About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Year of Poems

After a full year of receiving daily spirit poetry, I have heard very clearly from the spirit world that it is time for "a new phase." This phase, I sense, involves sharing and teaching the messages that have come through so clearly in the poetry, both through my writing and in workshops and presentations. The poetry is timeless, so I will keep the blog active. All 368 of the poems are archived in the left-hand column for you to browse through and find just the one that speaks to you when you need it (You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner). I send a heart overflowing with gratitude to those of you who have commented on the poetry and encouraged me so lovingly this past year. Please check my website from time to time for new essays and insights from the spirit world as well as for any upcoming events or news of interest.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poem #365 - No Two Alike

Today I give a heart full of gratitude to the spirit world for poem #365 …

Differences—they stand out well.
All people aren’t the same.
And so you cast aspersions.
You find a label with a name.

“That person’s this; that one is that.
Look how they aren’t like me!”
And through these clouded lenses
The real one you fail to see.

Some may be poor, some may be rich.
Some may not have the schooling.
But placing labels on them
You do pronounce your ruling.

Thus blinded by your judgments
You close off your own heart.
And thus you never see
The other person’s greatest part.

For underneath the actions
And there beneath the talk,
You all share the self-same essence—
With Spirit you do walk.

Remove all of your labels.
Clean the dust off of your lens,
And love will be your great reward
Once thus your soul you cleanse.

Poem #366 - Rise Above the Ego

From Saunderstown, Rhode Island

Guidance comes
In answer to a prayer.
Where once was desperation,
Now hope is there …


Do not get mired
In the mud of your own fears.
For this leads you down a path
That can only end in tears.

Lift your thoughts and rise—
Rise above the ego’s grasp
That holds you down and suffocates,
Leaving you to gasp.

The ego holds no power.
On your weakness it relies.
When, in truth, this weakness
Is one of ego’s lies.

The Real You is strong and powerful.
Your power comes from your true Being
But blinded by the ego,
Your great power you’re not seeing.

Remove the mask that blinds you
And see with brand new sight.
That all you seek and all you are
Lies there within your Light.

Poem #367 - You Are Eternal

Insane ideas … insanity …
Thinking what you see is real.
When, in actuality,
You create by how you feel.

What you see can change
With just a change of view
And suddenly the world you see
Is not the world you knew.

Why all this false perception?
Why this talk about illusion?
Because you need to know these things
To clear up your confusion.

The world before you will not last.
It comes out of a void.
And what was dust to dust returns—
A fact you can’t avoid.

But you, my friend, are lasting—
That part that can’t be seen.
You live through many lifetimes
And in the timeless space between.

So place your focus there for now—
On that which does endure:
The Life Force that flows through you,
The part of you that is most pure.

By knowing you’re eternal
All else does lose its luster.
And when things here at times seem tough,
More courage can you muster.

Take heart that when you suffer
There is an end in sight,
For as eternal Spirit
You will always find the Light.

Poem #368 - Moods

There may be times you’re crabby,
Days you crawl into your shell.
Days you sneer at all you see,
When life’s a living Hell.

When days like this occur to you,
It’s best to just surrender.
And if with others you must deal,
Then do your best a smile to render.

While it’s true that you exist
As Spirit at your core,
Your body oft times has a way
Of closing Spirit’s door.

It may be due to chemistry
That causes an imbalance,
That so does knock you off your feet
It hides your loving talents.

You know the steps to find your soul.
You practice them quite often.
But there may come a time when
Naught you do your mood will soften.

Look then for something physical,
And there relief you’ll find.
But throughout all be patient
And to your Self be kind.

Poem #369 - Imagine ...

I was quite surprised to receive a poem this morning. I thought they had ended. Perhaps they won't come as regularly, but this one was very clear ...

Imagine … a world of peace.
Such release.
Forever is a long time to wait.
But this is not your fate.
You exist as All That Is.

Bask in these.
If you please.

Imagine a world filled with love.
A world where hawk kisses dove.
Where all are free to soar…
Wait not more.

Words of hate and fear.
Not what you hold dear.

Watch your reaction.
Does it bring you satisfaction?
Your goal is not to survive,
For you’re always alive …
But to thrive.

Imagine the bliss
That is yours for the making
When these steps you are taking.
Walking in the light from above
In the direction of love.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Poem #364 - Finding Peace

From the Catskills, New York

Illusive for some.
Wondering …
When will peace come?

Peace does not “come.”
It lies always there.
A gift quite special
When the ego you spare.

It’s the ego that rushes,
The ego that worries,
The ego that stresses
That here and there scurries.

But there deep inside you
Is the part that is calm,
Waiting to comfort
Like a warm, soothing balm.

You can’t feel its presence
When to ego you listen.
But set ego aside,
And lo, how Spirit does glisten!

Therein lies the peace …
Resting on Spirit’s wings—
Calling out to you …
Like the angels it sings.

If peace you desire,
If happiness is your goal,
Say goodbye to the ego
And welcome your Soul.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poem #363 - The Other Dimension

From Cuba, New York

Your world is not so rigid.
It is made not just of things.
There's far more than what you see
And what your sense perception to you brings.

You live in two dimensions—
The world of matter and of spirit.
The latter is your second home
But most do not go near it.

In fact, it’s not a place you “go.”
It’s around you all the time.
To be there takes a subtle shift …
A change of thought that’s most sublime.

Once there the world expands for you.
All knowledge is your gift.
You manifest quite easily
Yet your hand you need not lift.

How to get there to this Kingdom ...
The realm where Spirit always dwells?
Place your thought upon that place
Where love inside you swells.

Then with your pure intention
And knowing what is True,
BE the power you wish to have
And just watch what you can do.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poem #362 - In the Flow

From Brocton, New York

Have no doubts and have no fears
For these do hold you back.

It’s only from a lack of faith
That you experience true lack.

For what is faith, but knowing
That goes beyond belief
A deep inner conviction
That always brings relief.

So many sit and worry
That they have not enough
That what they want won’t come to them,
That life is always tough.

It’s those who set aside the worry,
Those who banish all the doubt
Who find that resting in the Truth
Does bring their dreams about.

What’s the Source of this perfection?
What’s this Truth of which we speak?
It’s the oneness of the Universe,
Of both the mighty and the meek.

When you realize you’re part of this
And step into the flow
Then Spirit guides your every step
And then perfection you do know.

Then synchronicity is common.
Coincidence is all around.
No longer do you doubt and fear
For the Truth you’ve finally found.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Poem #361 - Step Beyond Your Borders

From Fayette, Ohio

This poem requires a preface. Last night, my husband and I were poring over a map, trying to find the small town where some friends live. Neither of us could find the town. Then, I remembered something Anne Gehman did that I wrote about in “The Priest and the Medium,” and I decided to try it. I looked away, stepped outside myself and asked to be shown where the town was. When I glanced down at the map, my eyes went straight to the town. I looked at Ty and said, “There you go!” So, the first stanza is obviously about my experience last night, but the whole poem applies to everyone.

A finger on a map
Guided to the unseen spot.
Was it just coincidence?
You know that it was not.

So many take for granted
The things they do and say,
Imagining they act alone
As they go through their day.

In this they are mistaken,
For no man plays a solo role.
All minds are linked together
And interact from soul to soul.

If guidance you do search for
If love is yet your goal
See yourself not solo
But part and parcel of the whole.

Step out beyond your borders.
Reach beyond your walls,
And blend instead with All That Is
To hear the Voice that calls.

It’s then you will be guided.
It’s then you’ll know your place.
It’s then more often will you see
A smile upon your face.

For Love is your true nature.
Happiness it is your right.
So claim your rightful place, my friend
And thus expand your sight.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poem #360 - Music of the Spheres

Sit back and hear the music—
The music of the spheres …
The sounds that bring you rapture
The sounds that bring you tears.

Vibrations of the cosmos
Pure tones that burst with light
They bring out your emotions
And fill you with delight.

The reason that fine music
Can have this strong effect
Is they are a part of Spirit
That here on earth you can detect.

For Spirit’s all around you.
In truth, Spirit’s what you are.
But most on earth think Spirit’s
A thing they worship from afar.

But music helps you feel It.
It awakens your emotion.
It picks you up and takes you down
Like a wave upon the ocean.

And when you hear a special song
Then suddenly you know
You are that wave—one with the sea
And together you do flow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poem #359 - Innocence

From Indian River, Michigan

Sing a song of innocence—
A song of times gone by.
Go back to when as just a babe
For love and food you’d cry.

These basics still sustain you,
For love and food you still do need.
Any more than that is extra
And all longings lead to greed.

Once shelter you do have,
And your food is well supplied
Shed all your outer trappings
Behind which many hide.

Then you’ll find the Source of Life
That for which all yearn—
The feeling that you’re cared for
Which in all hearts does burn.

As a babe you do not know
That Love is what you are,
But as you grow you come to learn
That you need not look far.

With Spirit you do co-create.
If you love, it is by choice.
So make the choice to share what’s yours
And thus give Love a voice.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poem #358 - Teachers

Teachers come in many forms,
And when you least expect them.
The lessons that they bring you
Let you know you should respect them.

Just when you think that all is well—
That life is going fine.
There comes a teacher in disguise
As part of God’s design.

The teacher may disturb you.
He or she many cause you pain.
But it’s precisely this you need
To know that learning does remain.

For never do you reach the end.
No human does achieve perfection.
Your teachers help you see this
And give you reason for reflection.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Poem #357 - Beautiful Music

From Marquette, Michigan

Listen. Listen if you can
To the serenade of Spirit.
At times it sings quite loudly
At times so softly you can’t hear it.

But always it is there
For pure Spirit’s what you are.
It’s only when you close the mind
That you hear Spirit from afar.

But like a chorus singing
With voices high and low
You can place your ear with focus
And thus a single voice you know.

This voice sings a capella
For it needs no other tone
It sings to you, there in your heart
To let you know you’re not alone.

The finest music you can make
Is when you join with Spirit’s song
And together sing in harmony,
For then you never can go wrong.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Poem #356 - Always There

From rural northern Wisconsin

Into every life
There comes some strife.
How you choose to deal with it is up to you.

Will you crumble and collapse?
Many fall into these traps,
Feeling that they have no choice,
Hearing not their inner voice.

The Source of all your power
In every second of the hour
Is that which gives you breath
And is with you beyond death.

Knowing God is your true strength
You can go to any length,
Withstand all of life’s great tests
For the Spirit never rests.

All but God is just illusion
There lies the source of all confusion –
Thinking Spirit is apart from you
Not there within the heart of you.

When troubles seem to overwhelm
Know that God is at the helm.
Put your ego to the side
And in God’s love may you abide.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poem #355 - See the Perfection

From Watertown, South Dakota

See the great perfection
In everything you do
When you work in harmony
With the Force that flows through you.

It’s those who focus outward,
Who see things out of sync.
This is just an outcome
Of the way their minds do think.

They see the world as solid –
A world of things external.
They sadly fail to realize
That life it is eternal.

Those who know this greatest truth
Know what truly matters most:
The matters of the Spirit
Which in your body you do host.

When you focus on the Spirit
When you answer its true call,
Then life flows with perfection
And you know you cannot fall.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Poem #354 - There Inside You

From Jamestown, North Dakota

In a world of pain and suffering,
You might ask, “Why am I here?”
The answer is quite basic:
To be that which you hold most dear.

What is it that you treasure?
What brings your greatest joy?
The Force that dwells inside you …
The greatest tool you can employ.

It’s love that lives there in you.
It’s love that all do seek.
So why is it of emptiness
That so many often speak?

They suffer for they fail to see
They are the source of what they lack.
And with this misperception
Their fellow man they do attack.

Your purpose, then, is simple—
To uncover all the lies …
To bring forth what lies hidden
And expose it to the skies.

Be the shining light you are—
A beacon that pours forth
The love that’s always been there
Like a compass pointing north.

Shine brightly, do not seek the light,
For love and light is what you are.
You need not look outside yourself;
You are the Great North Star.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poem #353 - Lessons

From Dickerson, North Dakota

Hurry not to learn your lessons
For your lessons never end.
One by one they will continue
With the messages they send.

Life is all about the learning –
A constant evolution.
Your task is to accept the fact
That you may not know the best solution.

Sometimes a bit of compromise
Is what you must give out.
And in this way another’s growth
You do help to bring about.

For with cooperation
More value do you gain.
Especially when you work with love
To help another through their pain.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poem #352 - You Cant' Take it With You

From Glendive, MT

Share all that you have
For nothing’s really yours.
There’s only one thing that you take
When you pass to heaven’s shores.

It’s those who think belongings
Are the things that matter most
Who’ll find that when the time comes
There’s little reason left to boast.

Take a look around you
And see where your value you do place.
Then ask yourself if there exists
A truth which you should face.

Simplify your life, my friend,
Place your value not on a thing
But on loving kindness and compassion –
Assets which happiness do bring.

Be generous and kind.
Give freely of your Self.
Then even if you have no things
You will enjoy true wealth.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poem #351 - Rain and Sun

Rain will always fall
As long as there is sky.
For with the sun there always
Will be clouds that pass on by.

A mix of sun and rain
Will always fill your days
For this is how you come to know
Your life in all its ways.

All life is just a spectrum –
A continuum of “being.”
With no fine line ‘tween good and bad,
All facets are you seeing.

It’s up to you how you do see
That rain which ‘round you falls.
Do you see it as a bad thing,
Or as an opportunity that calls?

Your mind is free to choose all thoughts,
So be aware of how you think.
When life it sends you raindrops
Fill your cup and freely drink.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Poem #350 - Boomerang

Love and understanding …
This is what all seek to find.
Yet in seeking for these things,
A mask they hide behind.

To find that which you seek,
Then that you must display
And then these things will flow to you
In an unceasing way.

It is one of nature’s laws
Which governs all you do:
That which you send out
Is what comes back to you.

When you look at others
And project your angst their way
It’s as if a wall you build –
A wall that will not sway.

When angst goes out, then angst returns.
You get back what you project.
It’s not the other’s fault, you see
That your advances they reject.

If love is what you want to feel
Then be love and send it out,
And love will flood right back to you
In a way that leaves no doubt.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poem #349 - True Prayer

Be quite thankful for all you have.
Make a long, long list.
Recite it as a prayer each day –
Why you’re grateful to exist.

Then in this state of gratitude
Feel the thanks for what’s to come.
For this is how to activate
Those things that aren’t yet won.

When you thus express your thanks
You realize you are a part
Of that which gives unto you –
Of that which fills your heart.

When you understand this feeling –
When this connection you do feel,
You activate all that’s divine
And turn the unseen into real.

Divine thoughts they will come to you
Once the oneness you do see.
And then these thoughts with your own mind
Will become reality.

Once you’ve thus created,
More reason will you have to pray
And feel far greater gratitude
For what you receive each day.

For this is how true prayer it works –
Not a supplication for a favor,
But expression of true gratitude
Once the Source you truly savor.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poem #348 - What's in a Word

Be very careful with your word choice –
How you say things shapes belief.
The slightest change in verbiage
Can bring on suffering or relief.

It’s all about semantics
And the very subtle changes
That happen with the thinking
When man his wording rearranges.

The word you use to name
That which is your very source
Will change your whole perception
Of the one and only true Life Force.

For those who only call this “God”
Will be quite stilted in their thought –
Thinking It’s a he or she
Because this concept they have bought.

But God is not a person.
God, in truth, just “IS” …
Infinite in scope and breadth -
Impossible to call Its power “His.”

If you find this troublesome,
If to you it seems absurd,
Try some simple changes
But be impeccable with your word.

Roll the words around your tongue.
See how they make you feel.
Try “God,” “Great Spirit,” try “Great Mind” …
Just what does each reveal?

What matters most is that you find
The Truth which all do seek.
Just be aware that Truth can hide
Behind the words you speak.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Poem #347 - Trust That Tingle!

From Glacier National Park, Montana

The tingle that you feel …
Trust that it is real.
How else to let you know we are there?

We use your body as a tool
With signs you can’t out rule
So that you know that we do care.

Each person has one guide or more.
For us it’s not a chore
To help you through your days.

We give you guidance when we can.
We help you carry out God’s plan
Which manifests in many ways.

Some may never see or hear us,
But your trust in us does cheer us
For faith is always a good thing.

Just give us time
We will give to you a sign
That to you true confidence will bring.

Then you’ll have the sense of knowing
That wherever you are going
You can trust that you are guided.

And when your hunches you do follow
Even if the pill is hard to swallow
You’ll be glad our guidance you abided.

For never will we lead you wrong
We are here to go along
And help you through this life you’re in.

So call on us and we’ll reply.
The time will come you can’t deny
That there within we’ve always been.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poem #346 - Your Sacred Space

From Whitefish, Montana

You eat your food for sustenance.
You read your books for knowledge.
But there are things you cannot gain
From nourishment or college.

The things that you can gain
From meditation and from prayer
Will give you sustenance far greater
Just by sitting straight-backed in your chair.

Open all your chakras –
Your seven energy transforming centers.
These are special places
Through which your Life Force enters.

This Force it flows more freely
When all these chakras are not blocked.
By simply sensing them as open
As with a key they are unlocked.

Then draw the Life Force to you.
See it enter from the top.
And like a golden river
Let it flow downward without stop.

Then keep it moving through you.
Sense its warmth as it does flow.
Let it spill over and surround you
Like an egg shape that does glow.

Thus encased, sit still and bask there
In this space you did create.
This sacred place can be your refuge
When from your cares you need escape.

Use this place to nourish you.
Find strength here and return
Whenever you need balance
Or have things you want to learn.

This energy you’ve summoned
Is always there for you to take.
It’s your ever-present Source of strength
Once its acquaintance you do make.