About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poem #81 - Choices

See into the future.
Who knows what it does hold?
But having faith that you are led
Your forward steps are bold.

So few among you understand
The future is not set.
But part of choices you do make.
It hasn’t happened yet!

But with each small decision
Your future does unwind.
Determined by the thoughts you make
It’s born within your mind.

Free will is what determines
Which way your path does bend.
For on every decision
Your future does depend.

Some lessons you are here to learn.
They’re yours and yours alone.
But how they do occur will change.
They’re not all set in stone.

So many possibilities
There are for you to take.
And once again it all depends
On every choice you make.

This life is all about your growth—
The evolution of your soul.
To make the proper choices—
This is your life’s great role.

You think that if you slip a bit
That slip it matters not.
Bur rest assured we register
Your every little thought.

Don’t worry if perfection
To obtain it seems too hard.
If you were perfect then your countenance
We’d be unable to regard.

You’re on the earth to learn and grow.
So relish each mistake.
And redirect your actions
With the next choice you do make.

Let each day be an adventure
As you step out through the door.
And know that as you walk your path
You soul prepares to soar.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poem #80 - On Judgment

Many differences have you all.
To love or to hate—that is your call.
In judgment you do sit and think.
But who are you to say?

What’s good to one, to another is bad.
What makes one happy, to another makes sad.
Yet these beliefs do hold you back.
They keep you seeing only white and black.

But this is a world of many hues.
The great tapestry of life you do confuse
By seeing it made up of separate thread.
Not one great masterpiece, instead.
That without all the parts surely would fail.
Yet as a whole does so greatly prevail.

Judge not each other for what’s not the same.
Relish instead the varied parts of this game.
Square and round pieces with which you do play.
Which one is best?
That’s not for you to say.

Treasure each aspect, all facets of living.
Relish the lessons to you they are giving.
Sit not and judge, but relax and observe.
And you will be blessed with all things you deserve.

Love and peace and great joy
To you they will come.
When at last you do see
That all parts make up One.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Poem #79 - The Gift of Love

Prose. Words of beauty put together.
Words used to describe things of your world.
But what of beauty which words can’t describe?
The beauty and love deep inside?

For this you need the heart.
Feel the waves ...
The flow of love that burns within the chest.
It lies in wait; it wants no rest.
But aches to be released and fly.
To spread ever outward ‘cross the sky.
“Oh, share me!” it does cry.

This gift isn’t meant to be kept inside.
It’s not something you should hide.
But share with those who need its heat.
This we can’t enough repeat.

Love is always there, but you should know
It’s there just waiting to bestow.
A choice you make, to guard or give.
In which manner will you live:
Holding back this gift you harbor
Or sharing it with heartfelt ardor?

Love thy neighbor as thyself.
In these words rests all your wealth.
For with this burning you do feel,
You possess the key to heal.

And on this gift can be no price
It’s treasure that can melt the ice
And warm the souls of all you touch
What other gift can do so much?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poem #78 - The Cycle

Today's poem is unlike any of the others ... This one's not meant for me (I'm not grieving, nor depressed in the slightest). Very thought provoking. Very different.

Like a knife it does pierce.
A bite so fierce.
Oh, the pain.
I’ll never be the same.

I’m still alive,
Yet wonder why.
When all I do is cry.

I’d go to any length
Just to walk at your side
But now I hide.
Afraid of the darkness.

Like a willow.
My sodden pillow bears my tears.
Salty scars to last for years.

I search for it, yet wonder
How will I survive?
For I’m alive
Yet dead inside.

A subtle whiff that tickles my nose.
Do you suppose
There’s light beyond the pain?

So faintly glowing
Yet slowly, slowly growing.
Feeding my hunger.

That after the pain
There does remain
Another sunrise.

The sun does rise again and shine.
A gift from the Divine.
Allowing me to see
Into eternity.

The cycle is complete.
This world it is replete.
A single ball of twine.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poem #77 - Live Your Life in Service

Dedicate your life in service.
It’s the best gift you can give.
So that others who come in your path
Much better they may live.

We speak of this same thought a lot.
For it’s your greatest task.
To give to others your great gift
Is all that we do ask.

Sit back and ponder what you do
That you can do the best.
Then find a way to use it
To help all of the rest.

Each man is blessed with talent.
It’s up to him to find
The best way to develop
His body, heart, and mind.

Waste not your days in thinking
Only of the self.
By giving much to others
There you’ll find true wealth.

This theme it does repeat itself
And will unto infinity
For helping others is the way
To foster your divinity.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Poem #76 - Creating Goals and Dreams

Dreams and goals are good to have.
They keep you well on track;
Forever moving forward,
And never turning back.

Sitting in the silence
Is the perfect way to start.
In this space you form your dreams
And feel them in your heart.

You know not what the future holds
And yet you have great goals.
There’s nothing that can hold you back
When you see them with your souls.

For everything is energy --
A pattern in the air.
And getting thus in resonance
You place your focus there.

And then your thought does travel out
To find a perfect match.
Seeking ‘til it finds a mate
And thus they do attach.

It seems like magic, but it’s not.
It’s perfectly in line
With what your science does reveal
It’s energy so fine.

You cannot see these patterns,
But trust us and believe.
When outwardly you send your dreams
All goals you will achieve.

The butterfly that flies to you
That near you does alight
It comes as proof that all you’ve thought
About our world is right.

So go, think big.
Dream grandly as you can.
For learning how you thus create
Is all part of the plan.

It is not magic; you co-create.
You work with the Great Spirit
With power that’s unlimited
So use it and revere it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poem #75 - On Service to Others

Knights in shining armor
Ride in on a white horse
To rescue the fair damsel.
It’s a fairy tale, of course.

But in your world exist a few
Who like the shining knight,
Do come to others’ rescue.
Like an angel they take flight.

Who are these earthly angels
Who fly, yet have no wing?
They’re the givers of the spirit
Who God’s praises they do sing.

You need these souls who spread the joy
Who fill your life with hope.
Who give to others love and guidance
Help them well to cope.

Nurses, doctors, many cloaks
These angels they do wear
But what they have in common
Is their willingness to care.

There’s nothing greater in your world
Than working thus to serve.
And to those who give their love
Comes all they do deserve.

It matters not if pay you get
For all the work you do.
For payment comes in all the love
That flows right back to you.

So find a way to give your gifts.
In service there’s no end.
When caring lives within your heart
On love you can depend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poem #74 - Good vs. Evil

(I felt a very strong male presence. My writing was in block print)

How do you know
The right way to go
When with a blindfold you do walk?

You see not the way before you
But stumble on.
The path is lighted,
If only you would open your eyes
And remove the disguise
The mask behind which you all hide.

Men kill each other for money and power
These things their heart do devour
For in the focus on matter
What’s important is lost

Where you live is the proving ground
It’s all a mighty test
Seeing if you know the difference
Between good and better and best

(Here I felt as if someone was pushing this strong male presence aside and wanted to make these thoughts more gentle .. a loving female presence now and my writing changed to script.)

Soft as the petal of a rose
The love inside you grows
When you do change your sight
From what is wrong to right

And how to know what’s wrong or right?
Whether one should stand or fight?
The answer lies there deep within
Where there’s no place for evil and sin

If man would only open up
And let the love flow from his cup
No evil would be there to flow
No more killing would you know

And thus each man he has a choice
To speak more kindly with his voice
Or use his power in evil ways
And thus bring misery to his days

Free will it does come with a price
It leads to beauty or to vice
But used correctly gold’s the prize
The light of love will fill the eyes

How to know which choice to make?
It’s easy if a stop you make
And seek the guidance deep inside
The answers they may seem to hide
But they are there for all who ask
Then in love you’ll truly bask

Go forth not blindly
Seek and find
That wisdom lies
Inside the mind

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poem #73 - The Interconnectedness of Life

A field stretches out before you
Its grass is wet with dew
And in each tiny drop of water
Is hope and faith anew

For in your world of matter
So many little things
Represent the larger world
Of which all nature sings

All that you see is just a part
A microcosm small
For in each drop of matter
Rests a portion of the All

It’s all interconnected
Every thing that does exist
For one without the other
Would soon fail to subsist

The lack of understanding
With which your world is rife
Comes from not respecting
The sanctity of life

What you do to one, you do to all
Be it man or plant or earth
For all share the self-same essence
All are linked ‘til death from birth

If you could only see the way
All life is thus connected
More reverently you’d take each step
More life would be respected

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poem #72 - Thoughts On Reality

I started reading a book last night called "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot.  It seems as if the Council of Poets is trying to clarify some of what I've been wondering about ...

Golden orbs do glitter
From where do they come?
Leaving all to wonder
Are they products of the sun?

But no, these sparkling lights you see
Live only in the mind
Creations of the thoughts you think
As memory does unwind

There’s so much more to life
Than you do understand
A world that’s grander than your sight
Is waiting right at hand

Relax, sit back, and ride the wave
No particle is real
It’s light and waves of energy
That build, create, and heal

The sparkling lights, the radiant heat
None of them exist
But in your mind where pure, clear thought
Some often do to resist

Keep searching for the answers
That your science does ignore
Rest well assured that of true knowledge
There exists much more

Worry not when words you read
That all is an illusion
Keep studying and we will help you
Through all of the confusion

Great minds exist who’ve figured out
The truth as it should be
So carry on the learning
To understand reality

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poem #71 - The Source of All

Energy pulses in rhythmic beats
Into eternity the cycle repeats
Beating onward like a drum
With a mighty, endless hum

It marches in step to every wish
Like a flock of birds, a school of fish
That move together as a whole
Thinking only with the soul

How do they know which way to turn?
From the push that makes them yearn
To make their movements as a group
Swimming in circles, flying in a loop

But man is not so much in tune
In his methods there’s more room
For freedom comes from his free will
Allowing him to move or be still

And yet the pulse that guides the birds and fish
Will guide man if he makes a wish
It lies within, and all throughout the air
You cannot see it, but it is there

This force that guides all life you can’t measure
But if you could, all men it would treasure
For it’s the source of all creation
Guiding every man and nation

It has been there for all time
Immeasurable, yet so sublime
Tap into it and let it flow
Then all power you will know

Enough to make you sit in awe
For it is God, the one great Law

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little delay from Mother Nature

I'm currently sailing past Boston harbor in 4-5 seas with winds around 25 knots. These conditions make for rather exhilarating sailing, but are not conducive to meditating! I learned the other day that the spirit world is patient with me, so I'll tune in for their next poem when I'm well rested and the boat's snug in a slip. Meanwhile, I had two questions niggling at the back of my mind last night, so unable to sleep, I directed the questions to my spirit helpers, then let them go. By morning the answers to both questions popped into my mind, and they were perfect. I love how that works. Tried it lately?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Poem #70 - On Duality

What a strong presence I felt today! And totally new ...

Years ago when you were young
All your days were aimed at fun
You played and ran under the sun
Unaware of what had begun

But deep inside there grew a seed
And as it grew there came a need
A need to know the source of life
And why a man does need a wife

For as a one becomes a pair
There is a kind of longing there
An urge to mate and procreate
Yes, that much is true
But it’s much more than that, dear ones
Of which we speak to you

In all of life there’s this and that
There’s young and old, and thin and fat
There’s cold and hot,
Have and have not
All opposites of different poles
Which put together do form wholes

And neither could be called complete
For with polarity, the world’s replete
And knowing this you’ll understand
Why man needs woman and woman needs man
It’s all a part of God’s great plan
Put into motion when the world began

So worry not when you are down
For somewhere close the up is found
Given time upon the ground
All the opposites come around

And what, you ask, of all this urge
For what is separate together to merge?
It is quite simple, so very clear
When the answer, you do hear

There’s only one thing, it is true
That doesn’t break up into two
And that one thing you know, of course
Of all the things it is the source

Call it God or call it Spirit,
The name it matters not
But knowing oneness as the Source,
All knowing have you got

For all the desire for two things to merge
This inner longing that for you is an urge
It comes from Spirit’s mighty pull
That all his plans you will fulfill

For when your soul it has evolved
And all the urging has resolved
Then dear ones this you can believe
The great reunion you’ll achieve

And then no poles will thus survive
No yes and no, no dead or alive
Just one in spirit, nothing left
No need of anything to be bereft

So live your days aware of this
You need the opposites to find true bliss
The ups and downs, the hot and cold
Enjoy them as you do grow old

And when you are no longer young
And many songs they have been sung
You’ll see the wisdom of His ways
Turning nights on into days

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poem #69 - Life's Real Treasures

Yesterday I spent 10 hours sailing from Maine to New Hampshire in 6 foot seas, rocking and rolling, unable to do anything but hang on. I tried to meditate in the morning, but kept sliding about in my chair. I tried again last evening when we got to a marina, but I kept falling asleep. I felt no spirit presence at all. I tried to write a poem and got pure garbage - the words on the paper were my words completely. This morning as I sat down, I pushed all worry aside that the poems wouldn't come back. I trusted completely in the spirits, and they came. The difference from yesterday and this morning was tremendous. To me, this is all the more proof that I am not writing these poems and that the spirit world can only attune to me when I am peaceful, rested, and receptive ...

Peace – a lofty goal you set
You speak of this, and yet
Most do not enough, to make it come
For all the parts they form one sum
All must work as one
If true peace is to be won.

Stop the crying and the weeping
Wake up! You’ve all been sleeping
Look upon your neighbor as yourself
Cherish not great power and great wealth
But treasure rather the riches so fine
That come from all that is divine

And what are these treasures? You do ask
To put them to use … that’s your task
Peace and love, to serve and be kind
These are the things to keep in mind

Having compassion when others are sick
Healing the feeble, those not quite so quick
Lending a hand when others are ill
Helping each other their duties to fill

These are the riches that bring you wealth
They bring you all closer in sickness and health
These gifts given freely a man will set free
And give him a life as rich as can be
Fear nothing at all when these lessons you know
With love at your side there’s nowhere you can’t go

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poem #68 - About the Spirit World

I sat for quite a while today until my finger twitched. Once I got the first words, I could barely keep up with them, they came so quickly ...

Soft as a caress on the skin
The voices speak from within
Listen closely, can you hear it?
It’s the welcome of the spirit

Our world is yours – the very same place
We occupy the self-same space
It’s all a matter of different ohms
Where we call our respective homes

In this world are levels of light
Ours has not what you would call night
For always there’s a constant glow
To light our way wherever we go

In your world you know the sun
But in our realm we don’t have one
Our light comes from a different source
The warmth it comes from God, of course

To get here you must shed the skin
And then true living does begin
For life depends not on the flesh
It’s more important mind and spirit to mesh

The body only serves to hold you back
To keep you on an earthly track
It serves you well while there you live
For there are lessons earth has to give

But once you’re free of earthly chains
Light and love is what remains

The mind goes on; it’s purely aware
Without the body it has no care
But to evolve and keep on growing
Striving always for spiritual knowing

This is why you’ve come to earth
Your task’s the same one from your birth
And it continues when you die
And travel upward t’ward the sky

But know that these are only words
You don’t fly upwards like the birds
It’s a description that you make
But actually, it’s a mistake

For as we said when this poem began
We live and share the world of man
This is how we know of your actions
How we generate in you true reactions

For upon your spirit we do press
Your thoughts and actions to impress
And in this way your growth we guide
By speaking gently at your side

Monday, September 14, 2009

Poem #67 - Health Matters

Healing takes place
With hands o’er the face
There’s no need to touch
It works not as such

For energy’s the source
Through the soul it runs its course
Changing the vibration
One can feel the warm sensation

Sickness comes
When mind and body aren’t in sync
When harmful thoughts
The brain does think

It’s harmony the body needs
To carry out its many deeds
For when there’s balance ‘tween the three
Then spirit, mind, and body will have harmony

A doctor with his tiny pills
Can cure a host of nasty ills
But often it’s the healing touch
That does far more than pills and such

Some will place too little faith
In things they cannot see
But at the core of all that lives
Is pulsing energy

When you can bring all into balance –
Find the perfect match
Then true health and happiness
In your grasp you’ll catch

Please don’t call it magic
For magic it is not
It’s plain and simple harmony
With the forces you have got

Bring all into alignment
And true health you’ll surely find
When you take the time to balance
Your body, spirit, and your mind

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poem #66 - City Life

There's no doubt that my own experiences and consciousness are being used here, for today I'm in Boston, amid the crowds ...

The city with its lack of trees
And tall, tall buildings that block the breeze
So crowded one can hardly breathe
Gives you want to run and leave

It makes one stop and wonder why
Man in groups would live and die
For tightly packed into small spaces
The stress is seen on city faces

Man needs the other, this is true
And city life is nothing new
But when too long away from green
On his face, the stress is seen

Feel sorry for he who has forgot
What nature teaches, he has not
Living in a concrete jail
To honor others he does fail

For over time he’s failed to care
Worried that he’ll get a scare
Scowls and frowns, no friendly greeting
When two strangers pass in meeting

They take no time to stop and trust
Amid the dirt and grime and dust
Living thus they soon forget
Into their lives the love to let

Go back to how man first began
When through the fields and streams he ran
Remember how it felt to be
Like a deer, so loose and free

This kind of feeling you can create
Worry not, it’s not too late
For with a simple nod in passing
You would find far less harassing

Mistrust and fear they fuel the fire
Leave you with a sense that’s dire
So clear the slate and start anew
Give your neighbor what’s his due

A friendly smile, a helpful hand
In cities all across the land
If man would only take a chance
And give to each a passing glance

Far more peace and love you’d find
Tempers they would all unwind
Comments would be less unkind
Man would have true peace of mind

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poem #66 - The Mysteries of Life

This morning as I cleared my mind to become receptive to the words, I saw a salamander in my mind's eye. I found this very strange, and like all other thoughts that try to intrude when I'm trying to meditate, I gently pushed it away. The salamander, however, kept coming back, and then the words followed:

You see a salamander in your mind’s eye …
A slimy lizard and you wonder why.
What does a reptile have to share?
Feel his skin, if you dare.

You call him slimy to the touch.
This shows you don’t know very much.
For this is one of God’s greatest creatures.
Gifted with the greatest of features.

Do you know that if his leg you remove
God’s creative powers he will prove?
For that leg will re-grow itself.
How is that for awesome wealth?

Tiny cells they grow inside.
And every one it does divide.
To replicate its very soul.
And continue growing as a whole.

This is life in physical form.
Not chaotic, but total norm.
A testament to God’s great gift.
This knowledge all men should uplift.

Your science tries things to explain.
But many mysteries do remain.
For there is much beyond your ken.
Far beyond the book and pen.
Things you question day and night,
But see not with your limited sight.

So much goes on behind the scenes.
Run by God who has the means.
To keep all in its perfect order.
Truth will come when you cross the border.

Then you’ll see with clarity
God’s great gifts, His charity.
For now look with wonder on all you see.
It’s part of you, for He lives in thee

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poem #65 - On September 11th

Two tall buildings took a fall
Hate and evil killed them all
On this sad and tragic day
There are some words we’d like to say

Let not evil into your life
With its stench you world is rife
People kill with hardly a pause
Some say it’s part of a greater cause

It pains us greatly when man loses sight
Of the worth of man, of what is right
When killing comes with equal ease
As the tiny effort it takes to breathe

On this day a group of men
Inflicted terror great and then
Sat back to laugh and brag and boast
Of acts of which they were the host

Understanding of this for most is hard
To look at life with so little regard
It’s sickness they suffer as a whole
This sickness starts within the soul

For taking away the gift of life
And filling so many lives with strife
Reveals a spirit dead within
Unaware and prone to sin

Because to man God gave free will
There’ll always be the ones who kill

But what of those who friends they lose?
Their destinies not free to choose?
When at the hands of sickened hearts
From their lives true love departs?

Think back today, but don’t despair
Those long gone they still are there
Urging all to trust and pray
That more will see the light some day

For now do what small part you can
To carry out your role in God’s plan
Growing always in love and light
Striving ever to do what’s right

Forgiving others who strike out in pain
This kind of thought is never in vain
For love’s the only thing that’s real
The only way to truly heal

Release the anger, but never forget
Into your hearts true love to let
For hate and anger were the cause
So do not give them further pause

Only when man can love one another
Living together like sister and brother
Can peace and love truly reign
And stop the spread of further pain

A lofty goal – impossible you say
But man will never see the day
Until these truths he does enact
Your future rests in this one fact

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poem #64 - What Matters Most

As always, I received the words to this poem non-stop in just minutes ...

Pay attention to what matters
Before all you value ends in tatters
Hear our voices
You all make choices
As the wind blows, the leaves it scatters

Blessed are ye
With a family
To have and to hold
To live with and grow old
The gift of loving company

But in your striving to do more
You sometimes close an open door
You fail to give the proper attention
The love that matters you fail to mention
And those denied are left keeping score

Your priorities must you organize
What matters most must you realize
Before what’s most valuable to you is lost
The love you’ve hidden you must defrost
For those you love are life’s greatest prize

Yes, a job is important, this is true
In your world the bills come due
But never ever take your sight
From those who love you day and night
Those who by love are linked to you

“Family first” is a popular phrase
See it clearly through the haze
For in the thirst to get ahead
Too many leave their love for dead
So set are the workers in their ways

Money and power your life it rules
In your toolbox, they are the tools
But what’s truly important never forget
Fill your future not with regret
Those you love are life’s greatest jewels

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poem #63 - On Love vs. Hate

Hold a candle to your fears
Light them with the glow,
For when the darkness disappears
Then true peace you’ll know.

* * *

There is one thing that all souls crave
The one thing that your life will save
It’s love that keeps you ever striving
Keeps you pushing, trying, driving

Without the fullness in your heart
It’s hard most anything to start
For love’s the thing that fills your cup
Gives you energy to get up
When all you want to do is sleep
When in the darkness you do weep

Why do you have to hunger so?
There’s not a place that you can go
That love’s not there
Perhaps you’re not aware

Some keep it hidden deep inside
When all they have to do is open up their heart
If they would learn love not to hide
Then living life would truly start

It’s easier to hate than love
When someone does you wrong
But cast aside your need to strike
Put down the padded glove

Send forgiveness although it’s hard
The payback comes in spades
When you can love instead of hate
No need for cutting blades

Oh, how the world would surely change
If all could heed these truths
When love is all you choose to see
When you shout it from the roofs.

A soothing salve, a healing balm
When love’s your base, your life is calm.

* * *

See your fear and cast it out
Let not hate roll about and harm you
Let us arm you with love.
The only tool you’ll ever need
To succeed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poem #62 - The Nature of Evil

A very clearly male presence today. I felt as if I were stabbing the words onto the paper. When I opened my eyes at the end, I saw that unlike my usual script, I had written the poem in square, block print.

Reform your ways. Stop the pain.
Hasten now your right to claim.
Go forth this knowing: There’s little time to waste.
Reform your ways and do it with haste.

The evil man thrusts upon man has to stop.
The purpose of your life here too many have forgot.
Shooting guns, thrusting knives
With little thought, thus taking lives.

Where’s the reverence for the spirit inside?
From this gift too many do hide.
Rest not until the dirt and grime are clear …
Until the voice of God you hear.

Do your best to not destroy
The part that’s made of love and joy.
Unfurl the fingers that make the fist.
Of all the evil, make a list.

Then one by one delete the thing
That to your world desperation does bring.
This thing – this evil – you know it well.
In your world you call it Hell.

But at its core there’s no debate.
This thing called evil stems from hate.
Love thy brother; hate him not.
This one truth you have forgot.

We say it again, lest you don’t hear it,
For nothing’s as sacred as the spirit.
Treasure this gift; use it well.
And know ye not the gates of Hell.

Go forth with love forever present.
Focus your thoughts on things that are pleasant.
We worry at times that too many will fail.
For their evil acts their lives do derail.

So help us with our sacred mission.
Love one another with no omission.
It’s very easy, this simple task.
Do it now; it’s all we ask.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Poem #61 - As Close as Your Heart

Give up your tireless efforts
Find the peace
The great release
That comes when you turn your eye
Not toward the sky,
But deep inside

How often do you stop and rest
And put your faith to the test
For there you’ll find
Peace of mind

Come now and sit with me
Beneath a tree
Rest a while
Let me see you smile
It’s your due
Yet nothing new

Harken back to younger days
When joy and laughter filled your ways
Recreate this now
You know how

Just relax and sit a spell
Do this now and time will tell
A different tale
Of how to succeed and never fail

For greater effort brings not success
Less is more and more is less
When there’s faith and when there’s trust
You must do well – succeed you must

If this seems counter to what you know
See just how far you truly go
When all your might you do bestow
Upon a wall – how far does it go?

The greater the effort, the more the might
The harder you work to make things right
The more you need to stop and rest
In this way you fail the test

For when you know your own true strength
You can go to any length
With nothing but the greatest ease
Pay attention, know this, please

All the power you’ll ever need
To take on any task or deed
Rests inside you night and day
Look inside and find the way

For you are God and God is you
To some it’s strange, but trust that it’s true
Fashioned in His image you are
So look inside, look not afar

Closely as your sight can get
Look closer still and know that yet
God is as close as your eyes can see
For He’s in every cell that’s free

Beating as your heart does beat
With every pulse His voice does repeat
And knowing this you can release
All your stress and find true peace

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Poem #60 - We Walk Beside You

Time has no meaning in a world of thought
A world where nothing can be bought
With golden coins and trinkets that gleam
A world that to many seems like a dream

But we exist nonetheless
Free of form and limit
We move about within it with great ease
To you our touch is like a breeze

The softness of a flower’s petal
This is how we test our mettle
Can we give you a caress
With great finesse?
Can you sense us when we draw near?
Our soft whisper do you hear?

To us it brings great joy to find
One who knows us with the mind
For those who seek attunement with the spirit
Know well that silence leads to hear it

There’s no other way to sense our presence for sure
Unless great patience you endure
No need to strive and try with might
You lose us if your will you fight
But surrender all and patiently wait
For our acquaintance finally to make

In the silence you will find
The key to spirit is the mind
A mind that’s calm and peaceful and still
Will set aside the forceful will
And lead us to a blessed union
The long awaited spirit reunion
Where heart to heart and mind to mind
The love that never dies you’ll find
For we exist to bring you love
To envelope your soul like a snug-fitting glove

So sit with us when’ere you can
Our hope is this since time began
To bring the spirit world to yours
And thus to open many doors

For with our help you’ll reach great heights
We walk beside you through the nights
When darkness falls and through the days
When on your face you feel the rays of sunshine

Feel the warmth and think of us - it’s we who walk beside you
We’re always here to guide you.

Great blessings to you
For now, we bid adieu
But we’ll return
There’s still more to learn

We love you all
The message, it is clear

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poem #59 - Cause and Effect

With crystal vision you see the trees
The mighty oaks with golden leaves
Turning every autumn

To become brittle and fall to the ground
Tired and brown

Having served their purpose
Their role in the cycle of life complete
This life it is replete
With stories such as this

The endless cycles of birth and renewal, growth and maturity
Round and round to eternity
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Life goes on like this it must
For this is natural law

And what of man?
How do you fit in the plan?
The highest creation still
Because you have free will

Judge not they who thinks not as you do
A different stage of life do they go through
Knowing not the rules
They seem to you as fools

But who’s to say who’s right or wrong, better or worse?
It does no good to scream and curse
At those who see not eye to eye
Let their actions pass you by

Send them love instead
In this way you get ahead
Progressing step by step along your path
Leaving others to their wrath

For though each soul’s connected
The other’s way should not be corrected
But left to straighten on its own
What each reaps is what he’s sown

The effects come from the cause
This is the greatest of God’s laws
Infallible in its action
Every cause has a reaction

Knowing this step out with trust
Leaving footprints in the dust uniquely yours
As you cross through open doors
Look behind and see the turns you make
The result of every step you take

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poem #58 - The Ladder of Life

I asked the spirits for more information about the ladder analogy from poem #57 …

Climb the rungs
Step by step
With each rung
Higher yet

The variety of life experiences
Hold them dear
For each brings to you
From year to year
New wisdom
Further growth
Raise your hand
And take an oath
Of fealty to God
How odd
That you would think
This life is all there is
When everything you see in nature
Dies to live again
Cycles repeated
Without end
Constant evolution
The unending revolution
Of the sun
Should be all the proof you need
To know that like a seed
You do sprout
Then rise and grow
And move about
Until the winter of your life
When does come the end
Then you travel
Round the bend
To different vistas

You are the ivy on a vine
That round the ladder it does climb
Rising higher
Twisting in a spiral
Almost viral
In its growth

Spreading, growing
Learning as it’s going
To live life ever more full
The sun’s great warmth
Exerts its pull
Like a magnet

How high does it grow -
This vine?
It never stops
Until it merges …
With the One
Who planted the seed
With great power indeed
To make all things grow
And rise
Ever upward t’ward the skies

This is life in motion
Begun as a tiny notion
And now endless
Like the ocean
Of your devotion

Blessed be the Creator
Infinite in His intelligence
And blessed be ye all

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A comment on poem #57

Almost every day I wrestle with my doubts that I am "making up" these poems, even though I don't have any idea what the theme is going to be when I start writing the words I hear. The spirit world is so patient with me, in spite of my doubts. They continue to send me signs that we are working together on this wonderful task.

I transcribed poem #57 at 7 a.m. today after meditating for half an hour. Just a few minutes ago, at 1130, I was reading from one of the Silver Birch books (Silver Birch was the spirit guide of British medium Maurice Barbanell. His books are full of beautiful wisdom from the other side). I had already turned multiple pages, then turned a page and stopped cold when I read, "If you get into your mind this picture of graded life in the universe and know that, no matter what rung of the ladder you reach, there is one rung above it and that this ladder of Jacob is infinite in its rungs."

I vaguely remembered something about a ladder in this morning's poem. Could it be? This has happened at least five times that within a day of hearing and writing a spirit poem, I read the same thing in a Silver Birch book within 24 hours.

So I went back to poem #57, and here it is:

"There are many levels to reality
Each a different vibration
You rise upon the ladder of life
As a train moves to the next station."

So, we not only have the analogy of the ladder, but the reference to the different levels or stages of life, as well. Wow.

At this point in my spiritual journey, I know that there are no coincidences. Once again I'm filled with love and gratitude to the poets for sending all of us their wisdom, and for showing me in so many ways that they are working through me.

Poem #57 - Two Ways to Approach Life

Look into eternity
There in the distance you will see
Secrets revealed
For all the world’s a mystery
To those who open not the eyes
But gaze upon the skies
And wonder … why?


There are many levels to reality
Each a different vibration
You rise upon the ladder of life
As a train moves to the next station

You chug along now, spewing steam
Like some well-oiled machine
Thinking all it takes to get ahead
Is pure might
But that’s not right

Ease off, apply the brakes
You all make so many mistakes
For you see through hooded eyes
You do not realize
That might makes not right
Not at all
It only leads to a fall

The true power comes in release
Where striving lacks, there you’ll find peace
No need to charge full speed ahead
Chugging along until you are dead
Glide instead
Along the rails
Float through life like a boat with sails
Effortless should be the journey
When you surrender
And always remember
That God is at the helm

Strive not so hard to succeed
For greater effort there is no need
But greater love and trust
These two elements are a must
To navigate the way
To peace and light each day