About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Poem #315 - Doorway to the Soul

Look into another’s eyes
And what there do you see?
A reflection of yourself, perhaps
A glimpse into your own eternity.

And if you look yet deeper
You’d see there something more.
An opening, of sorts – an entrance…
A waiting, open door.

Step in through that doorway.
Do it with your mind.
And doing so an opening
Into the soul you’ll find.

Travel down this pathway
That leads into the soul.
It’s there you’ll find the center –
The undivided whole.

It matters not to whom belong
These eyes in which you peer.
For inside all, the soul’s the same –
The part that is most dear.

Some may erect a barrier
But this is just external.
The eyes can’t hide the truest part –
The part that is eternal.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poem #314 - Angels at Your Side

Angels may have wings or not.
Just know that they are there
Watching every step you take –
Of your mind and spirit taking care.

Some of you may call them guides.
It is the self-same thing.
For we do guide you through your life.
Great wisdom do we bring.

“Spirit guides” or “guardian angels”
What you call us matters not.
What’s most important is you know we’re there
For we’re the best friend you have got.

We love you unconditionally.
We’re always at your side.
And once you truly feel us
Our love can’t be denied.

We’ll help you feel it in your chest.
It will well up like a fountain.
And with us as your guardians
We’ll help you climb o’er any mountain.

You have a tiny group of us.
Assigned to you since birth.
We know the deepest parts of you
Though you have never walked with us on earth.

But yes, in spirit, we are there.
Each of us has a different role.
But each of us concerned foremost
With the evolution of your soul.

So call on us at any time.
It’s why we do exist.
Ask us anything you like
To help, we can’t resist.

We’re here to give you guidance –
To shout when you’re in danger,
To comfort you in times of need
To us, you are no stranger.

So yes, please know: angels are real.
We’re here with or without wings.
It’s our great joy to help you through
Whatever your life brings.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poem #313 - Effortless

I wasn't getting anything at first today, so I started to worry. Then I REALLY wasn't getting anything. Then I cleared my mind, and this is what I heard:

This process of the poetry
Works not when you do try.
For only can we speak to you
When your own thoughts slip by.

It is two different processes
To receive words and to think.
Like when your eyes you open and close
Or simply let them blink.

You need not do the work at all.
Sit back and let us talk.
For when you try to interact,
It’s then we seem to balk.

Do not fear that we won’t speak.
It’s fear that causes blocks.
Release all doubt and listen.
The trust our words unlocks.

You see how easily they flow,
Our words, when you relax.
But when you try to get involved
This process you do tax.

For those who see these words, please know
It works the same for you.
The guidance is there waiting
When you know just what to do.

Relax and sit in silence.
You need not think at all.
Just trust that we will speak to you.
Then you will hear our call.

There is no need for effort.
Quite passive must you be.
As in all of life, it works the same:
Just trust and be set free.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Poem #312 - Perspective

Things may not always happen
The way you think they should.
You have your own perception
Of what you think is good.

But yours is one perspective.
You see things from your eyes.
But what would you see if you looked down
From a viewpoint in the skies?

You’d see a bigger picture.
One where all things intertwine …
Where all is part of one great plan
Overseen by One divine.

It’s when you think you stand alone
That some things appear as magic.
And other times events occur
That you would label tragic.

But there are no real miracles.
All occurs in perfect order.
For all things follow natural law
Without chaos or disorder.

And within all this perfection
Your life it does unfold.
Playing out your tiny role
In a story yet untold.

So go with it as it flows along
But don’t forget you co-create.
For in God’s great experiment
You do participate.

A tiny bit, yes, that is true.
But vital, do not doubt.
For all depends on each small part
Its Godliness to tout.
A side note today: Thanks to friend and fellow medium Angela Artemis for including a story about my poetry on her blog yesterday, Mystic Musings & Meditations. In addition to being a medium, Angela is a freelance journalist and intuitive consultant. MM&M is a place to learn how to reach your highest potential through developing your intuition and changing your thinking. See http://www.mysticmusingsandmeditations.com/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poem #311 - Pure Gold

Deep within there lies a treasure
Like a vein of gold.
In bygone days men mined for this
Because of stories they’d been told.

They spent all of their money
Left their families and their home
In search of this illusive gold.
Quite far these seekers they did roam.

But you are far more lucky.
You need not travel far.
The gold you seek is buried not.
For this gold is what you are.

This treasure which we speak of
Is the essence of your soul –
Connected to the All That Is
It’s the part that makes you whole.

It’s spirit, pure and simple,
Not flesh and bone and blood.
And when you open up the gates
Throughout you it will flood.

For it is there already.
Without spirit you can’t live.
But you must be aware of it
To find the gifts it has to give.

To pan for this mighty treasure
You need merely shift your mind.
To that which does enliven you
And then pure gold you’ll find.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poem #310 - What Truly Matters

How few are they
Who stop each day
And take the time to pray.

But if they knew
They’d stop and say
“Oh God, I come to you.”

For it is in the silence
That remembrance it returns
Of whence you came and who you are
And why the heart it yearns.

It yearns to be united
With that from which it came.
You call it Love, you call it Light
It’s God by any name.

When running ‘round you can forget
That which matters most –
The Spirit that’s inside you,
Your body’s one and only host.

So take a moment every day
Or more if you can spare,
And reconnect with Who You Are.
This relationship repair.

For until you do establish
Your connection with your Source
You will not know the greatest joy
That through you longs to course.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poem #309 - Heal Your Wounds

From Sedona, Arizona

Wounds heal, but slowly
It depends how deep the cut.
But some wounds they heal not at all
For you create in them a rut.

These are the wounds you cause yourself-
Wounds caused by how you think –
Accepting false beliefs as true
Then as in quicksand you do sink.

Ever deeper falling,
Into a deep abyss.
Held there by the grip of fear
Where you will never know true bliss.

There’s no one else to blame for this –
No need to look outside.
If wounded by your thoughts you are
There’s nowhere you can hide.

But never fear, all is not lost.
A fine solution is at hand.
You are creator of your thoughts
It’s you who firms the sand.

God gave to your pure consciousness-
A mind with which to think.
But also do you have free will
To choose to stand or choose to sink.

So lick your wounds if this you must,
But know these wounds can heal -
When on your thoughts you shine a light
And all your false beliefs you do reveal.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Poem #308 - Sacred Symbols

From Show Low, Arizona

Ancient symbols carved in rocks,
Their meaning no one knows.
But that they meant to worship
In the different shapes, this shows.

Sacred forms that carry on
Repeating through the ages.
You see them throughout nature
And in your great books’ pages.

Circles, spirals, triangles …
In each there is true meaning.
Representatives of wisdom -
There for you to do the gleaning.

But one symbol’s universal.
For its simplicity it’s known.
The simple symbol of the heart –
Recognized where’ere it’s shown.

The heart’s the symbol of pure love –
The greatest of emotions
The expression of the light of God
To whom you give all your devotions.

So take this symbol of God’s gift
And wear it on your sleeve.
Exhibit it for all to see
That in God’s love you do believe.

But don’t forget it’s just a sign.
The real thing—this love—is you.
When you awaken to this knowledge,
You allow it to flow through.

Be the walking symbol.
Be love in living form.
Personify the God within.
For this is why you’re born.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poem #307 - Living in the Now

From Show Low, Arizona

Peering into the future …
What will happen you can only guess.
Of the past you know so many things,
But of the future far, far less.

Why do you try to see it?
What’s the treasure that lies there?
When in this very moment
Is where you should place your care.

For what lies in the future
Is that which hasn’t happened yet.
And what has happened in the past
You so quickly do forget.

The future could go any way.
So many choices guide your course.
All outcomes rest in how you think,
For your thoughts are future’s source.

So keep your thoughts on “here and now”
Where you participate.
For it’s all these present moments
Which your future do create.

The future will reveal itself
If you will learn to fully trust
And leave the past behind you
Where it can rightly gather dust.

But now is what’s important.
It’s where the focus you should give
And concentrate on being here
For here is where you truly live.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poem #306 - Reality

From Gallup, New Mexico

Sitting quietly on a hill
You survey all that you do see.
The sky it seems so vast –
Stretching to eternity.

But what is distance?
But a measurement of space
In a world of physical matter
Where you speak of time and place.

But what if you were to close your eyes?
Where would the distance go?
You’d find it would have vanished
For then only I AM you’d know.

In this state of being
To different worlds you now can travel
By using just your heart and mind
All the mysteries now unravel.

Turn your focus inward.
See not with your physical eyes,
And know a world unlimited
Far beyond the vastness of your skies.

This inner world’s your birthplace.
It’s the “place” where you come from.
The birthplace of your spirit,
Where all exists as one.

Just know that it exists,
So that when your eyes you open,
You’ll carry it within your heart –
That place where only love is spoken.

Forget not this, your one true home.
Let not the world deceive you.
There’s a reality far greater,
Just waiting to receive you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poem #305 - Serendipity

From Albuquerque, New Mexico

An unusual poem today, on a topic I believe we’ve seen before, but the unusual part is the pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this …

Serendipity … chance encounters,
When two people meet.
Who would have thought their paths would cross
Just walking down the street?
Was it destiny that they should find
A friendship oh so deep?

So many things they work this way.
You think it’s all by chance.
Some will walk on by you
Without a passing glance,
But others catch your eye and yet
You think it’s happenstance.

But when you pull upon the string
You find there was true meaning.
For from this chance encounter,
Some truths you find you’re gleaning.
And soon before you know it
Upon this new friend you are leaning.

The world it often works like this,
With things you can’t explain.
Just the right one will be sent to you
Especially when you are in pain.
And you will know it wasn’t luck –
No doubt will there remain.

So treasure these encounters –
These serendipitous events.
They happen for a reason
Although at times they make no sense.
They’re gifts from heaven for your growth,
‘Though you may call them providence.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poem #304 - Enlightenment

From Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Enlightenment …
Do you see the word’s base?
It has the power to transform
The whole human race.

Light is the basis
Of all things that live.
Without light things wither
Light the Life Force does give.

“Oh, fill me with light,”
This is what enlighten does mean
For it brings transformation
When God’s love enters the scene.

From the moment you’re filled
With this light, then you know
That life’s greatest gift
He does to you now bestow.

It has always been there
But in a moment of bliss
Do you at once recognize
And truly feel God’s sweet kiss.

Once enlightened, transformed -
You can never go back.
For you realize quite clearly
What before you did lack.

Then from that moment on
God’s full presence you’ll seek
If for only an instant
You’re allowed that rare peek.

To feel even a bit,
Simply turn t’wards the light.
Let love flow through your heart
And thus keep God in sight.

Poem #304 - Enlightenment

From Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Enlightenment …
Do you see the word’s base?
It has the power to transform
The whole human race.

Light is the basis
Of all things that live.
Without light things wither
Light the Life Force does give.

“Oh, fill me with light,”
This is what enlighten does mean
For it brings transformation
When God’s love enters the scene.

From the moment you’re filled
With this light, then you know
That life’s greatest gift
He does to you now bestow.

It has always been there
But in a moment of bliss
Do you at once recognize
And truly feel God’s sweet kiss.

Once enlightened, transformed -
You can never go back.
For you realize quite clearly
What before you did lack.

Then from that moment on
God’s full presence you’ll seek
If for only an instant
You’re allowed that rare peek.

To feel even a bit,
Simply turn t’wards the light.
Let love flow through your heart
And thus keep God in sight.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poem #303 - Cooperation

From Caprock Canyon in Quitaque, Texas
Yesterday I was doing some writing and really wanted a poem to go with the theme. I discovered what I’d already learned – the Council of Poets are in charge! If I try, it just doesn’t work. I have to completely surrender, then they give me what THEY want to talk about. Today’s poem showed me that it is truly a cooperative effort, with spirit using thoughts and concepts in my mind, but only if I become passive and let them bring the thoughts to the forefront. As they say so well in today’s poem, this applies to everything we do in life ...

Cooperation –
When two work as one,
Working in harmony
To get twice as much done.

Inside you are two parts
That make up the whole.
There’s always the ego
But first and foremost the soul.

If inside there’s a struggle
And ego wants its way
Then it’s more of a fight
To get through your day.

But when you surrender
To what’s spirit’s will,
Things go much more smoothly –
Great peace you does fill.

As soon as you learn
That ego’s not truly in charge,
You will find much more freedom
And your heart will enlarge.

Cooperate with your spirit,
For it always knows best.
When ego rears its strong head,
Then just give it a rest.

Ego stands alone always
But spirit’s clearly connected
With All That Exists,
By God so dearly directed.

Ego - Edges God Out.
Spirit lets Him back in.
So feel Spirit strongly this day
As the Love there within.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poem #302 - What Lies Within

From Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas

Zebra stripes.
Coloring of the skin.
Simply ways to mask
What lies there within.

Are you black and white,
Yellow, tan, or red?
Or are you not the skin at all,
But pure Love instead?

What is this love
That knows no separation?
That knows nothing of boundaries,
No division by nation.

It seeks only to share,
To bring comfort to all.
To fill lives with hope,
To pick up those who fall.

The body’s a temple.
A vessel quite rare.
For it houses this spirit
Which is lighter than air.

What is spirit, you ask.
It is Life, it is Light.
It is Love at its essence.
It’s what gives you true sight.

Many words you may use
To describe the same thing.
It’s the part deep inside you
That makes your heart sing.

When you see only the body,
The spirit’s unseen.
But it’s there nonetheless
In the space in between.

Look not at the face
Of each one you do meet,
But into the heart
Where lies the nectar most sweet.

Call it Love, call it Spirit.
Call it nothing at all.
But seek and you’ll find It
For it’s God who does call.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poem #301 - Still With You

From Shreveport, LA

(The first few lines of this poem refer to specific evidence I have received while giving a mediumistic reading – the first few stanzas are about my work as a medium, then they shift to a message from the loved ones, just as happens when I give a reading …)

Scalloped edges of a cloth …
Fine vases on a shelf …
Pictures of a bygone time -
Treasures beyond wealth.

Images comes to your mind
Words you do not know
The evidence they come to hear
From the place where loved ones go.

You bring them back to life for them
For a brief moment they are there.
“I live! I’m here!” they say to them
“I reach out and stroke your hair.”

“You cannot see me, yet I’m here.
When you call my name I hear you.
So speak to me and come I will
Your voice it draws me near you.”

A medium two souls unite
Yet for this there is no need.
For always are two hearts enjoined
Who once on love did feed.

Embrace your loved ones with your heart
Even though they have moved on.
You’ll see them once again, please know,
For they’re not forever gone.

Just from your sight for now removed
But much aware they are of you.
So walk this day with lighter steps
For they walk with you, too.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poem #300 - Respect

From Vicksburg, MS
(300 poems!)

A simple poem
‘Tis all you need.
The question is simple:
Why do you bleed?

You’re given a body
To experience pain.
From life’s hardest lessons
There’s much you can gain.

Respect one another.
Treat each other with care.
There’s far greater growth
When your soul you lay bare.

You dishonor the Self
When you hurt one another.
The killing must stop,
For each one is your brother.

It’s all up to you,
For you’re given free will.
But your choices are wasted
When you use them to kill.

There are only two choices:
To love or to fear.
When the latter does blind you
You see things not clear.

Love is your essence.
Buried deep, some forget.
But your world you can change
When in your hearts love you let.

You must heal your world now.
There must be no more blood.
Instead of bullets and bombs
With love and peace earth do flood.

It sounds very hard,
Yet all it takes is a shift.
Out of darkness bring light
And men’s souls you will lift.

But it takes a great effort –
A total change in belief.
Start one soul at a time
And t your earth bring relief.

There’s nothing more vital
Than your planet to save.
And you do this by respecting
The life that God to all gave.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poem #299 - On Meditation

From Vicksburg, MS

Sitting quietly by a river,
The leaves go floating by…
This is how to still the brain
And see with your mind’s eye.

Meditation’s not so difficult.
Some make it harder than they must.
It’s simply a matter of sitting still
And in the Spirit placing your trust.

Begin with some deep breathing.
Follow the air as it does flow.
Then as your thoughts come to your mind
Release them – let them go.

The brain will want to chatter.
To stop it do not try.
Acknowledge that it works for you,
Then let the thoughts float by.

You may wish to choose a mantra –
A word that brings you peace.
Then say this word repeatedly,
Quite slowly without cease.

It’s in the silence of the gaps
Between each word you say
That you enter God’s great kingdom
And in His world do play.

“Be still and know that I am God.”
It’s there that you will feel it.
In the gaps between the words,
God’s presence He’ll reveal it.

No words can match this feeling.
It is different for each one.
But once you taste the nectar
To God’s side you’ll want to run.

But there’s no need for rushing.
God will walk with you each second.
Long after you resume your day
For His help you clearly beckoned.

Such an awakening is yours, my friend.
Such gifts they do await.
For taking time to sit in peace –
For taking time to meditate.

In this way you show commitment.
You set your priorities quite right.
You tell the Spirit, “You are first,”
“Please fill me with Your light.”

And so it is when you do ask.
Your life is meant for this:
To know your oneness with Creation
To taste the glory of God’s bliss.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Poem #298 - The Light's the Same

From Hattiesburg, MISS.

A new and glorious day.
What do you say
To greet it?
How will you meet it?
With a smile?
Will you sit a while,
Or frown …
Your lips turned down
In a sneer.
“Why are you here?
Oh sun in the skies –
So bright you hurt my eyes.”

The light’s the same.
It’s you who plays a game.
One day glad
The next one sad.
Oh worries.
Oh bothers.
So many distractions
The dissatisfactions.
You just don’t get it.
So you let it
Take you away
From the light -
Your true sight.

Oh, blessed one,
Do not turn from the sun.
Are you not always turning?
Yet for peace you are yearning?
Stop where you are.
You need not look far.
The light is your guide
It burns also inside.
To reveal it
You need simply feel it.
Ask to be healed
And the pact it is sealed.
No wavering.
Just savoring
The love…
Your Source -
The Divine Force.
Once you choose it,
You’ll never lose it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poem #297 - Order

Received while sitting in the woods at Torreya State Park in Florida’s panhandle. Posted just east of Pensacola...

All is in perfect order,
Though this you often cannot see -
The way things come together
One by one so perfectly.

When things they seem to go just right
It’s because you’re in the flow –
Allowing things to just unfold
The way they’re supposed to go.

It’s only when you fight it –
This divine and perfect flow
That you experience frustration
And lose your inner glow.

That glow is with you always
But you block it all the time
When you try to do things your way
Instead of following the Divine.

How to know which way is right?
You simply need relax.
Follow your intuition –
Your brain you need not tax.

That subtle inner guidance
Will tell you when and where to turn.
You’ll find such peace and freedom
When to follow it you learn.

Go with the flow – such good advice.
Your whole life these words can change
When you find that you need struggle not
Your life to rearrange.

Just trust that you are in good hands
Being guided all along the way.
Your prayers are answered perfectly
If you only take the time to pray.

But watch what you do pray for.
You know not always what is best.
Surrendering to higher good
Is part of life’s big test.

It’s only when you pass beyond
And the big picture do you see
Then you see the grand perfection
Laced by God’s divinity.

Never alone … never alone … never alone …

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poem #296 - Seize the Day

From The Villages, Florida, as we prepare to leave ...

Seize the day.
How does one do this?
Grabbing at each moment
To have a taste of bliss.

Carpe diem –
It’s a phrase that is quite old.
But much truth lies there within it…
If the truth be truly told.

How do you seize a moment?
How do you hold it in your hand?
You stop the frantic motion
And freeze right where you stand.

“I’m here,” you say.
“I exist,” you do announce.
“And from this very moment
All false beliefs I do renounce.”

“I seize this day as mine,
A day to see things as they are –
Not the way I have been told
By those who saw things from afar.”

“Instead, I will be guided
By One who sees truly without eyes –
By the one true guiding force
That lights up all the skies.”

“And when I lose my way
On this Force I will now call.
For with God to light the way,
There’s no way that I can fall.”

It takes a dedication
From a moment of decision
To let God direct your life –
To your old habits make revision.

Seize the day – seize every moment
To with God your soul unite,
And leave behind the darkness
As He leads you to the light.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poem #295 - Your Ever-Present Friend

Cry, my dear one.
Let the tears just fall.
Let them wash away your pain
As my name you call.

I’m with you in your darkest hour
I hold your hand in mine.
Filling you with love and light
The light of the Divine.

Just feel my arms around you.
Alone you do not walk.
And if you feel the need to share,
Together we can talk.

Tell me all your worries –
Your deepest feelings you can share.
For always when you call my name
That instant I am there.

Your closest of companions,
Your dearest, caring friend.
You know me as the Christ inside.
I’m here your soul to mend.

So walk with me, although you ache.
You I’ll carry when you’re weak.
I am your brother, here to give
The peace and love you seek.

Fear not the road that lies ahead.
All your troubles I do know.
Together we will walk your path
With my love you’ll always go.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Poem #294 - Take Off Your Mask

All the world is like a clown.
They laugh, but inside they’re crying.
They make a joke to mask the pain
But they feel no better for the trying.

You do not see reality.
You think you must project
An image of the happy one.
Your true feelings you protect.

There is One who knows your pain.
Your troubles He knows well.
With Him you need put on no mask.
To Him your problems you can tell.

No matter your religion,
There lies within you the same Soul.
The essence of pure love and light …
The part that makes you whole.

It lies there deep inside you –
This connection with the Spirit.
But through the chatter of your brain
It’s unlikely you can hear it.

So when you’re down or lonely,
Sit still and close your eyes.
Take long, deep breaths to calm the mind,
Then go in deep to find the prize.

Ask for the light to fill you.
Visualize it pouring in.
Then feel the shift in energy
As God’s love fills you from within.

The knowing may not come at once.
Your ego takes a while to tame.
You’re developing a kinship
With your Self – One and the Same.

It’s there you’ll find your power –
The strength to carry on …
The Force inside that lifts you,
The One you can depend upon.

Cast out your fears and dry your tears.
There’s no need for more despair.
God’s there in every breath you take,
If you will only trust He’s there.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Poem #293 - Angels

Angels walk upon your earth
Though this you may not recognize.
They come in many shapes and forms –
From small to large in size.

Some may have wings, as in your art
For this is how you view them.
But others may be unremarkable
But with a clear vibration to them.

This comes from their sheer purity –
Their quality of love.
For angels are imbued with it,
Like the purest, whitest dove.

And what do they bring to your life –
These messengers of light?
They come to you in times of need
When your life seems dark as night.

At other time they walk with you
Just to give your soul a lift.
You may not know they’re standing there,
But you will sense this special gift.

So acknowledge angels in your life.
Call on them when in need.
For they exist to help and guide,
And t’ward the light your soul to lead.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem #292 - The Greatest Ride of Your Life

Saddle up the horses.
Get ready for the ride.
Once you know the Presence
There’s nowhere that you can hide.

Then fly you will like Pegasus
With wings upon your back.
For with Spirit as your essence
No longer will you lack.

Have you no shoes upon your feet
Nor money in your purse,
You’ll now know that lacking Spirit
Is a curse that is far worse.

But rest assured that Spirit
Has been with you all along.
It’s only that you blocked yourself
From hearing Its pure song.

Once you hear Its holy tune
And feel Its presence in you,
All fear and lack will vanish
For the Power lies within you.

Until now you have been plodding,
But once with Spirit you do travel,
You’ll gallop with great confidence
As life’s mysteries unravel.

So know that not a breath you take
That Spirit takes not for you.
Then ride on t’ward the sunset
With all God’s glory set before you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Poem #291 - Giving Thanks

You fall to your knees and you pray
But who, pray tell, do you thank?
Are you merely a puppet that acts
When upon your strings God does yank?

You are mighty and strong as you are.
There’s no need to request a great favor.
The God-force flows through you quite freely.
This great Force you should relish and savor.

It is true, you as ego have nothing.
You gain strength from your God, the Creator.
It is only by knowing this truth
That you evolve sooner rather than later.

So fall to your knees if you must.
But do it in thanks for your gifts.
You need ask for nothing, for all do you have
When God in His arms you He lifts.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poem #290 - "In Spirit"

Sit and do nothing.
Stop all the rushing,
And breathe.

Do you seek inspiration?
Draw it in with your breath.
It’s there in the very word:
Yet you tire
From so little of this.
Then you fail
To find the bliss
That comes when you do draw it in –
This air that lights the spark within.

So stop.
Breathe in deeply and hold it.
Allow love to enfold it,
And feel the surge –
The sudden urge
To know more …
What’s it all for -
This body that breathes in and out?

Once you sit in the silence
There can be no more doubt:
To love, that is why –
With every breath ‘til you die.
Once this lesson you know
Beyond the breath you will go …
To that state that’s so freeing –
The eternal state of just being.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poem #289 - Forever

Forever is a long, long time
A distance difficult to see.
How long is “ever after”?
What means “eternity?”

You can only throw a stone so far
Before it falls and stops.
How can a thing go ceaselessly
Like your Energizer Bunny hops?

You go on without ceasing
For one most important reason:
It’s only your physical body
That stops and counts the season.

Inside you are pure spirit -
A thing without a form,
With no parts that break and falter.
Nothing there that does get worn.

You exist as vibration.
On and off do you blink
Energy that’s quite ceaseless
With a mind that does think.

So see not the body
With its form and its limit
But be the spirit you are
That lives now within it.

And when you are freed
From the body by death
You’ll find you live on
Far beyond your last breath.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poem #288 - Taking Care of #1

Surviving on this planet
Takes a great deal of strength,
For you face a lot of challenges
Which stretch you your full length.

Your mind is stressed
Your body, too
From all these those things
You feel you must do.

But recognize, please
The need for rest.
You need not always
Your body so test.

Put down your pen.
Turn off the TV.
Then walk in nature
Or simply “be.”

You cannot always
Walk around “on.”
Thinking if you don’t act now
The moment is gone.

There will always
Be more to do.
So first take time
To take care of YOU.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Poem #287 - The Nature of Time

How quickly time does pass –
One second here, then it is gone.
When things are good it scurries by
Though you hang tightly on.

Yet when in pain or sorrow
Time it seems to slow.
You try to hurry through it,
But there’s nowhere that you can go.

The clock is artificial.
It has a steady beat.
It’s only in your mind, you see
That time can be like feet:

Running one moment
Plodding the next.
It’s movement depends
Upon the context.

The truth is, time is like the clock:
A false creation for your use.
You actually have no need for time
When from your body you’re let loose.

If you wish to understand this
Sit in silence and you’ll see
That when the brain is finally still
From time you are set free.

For at your essence you are spirit –
A being without time
Existing where there’s no time nor space
Where all is quite sublime.

But now as you do walk the earth
Time is there for you to use.
When used to serve and be as Love
There is no time to lose.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poem #286 - Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures make you smile.
It takes not a lengthy while.
Simply gaze upon a child’s face
Or give to a baby an embrace.

Instantly you feel connection -
A sudden inner recollection
That this is why you’ve come to earth,
Why to you was given birth …

To feel within your heart and soul
The love of Life – this is your role.

If through your days you simply walk
And feel not love, but merely talk
Of mundane things that lack emotion
Then you’ll not understand devotion.

Devotion comes when you awaken
And like a pill with water taken
Do digest why you are here.
Then suddenly it all comes clear:

You’re here to be that which you are –
A spark if God, a shining star.
His love to feel and radiate –
This is the task put on your plate.

Do your job and do it well
And you will exit from the Hell –
The Hell of knowing not the treasure
Of the love inside that’s beyond measure.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poem #285 - Child of God

Oh wise and knowing Father
Bless me as I rise this day.
Without you I am nothing
And so I turn to you and pray.

The sky it seems so vast at times
And I a tiny speck.
Where do I fit in this great scene?
Am I just another card within the deck?

Oh child of God, awaken
And see who you truly are –
The King, the Queen, the Jack, the Ace …
The whole sky, not just the star.

All of creation holds your dreams.
What you wish for you can be.
You’re here to play and to create –
To experience divinity.

See not yourself as limited.
In this way you suffer so.
Feeling that you somehow lack
A better place to go.

Oh child, just open up your eyes
And see the picture whole.
You’re not the body, nor the brain,
You’re God’s eternal soul.