will you see the day
When man is free.

Carry on
The past is gone
See only right
Search for the light.

Peace will come
A gentle hum
When all do know
The inner glow
Of love.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poem #122 - Creation

Ripples on the water…
Waves from deep within
Creation does start from a void
In this way does life begin.

The birth of matter
From nothing does arise
Pulsing and vibrating
Like lightning ‘cross the skies.

All you see is but illusion
Nothing solid do you touch
It’s nothing but pure energy
But to you it seems not such.

It’s like a great big movie
This life in which you act
Flashing on and off so quickly
You perceive it as a fact.

And who is the director –
The one who puts it all together?
The one who causes trees to grow
Who makes the seas and brings the weather.

It is God as you do call Him.
The one abiding force
Who holds all things together
Who keeps the planets on their course

For consciousness guides everything
Through all atoms does it flow
It’s part of you and all you see
There’s nowhere it does not go.

And knowing this you understand
That all do play a part
Of co-creation with your thoughts
It’s quite a wondrous art.

So play great heed to what you think
For thoughts do cause your fate.
And thus with God this world of yours
You do help to create.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Poem #121 - History

After not getting a poem yesterday for the first time in 4 months I heard:

Worry not so much
If you have lost your touch.
Here, there, and everywhere
We always do abide.
We’re here at your side.

* * *
Then, a new poem...

An accounting of the past
A way to make things last
Tales of glory
Tell a story
Of things gone by
What and why

It does repeat
Life, it is replete
With birth and death
Take new breath
Only to pass

Why the repetition?
Always competition…
This is how you grow
This to you we show:
It’s part of evolution
One big revolution
All a part of one big whole
Just like your mind and soul
Round and round they go
When they stop you do not know

Step aboard
The light you move toward
Draws you near
This please revere
Your Source
The Force
The one thing with no history
Nothing but eternity
Always there
For all time
Simply Divine
God IS.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poem #120

Different and interesting ...

Voices from afar speaking
Such a message they bring
Like angels that sing
Brushes of a wing

So subtle you can barely hear it
The voice of spirit calling
To those who are falling
Giving comfort and rest
Held against a gentle breast
So great the charms
Held in their arms
Always there

With a flourish
Your soul they nourish
Such awesome power
Yet gentle as a flower
Breathe the scent and sigh
Never wonder why

Protected by love
Watched from above
A flutter of bliss
A butterfly’s kiss
Sent to remind you
We’re there behind you
Never alone
Yet free to fly
Soar high little bird.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poem #119 - Innocence

A baby comes into the world--
All of life it lies ahead.
The family gazes lovingly,
Caresses its small head.

A birth is quite a symbol.
Such hope to all it brings.
Such innocence in one so small--
In our hearts the love it sings.

We gaze upon a little child
And know that once we too
Were innocent and free of fear
Like flowers fresh with dew.

If only all could be
As simple as a child
The world would be a safer place
Less dangerous and wild.

But deep inside each person
That innocence still lies.
You find it when you gaze with love
Into another’s eyes.

Cast out all fear; release the hate,
And you will finally see
The lesson children bring to all--
How life is meant to be.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poem #118 - By Your Side

This was one of those wonderful sessions where I would not have come up with this one by myself, and the words flowed without pause ...

The father and the son
Walk hand in hand.
One guiding and loving,
One trying hard to understand.

In the role of teacher
The father spells things out.
In the role of student
The son searches all about.

Together they walk through this life
Walking side by side.
As the boy grows taller
His father watches him with pride.

All of life is like this pair,
For no one walks alone.
All are guided by a Force
That’s closer than a phone.

Your Father walks beside you
Only not in body form.
The guidance He gives to you
In words does not conform.

It’s love and life that pulses -
Keeps you moving ever on …
The prodding of the Spirit
Which you can rely upon.

And like a loving parent
This loving Force is always there –
An ever-present source of grace
That holds you in its care.

Walk on and know
That even if your steps do falter,
The love of God is there with you;
This Force you cannot alter.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poem #117 - Life

For every leaf that falls, another grows.
How many leaves will fall, nobody knows.
Each blade of grass, each budding flower
Holds a kind of special power.

Life! The force that animates
Gives to all of nature its vibrant states.
It courses through each tiny cell.
A feeling that you know so well.

For through you does it also flow
It gives to you a vibrant glow.
And when a body loses life, you instantly can see-
The changes happen instantly.

Life is spirit - the driving force
That causes your blood through your veins to course.
Your arms and legs it does animate
And causes every breath you take.

Know this and may it bring you peace
May you thus your fears release:
Life is eternal; it never dies
Long after you last close your eyes.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Poem #116 - On Coincidence

Things happen by chance.
A passing glance does catch your eye.
Was it meant to be?

Two strangers meet.
Their paths cross on the street
And they become lovers
From that day hence.

Lives intertwined.
Connected beyond time.
Who can say
What forces do play?

Magical encounters
One in a million.
Yet so it seems with no explanation
No earthly reason.

And in this there’s truth.
You look for proof.
But none is forthcoming.

It’s pure sensation…
The crossing of waves.
It’s not for you to say,
But to join in and play.

Note from Suzanne - a stilted poem today, no doubt the result of my personal doubts about my connection with the spirit world.... I gave a phone reading yesterday to a stranger and got many "no's" that shook my confidence. Just now, after most likely blocking this poem in my meditation, I received an email from the woman I gave the reading to yesterday. She shared what I had given her with family members and found that much of what I told her was highly meaningful after all -- she just didn't know it (for example, one word I gave her turned out to be the spirit's password she used to use when on earth!). So perhaps I might have gotten a better poem had I not been so down on my abilitites ... More tomorrow with a more trusting outlook.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poem #115 - For a Friend

A dear friend is going through chemotherapy now. She has a wonderful positive attitude toward it. I asked the spirit world if they had a poem for her ...

Troubles come in many forms
Such challenges they bring.
And how you handle every test
Is quite a tricky thing.

Do you sit alone and weep?
Or do you cast a smile?
It all depends on attitude
T’ward every little trial.

A sickness is a mighty test,
Especially one so grave.
When cancer courses through the blood
Your life you fight to save.

We notice how you greet the world
With such a cheerful face.
This way of coping is no act;
It’s a special kind of grace.

In your heart we feel your pain
And just a touch of fear.
But know that we watch over you
And that your God is near.

The courage that you show to all
To others it gives strength.
We know that to soothe others
You would go to any length.

But do not fail to give yourself
The same type of special care.
For now you need to rest and know
That love and grace are there.

Rest peacefully when you feel weak.
Don’t try to do it all.
No need to always be so brave.
We will not let you fall.

And in those times when you’re afraid
And know not how to go,
Just call on us and we will send
A soothing inner glow.

This warmth you’ll feel within your chest
Will be a gift from God—
A touch of love to help you through
A gentle, loving prod.

So know that you don’t walk alone.
We’re with you all the way.
May knowing this add to your strength
As you pass through each day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poem #113 - Changes

Beautiful Fall colors
Burst upon the scene.
Leaves that hang upon the trees
Turn orange from the green.

The changes are in nature
That all who pass can see.
The same outer changes
They happen thus to thee.

What is aging?
But the changes on your face.
Tiny lines and creases
Your smooth skin they do replace.

But deep down inside you
Beyond the outer skin
There lies a timeless beauty--
It’s the soul that lies within.

This part of you it ages not.
Forever does it glow.
And when you pass beyond this earth
This part of you does go.

So worry not as you do see
The changes in the glass.
For these are not the lasting part
These changes they will pass.

The part of you that matters
Is the part that you can’t see.
It stays with you forever –
Into eternity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poem #112 - On Music

Those who play with music notes
Such pleasure they do bring.
When with their voice or instruments
The heaven’s sounds they sing.

For music is a gift from God
It brightens up the soul.
One broken can, with music’s help,
Once again feel whole.

“Music soothes the savage beast”
Is something you do say.
For in the soothing notes and tones
The tension slips away.

It’s all about harmonics
And resonating tones
That resonate in harmony
Within your flesh and bones.

Experiments have shown it true
That music harsh and mean
Will leave its mark upon each cell
In ways that can be seen.

But play the tones of Mozart
Or a simple lullaby
And you can see the cells relax
With little time gone by.

Thus music is a simple tool
From God it is a gift
To bring you back to harmony
If ‘ere you need a lift.

It’s “music of the Gods” you say
And this is very true
For with the sweetest tones on earth
Is how God speaks to you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Poem #111 - Gone From Your Sight

Gone from your sight,
But not from your heart.
Those who have left you
Are not really apart.

Death is just a transition
To a new type of form.
But close in your thoughts
Your heart we still warm.

Death is merely a change
From the body to spirit.
If you listen quite closely
For our voice you will hear it.

We’re with you in thought
Any time you do call.
At your side in an instant.
No bother at all.

For our world is yours.
It’s the very same place.
It’s a world of pure thought
With no time and no space.

It’s a world full of colors
Far greater than your dreams.
Where all that surrounds us
Is as real as it seems.

So cry not for us
When you say we have died.
It’s just a new world
Where our soul does reside.

And here we do wait
‘Til we welcome the day
When all we have loved
At our side again play.

There’s nothing to fear
For death comes to you all.
Great peace does await you
When to you comes the call.

But for now live with gusto
And know that we wait.
For to be reunited
Is everyone’s fate.