About the Poetry

All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poem #163 - The Flame Within

Singe not the fraying ends
That leave a hanging thread.
A tiny imperfection
Is nothing you should dread.

You seek to reach perfection
But it’s a lofty goal.
And when you fail to reach it,
You’re left feeling less than whole.

Just know that deep inside you
There lies a tiny spark
That when ignited to a flame
Will lead you from the dark.

This fire that grows e’er brighter
As you pass on through your days,
Is there to teach and guide you
In oh so many ways.

This growing ember there within
Is your latent perfection.
And you will come to know this
When you sit in still reflection.

God’s the name you give to this
That inner guiding force.
Just know it is a part of you—
Your ever present Source.

So seek perfection if you wish
It’s part of who you are.
Your efforts will not be in vain.
They’ll carry you quite far.

But only One can have no faults
You’ll see this in due time.
So meanwhile seek to be like it,
Your inner source: divine.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poem #162 - The Breath of Life

Mars, Venus, Pluto, Uranus…
Planets far from yours.
They have not the grass and plants
Through which the oxygen pours.

Barren places, lacking life,
So far from the sun.
But life has been a part of earth
Since time there was begun.

But what is life? Does it grow
From one small, tiny seed?
Or is it something different,
Found in every flower and weed?

Life is spirit; spirit is life.
It’s simple as can be.
It’s not the matter that gives life
But the spark of divinity.

Without the spirit
There’d be no breath.
Just simple matter,
No life, no death.

Knowing this you understand
Why life on earth’s so fine.
The perfection of all nature there
Springs from your Source divine.

Honor every breath you take.
Of this act never grow tired.
For with every inhalation
You are by God inspired.

(Note from Suzanne: I love the play on words in this last stanza and line ... one of the meanings of "inspiration" is "breathing in.")

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poem #161 - On Challenges

Every man must face a challenge
In every cycle of his life.
For in your world of comforts
There must come some times of strife.

How you face up to the struggles
Is part of your big test,
For the one who sees these eagerly
Will rise about the rest.

It’s not that you should care
Who is good, better, and best,
But only that you meet the task
We place at your behest.

And in this way prepare yourself
For what lies beyond the curtain.
If you can handle problems here
You’ll do well beyond, for certain.

For each chapter of your life’s a phase
From which you surely learn.
Your experience in what comes next
Is what you there do earn.

The more you learn while on the earth
The greater you progress.
So that when you leave the earth
You do so with finesse.

For there are stages in our world
Just as there are in yours.
The higher you can enter here
The greater the rewards.

The higher is your frequency
With energy so fine,
The greater is the love you’ll feel
And closer to Divine.

So learn your lessons well on earth
Face each challenge with a smile,
And you will find your efforts there
Will turn out all worthwhile.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Poem #160 - Pack Your Bags With Love

An interesting experience today. After a conversation with a neighbor last night, I thought today’s poem would be about dealing with hardship. I pushed the poem in that direction and it just wasn’t working. The poets kindly chastised me for trying to be active instead of passive, and they made me start a new page. Then the poem flowed normally with what seems to be their favorite topic: love.

Tempers flare, passions rise
In the heat of anger.
Healing wounds should be your goal
Whenever there is rancor.

There is no need for enmity,
No sense in feeling hate.
So patch up all your differences
Before it is too late.

For love’s a very precious thing,
The most treasured gift you’ve got.
And when you waste your time with hate
You wither on the spot.

Your time on earth is very short,
Oft measured just in hours.
So spend it exercising love--
The strongest of your powers.

We cannot speak enough of this
For showing love is what you lack.
Most things you can’t take with you,
But true love you’ll always pack.

Hate and fear will weigh you down,
But love it has no weight.
You’ll feel the lightness of the air
When you do banish hate.

So pack your bags.
The trip you’re on has many twists and turns.
But joyous is the journey
For he who this lesson learns:

Love’s the only thing that’s real.
It lies there at your core.
Your job’s to bring it to the light
And shine forever more.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poem #159 - On Cooperation

Forests filled with leaves and twigs
So thick they block the sky.
The filtered light it trickles through
To meet the wandering eye.

Nature has such miracles
They’re everywhere you look.
In them you’ll find the face of God
If often time you took.

A tiny ant that marches on
Who works with little strength,
But joined with all his brothers
Can carry loads for any length.

Such a lesson you can learn
When nature you observe.
It’s harmony in action,
How the one the all does serve.

Cooperation is the name
You give to this great concept.
Like neighbors helping harvest fields
From sunrise until sunset.

How much work you can get done
When two hands become four.
Yet thinking only of the self
You think you achieve more.

But man was never meant to walk
His path through life alone.
A life of utter selfishness
Is not one to condone.

But helping others, giving love,
For this you do exist.
It’s in the sharing that you grow.
This urge do not resist.

That little push you feel inside
To meet and bond and share,
Is part of your true heritage
So heed it if you dare.

No man’s an island, this you know.
So this day prove it true.
By sharing love with all you meet
Great things will come to you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Poem #158 - Folly

I love not knowing what the topic of each day's poem is going to be. This morning I found myself sitting up straight as could be and felt an in-charge masculine presence which I recognized from previous visits. His language was quite different and forceful. After the first few lines he told me to open my eyes. I did so and discovered that my pen had run out of ink. I was able to hold onto the four lines he’d given me so far as I picked up a new pen and rewrote the lines before he continued. When I opened my eyes at the end, I could see that my writing was far more powerful than usual – almost like slashes across the paper. …

Who holds the power in your world?
The one with the most gold.
Bah! Such insolence!
To give power to something you can hold!

Do you not see the foolishness?
Such trinkets are mere things.
In the end it’s heartache
That your gold and power brings.

Squash this strong desire
For more and more and more.
You cannot take it with you
When you pass through heaven’s door.

Timidly you step across,
Thinking that you’re weak
For crossing to the other side
Your riches you can’t keep.

But lo! Surprise!
A grand awakening is yours.
For ‘ere without a penny
True love like gold it pours.

Silence this false longing
For things which you acquire.
For what at first seems treasure
Quite soon of it you tire.

But love, dear ones, please hear me,
This treasure doesn’t tarnish.
It shines forever brightly
Like a fresh, clear coat of varnish.

Be still inside; squelch the fear
And treasure you will find.
It’s yours to keep—God’s gift to you
When to others you are kind.

It’s madness, hear me, utter folly
To put value on the gold
When life’s greatest treasure
Is the one thing you cannot hold.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Poem #157 - Nothing to Fear

Merrry Christmas to all. May you be surrounded by love today and give back as much as you get ... Today's poem comes with a huge dose of love to get you started:

Begin as you always do,
With a deep breath.
For today’s topic’s a deep one:
This thing you call death.

Why do you fear it?
It carries no fright.
‘Tis naught but a passage
Just like day turns to night.

And while to the eyes
It appears you’re asleep,
The spirit’s quite active,
So no need to weep.

Your body’s a shell,
A convenient vessel.
It carries your spirit
Like a train rides a trestle.

And when sick or old
And it serves you no more,
Then the body you shed
As you pass through the door.

And thus starts anew
In your life a new stage.
An exciting new chapter
Just like turning a page.

All your time on the earth
Helps prepare for this change.
Learn your lessons quite well
And it won’t seem so strange.

So as you can see
Death is nothing to fear.
It only seems tragic
For those you hold dear.

But if they would realize
That they’ll see you again,
They’d cry not so hard;
They would pick up a pen…

And write you a letter
With things left unsaid,
Understanding you’d read it
For you’re really not dead.

To those left behind,
Yes, the need’s there to grieve.
But hear us this day,
As your pain we relieve:

Your loved ones who’ve crossed
Are not gone, they’re around you.
They come when you call them,
Their love does surround you.

So think of them often
And know that one day,
When your time comes to meet them,
They’ll show you the way.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem #156 - For Christmas Eve

I felt a “light” and loving presence, then heard:

Good morning. We have come to guide you in a song of sorts…

A choir of angels sings on high.
Glory, glory in the heavens.
Oh, such praises they do bring.
With great happiness they sing.
For unto you is born a king.

Yes, this is a time to celebrate
A most important, holy date.
A day when in your world a child was born.
One who some would see with scorn.

Jesus was the name they gave
To a man who came to save
The souls of those who felt quite lost
Like ships that on the waves are tossed.

The Nazarene did leave his mark.
He left a world no longer stark
But full of hope for their salvation.
Eternal life he gave a nation.

But Jesus was a simple man.
“What I do,” he said… “You can.”
My Father lies within your mansion.
With many rooms, space for expansion.

This wondrous soul he knew the story.
One that’s filled with hope and glory.
That to each is due a gift.
Let your beliefs not cause a rift.

But know that life, it is eternal.
No one is doomed to hell infernal.
For within, as he so told
There lies a treasure fine as gold:
A gift that came to God’s first man-
The knowledge of the Great I-Am.

So as you praise a single birth
Know that all who walk on earth
Hold within their very heart
The God of which you’re all a part.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poem #155 - You Can't Rush Growth

A quick note before today's poem to acknowledge Lois Anne and Jennifer, two beautiful souls whose comments each day are as insightful and beautiful as the poems. Thank you so much for your efforts. I love knowing that others are enjoying the poems, too. And now, #155:

See the mighty oak …
How tall its trunk does grow.
All that from one small acorn,
Whose life it did bestow.

You are like that mighty tree.
You sprang from one small seed.
Inside it held the makings
For everything your growth did need.

From that seed grew matter,
That which everyone can feel.
But matter’s not the only part.
There’s more of you that’s real.

Your spirit is a gift from God.
It gives life to all you are.
For without life the seeds would be
Like marbles in a jar.

As your body shows much change
Your spirit it grows too.
For you are here to grow and learn.
You’ve much good work to do.

But like the acorn sprouts a trunk
At quite a stately rate.
You cannot push your spirit’s growth
Some things they have to wait.

Your growth proceeds just as it should
With lessons on your path.
So take each step and learn from it
By choosing love, not wrath.

You cannot force the seed to grow
Nor speed its destined course.
So watch your life unfold just so,
With patience, not with force.

All things will come to you in time,
Just like the oak matures.
So let your spirit stretch and grow
And all the world is yours.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poem #154 - Innocence

Hear the little children’s voices.
So sweetly they do sing.
The happiness that’s in their hearts
Has a wondrous message to bring.

Small children are so innocent.
They have not learned to hate.
If you could only turn back time,
How grand would be your state.

No fear, no judgment, no disdain.
Just love without condition.
The lives of man would be so blessed
With not a soul lost to perdition.

But as you grow like blades of grass
The weeds they tend to strangle.
Your false beliefs they do the same.
These “weeds” you must untangle.

Go back then to an early time
When thoughts were pure and true,
And you will find the babe’s pure bliss
Is what to you is due.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Poem #153 - The Power of Words

You create with your voice.
You always have a choice
How you will affect your day
With the words you choose to say.

Will you speak with kindness?
Or speak as if with blindness?
Use your words to soothe and charm?
Or to others bring some harm?

Man has been endowed with verse
Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.
But if his tongue is sweet and kind
Great healing power can he find.

Used unwisely, he can wound,
And so it’s best to stay attuned
And speak each word with thought and care
For words do linger in the air.

In this time of merry cheer,
Think of what to you is dear
And with those loving thoughts do choose
The words just right to spread this news:

That one day when you all are free
You’ll finally find eternity
And understand that all are bound
Inside the heart where love is found.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poem #152 - Your True Self

Sitting in the silence
Is the way to know yourself.
There beyond the chatter
Is a world of formless wealth.

For it’s not the things you buy
That will lead to lasting peace,
But the things you learn in silence
That will bring you great release.

So many fail to stop and sit
And seek their nature true.
And thus they never find
What to them is truly due.

For within you lies a treasure.
It’s your true and natural Self.
And this will last you far more long
Than trinkets, power, or wealth.

Your spirit is the heart of you.
Some call it just “the soul.”
It matters not which words you use,
It’s the part that makes you whole.

Honor what is at your core.
It’s why you’re here on earth.
It gives you life, it’s driven you
Since nine months before your birth.

And this vital part of you
Will be your true companion
Across the curtain you call death
When your body you abandon.

So honor it, this part of you
That’s central as can be.
For spirit’s really all you are.
You’re pure divinity.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poem #151 - What is Real?

So be it,
That you shall die.
Tis nothing but a passage…
The blink of an eye.

Worry not
That this world you shall leave.
A new life awaits you.
This you can believe.

Your world’s an illusion.
Not at all as it seems.
To understand it more clearly,
Simply think of your dreams.

At night what you see
To you seems quite real.
Yet if you reach out,
Can the surface you feel?

Who’s to say you’re not dreaming
As these words you do read?
Yet you argue, “I’m real!
I breathe and I bleed!”

Worry not what is real.
Simply learn what you can.
For to grow and evolve
Is the heart of the plan.

Spend your days wisely.
Learn to love all your brothers.
For the greatest of lessons
Is to do unto others.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Poem #150 - In the Details

Sit down on your haunches.
Contemplate the grass.
Pick up a single blade,
And let it through your fingers pass.

Feel the tiny ridges
That are so hard to detect.
And then upon this feeling
Take a moment to reflect.

These tiny details pass before you
In oh so many ways,
But you all fail to see them
As your lives pass in a haze.

Make a pause to look.
Stop and spend the time.
And you will finally realize
The meaning of “divine.”

Like these words – so simple,
Yet a message that is clear:
The little things that go unseen
Are the ones you should hold dear.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poem #149 - The Highest Vibration

Radiate …
Send energy out.
Feel it swirling all about.

This, inside, is your true state.
At times to rise, and then abate.
It’s with your thoughts that you control
The energy level as a whole.

What feels good are waves so fine.
What feels bad is far from divine.
For love’s the true and highest vibration—
A blissful, warm, and buzzing sensation.

You feel it deep within your heart,
For this is where the waves they start,
And every cell they do affect.
It’s power you should thus respect.

And use it as a living force
That you direct and put on course.
A laser beam that you can focus
It’s not what you call “hocus pocus”

But a real and mighty healing power
That like a brilliant meteor shower
Glitters down on all it does touch
Love’s energy can do so much.

Do not deny the many ways
That you can brighten all your days
With this one simple little trick
When love’s vibration you do pick.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poem #148 - The Jewel Inside You

A little background on this one... a few years ago on a long hypnotic drive, a wonderful acronym came to me as a way to describe our essence. I filed it away in my brain and never did anything with it, although I knew it would surface again some time. This morning I heard the first two lines of today's poem and thought, "I wonder where this is going ... what a strange way to start a poem." After six lines I thought, "There is no way this is going to have any meaning today. This isn't going anywhere." Then lines seven and eight came out in a rush, and I instantly knew what it was about: my acronym. I burst into tears because it was so awesome -- these words that were so obviously not from me, but were so brilliant. Then I thought, "Okay spirit world... you started this ... now you have to work an acronym into a poem! What a challenge!" And boy did they meet that challenge, in non-stop flowing words that tied it all together in one beautiful package, and all in less than ten minutes ... Take your time, figure it all out, and enjoy the beautiful message. A Christmas present from the Council of Poets to all of us today ...

Hard as a walrus tusk
Carved to perfection
With a luster so bright
You can see your reflection.

This tiny jewel
That you can hold in your hand
Started out at its birth
As a small grain of sand.

You call it a pearl
This bright little jewel
Bur for you we have used it
As a kind of a tool.

The word in your language
Brings an image to mind
But each letter of “PEARL”
Means something else, as you’ll find.

For what is a pearl?
But a jewel that does hide
Inside a rough shell
That’s quite crusty outside.

Yet open the shell
And inside is the shine
No one could imagine
A treasure so fine.

The “P” stands for “Pure”
Something clear and quite sure.
The “E” stands for “Essence”
What you have at your core.

The “A’s” just a word
It’s a holder called “And”
The “R’s” more important
For “Real" does it stand.

But “L” is the most
Valued word of the five.
It stands for “Love”—
That which keeps you alive.

When five letters combine.
You discover the secret
With a meaning sublime.

Each man’s like an oyster.
Maybe crusty outside,
But inside him such beauty
Like the pearl he does hide.

Inside is your jewel
It’s your “Pure Essence” for sure
And Real Love” ... That’s the secret…
Now you know your true core.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poem #147 - On Healing

I had a tough time in meditation today thanks to a lack of sleep. Nothing was coming through, then I nodded off. I awoke with a start to the first line of this poem in my ears. It flowed for three stanzas, then drifted away in my tired mind. On to a better night's sleep tonight to better serve the spirit world!

Healing is a noble art.
It plays a truly vital part
In bringing truth to those in need.
Their call for help we always heed.

Cells left unbalanced open up.
They’re like a dry and thirsty cup
Crying out to be put right.
Like loosening a belt that’s tight.

When energy it does get blocked
It needs a way to be unlocked.
And when a healer’s hands they place
They open up the healing space.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Poem #146 - Where is Heaven?

This amazing poem came with a rush of love at the end that left me in tears ...

Raise your head up to the sky.
Sit a while and wonder why
All the stars do shine and twinkle.
It’s a strange and wondrous wrinkle.

Heaven seems so far away,
But it’s as close as night to day.
The two worlds mix, they intertwine
Thanks to vibrations oh so fine.

The stars that seem to you so far
To us are fireflies in a jar …
There to touch if we reach out
No farther than a friendly shout.

In spirit there’s no here nor there.
Just all pervasive “everywhere.”
No time nor space does us divide.
By our own thoughts we do abide.

All this you, too, will understand
When you leave your solid land
And join the realm of twinkling lights
And say goodbye to darkened nights.

For all is light in our great sphere.
You’ll feel its warmth when you come here.
It shines as if from up above,
But it is actually God’s great love.

This warmth is yours to feel right now.
It’s easy once we show you how.
Just focus on your heart to know
This all abiding inner glow.

That’s your glimpse of life’s great Force.
It lies inside you at your source.
No need to look at stars afar …
Heaven’s always where you are.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poem #145 - The Little Things

See the goodness in all things.
Hear the bird, the song it sings.
Smell the flower, touch the rose.
Pat a puppy on its nose.

All are ways to feel God’s love.
Gifts to you from up above.
The little moments when you stop.
And cherish all the gifts you’ve got.

It’s not the big things you acquire.
Of these things you will soon tire.
But the moments, quickly gone
That leave a mark and then move on.

He who stops to look and listen
Will see the treasures when they glisten.
He’ll feel a part of all that’s great
And know the joy that does await.

It’s hinted at in what you see—
These glimpses of divinity.
A taste of what is yet to come
When you will find that all is one.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How wonderful the Universe is ...

Had to share this: Two days ago Ty and I decided that the next check from the Susan Marie Giesemann Foundation (the charity we established in memory of our daughter to which all proceeds from my readings go), would be to help children, since Susan loved children so much. I didn't know where to start to find just the right one, so I did what always works: I asked for guidance in prayer. I asked for spirit to send me a clear message pointing us to a children's charity that Susan would like. Yesterday I opened an email from Jordan Rich, the host of WBZ radio's Jordan Rich show who interviewed me last September. First thing I saw was a colorful drawing with the slogan "Help the Children" followed by this plea from Jordan: "Please help me raise much needed funds for Children’s Hospital Boston, one of the finest pediatric hospitals in the world that improves thousands of lives per year."

I was dumbfounded. How much more clear could the message be? (Ty also pointed out to me that Susan's best friend had been named Jordan.)

But wait! It only gets better... later that day I emailed a woman to whom I had given a reading that morning here in Florida. I thanked her again for her donation and told her that all of her funds and that of several others would be going to Boston Children's hospital. She wrote back and told me what a jolt my email had given her. It turns out that when she was a baby, she literally died in her mother's arms, and ended up spending 6 weeks AT BOSTON CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!!!

God ... Spirit ... the Universe ... whatever you want to call this awesome Force that guides us ... is truly great.

By the way, if you want to share the love this Christmas season, you can help, too. Here's what Jordan wrote in the rest of his email:

In return for your kindness, I’ll send you a copy of our latest booklet of recipes, poetry, inspiring stories and humor, “For the Children, vol. X.”
Kindly send a donation of $20.00 (made payable to Children’s Hospital Boston) or whatever you can afford to:
Jordan Rich
WBZ Radio
1170 Soldiers Field Rd.
Boston, Ma. 02134

Or, order online via PayPal at http://www.jordanrich.com/.

Poem #144 - On Judgment

Divisive thoughts they cause a rift
Instead of giving your soul a lift.
Think loving things and you will find
A calmer, more peaceful state of mind.

It’s far too easy to sit and judge.
Your opinions you do refuse to budge.
But when you judge another’s ways
You just add pain to your own days.

Judge not the one who thinks not as you do
See him in a light that’s new.
Look not at him with hate and wrath
But understand he simply treads a different path.

Infinite are the trails you all walk.
Don’t judge another by his acts or his talk.
Look only at the way you do grow.
That’s all you really need to know.

When with another you disagree
Seek to find true harmony.
It lies in that which you does bind:
The One true Source of all mankind.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Poem #143 - All Part of the Plan

Gone are the days
When you ran as a child
Rushing through fields
Like the wind, oh so wild.

Those years formed a base
For the way you are now.
With strength and with courage
They did you endow.

The past is your history,
But your future it’s not.
You’ve no way of knowing
How much time you have got.

Live only this day
Without fear, nor with worry.
All things they will come
Whether or not you do hurry.

Regard every day
As a chance to succeed.
And know that you’re blessed
As we meet every need.

Life may not always seem perfect
As you watch it unfold.
But perfection unfolds
As your body grows old.

And then comes great joy
When your body you shed
And find with delight
That you’re really not dead.

You just go on learning;
The fields they’re still there.
It’s just that in Heaven
You pass through them like air.

Yes, you do go on learning,
It’s all part of the plan
It’s the story of life
Since all time it began.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poem #142 - Beyond This Life

Beyond the greatest of your hopes
There lies yet even more.
So much it does await you
When you cross through Heaven’s door.

A world of life and wonders
Greater than you’ve ever seen.
It’s a world that’s even greater
Than your most cherished dream.

It makes your world seem paltry.
Even all your finest wonders.
It’s a place where thoughts make magic
With the love so strong it thunders.

You need not strive to get there
For all this way will pass.
When the body does not serve you
Then will clear the window’s glass.

And all your work will then make sense
And every earthly test
But think not that when you pass this way
That then you will find rest.

No, though its beauty exceeds all
You do not sit and slumber.
There’s work to do beyond the veil
And tasks not few in number.

But these you’ll do with no complaint
For all work it has a reason.
It’s for the growth of spirit,
Which goes on like every season.

A never ending cycle
Is your life in God’s great sphere.
For life goes on eternally.
You grow both there and here.

So hurry not this world to reach
Although it calls your name.
You’re spirit now with body’s form
And spirit you’ll remain.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poem #141 - The Great Play of Life

For the third day in a row, a completely new rhyming pattern...

Curtains part, revealing a scene:
The great play of life.
Each separate act with a pause in between.

Actors are you all,
Playing out your separate roles
Before the curtain does fall.

Step onto the stage and bow.
You’re here to create and enjoy.
Deep inside you know how.

Speak the words, play the part,
Carry out your lines.
Release what’s in your heart.

Grand is the stage upon which you act.
All the world is yours.
You can’t escape this fact.

Strive hard to win the prize:
The greatest gift of all,
When you step off to the skies.

Then you’ll find that this great play
Has prepared you for the next.
In your acts you learned the way.

Play your role here with great care.
Everything you do does matter.
While for the next life you do prepare.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poem #140 - An Important Message

Yet another new rhythm and rhyming pattern ...

Through all your earthly trials I am there.
Your troubles and your triumphs I do share.
Be thus ever knowing if you dare,
That always for your soul I greatly care.

My breath it does flow through you as you breathe.
I walk beside you; from your side I’ll never leave.
I hope that in your heart you truly do believe,
That all your pain and sorrow I’ll relieve.

In this life you have so very far to go.
But walk on calmly and please know,
That all my love to you I do bestow.
May you feel it as an ever-burning glow.

“Life is short”– it is a phrase you often say.
You watch the change as night turns into day.
But if you join me and together we do pray,
Down the winding path I’ll always lead the way.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Poem #139 - Growth

A whole new rhyming pattern today...

Growth: they say it comes in spurts;
Oft resulting from some hurts
With a cause that no one knows.

Never doubt that pain is good.
Like deep scars that mar the wood,
It leaves a mark, then goes.

What is left behind grows stronger.
Now afraid to grow no longer.
A new you has thus emerged.

Accept the trials in your life.
Welcome all the pain and strife.
Ultimately all is purged.

See the glory in the pain.
Love the sunshine and the rain.
This is life with all its faces.

You are on this earth to grow.
Even if progress is slow.
There are no special cases.

All are loved the same.
Without judgment, without blame.
On to Heaven do you go.

Life’s a journey of discovery.
Sometimes ugly, sometimes lovely.
So many ways true growth to know.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poem #138 - The One Real Truth

It’s so easy to doubt
What you cannot see or feel.
But that’s the role of faith
In a world where all seems real.

Sit back each day and listen
To the silence in your mind,
And there great truth and wisdom
Awaits for you to find.

Nothing that seems solid
Has a value that will last.
What matters most are loving thoughts
Such as memories from the past.

But dwell not on what has happened,
Nor what is yet to come,
For living in the present
Is the way to become One.

You hold there deep within you
The spark of the Divine.
And when you truly seek it
All things will fall in line.

This life has many levels
Beyond the one where you do live.
And all will be revealed to you
When in harmony you live.

From this day on, go forth as love
And feel the spirit’s kiss,
And knowing thus the one real truth,
You’ll find eternal bliss.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I got a poem today, but it's too personal to share. The spirit world seems to be aware of how keyed up I am about the events of this coming weekend as I host Anne Gehman and Wayne Knoll at several major events. As always, they had loving advice, but I feel it's best kept to myself. Love to everyone as you go about your day today. xxoo

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poem #137 - What Your World So Dearly Needs

Curry us no favors.
There is nothing that we need,
Except for you to honor us
With your every loving deed.

The world’s in need of saviors—
People who do care.
And everyone can play a part
By loving, if they dare.

Share bread with those who hunger.
To those who thirst give drink.
To be an earthly savior
Is much easier than you think.

It only takes a moment
To share a loving smile,
To hold a hand, to wipe a tear
To walk that extra mile.

You all are here to learn
Loving lessons by your acts.
So honor us by what you do
Give love, don’t give us facts.

It’s by your demonstrations—
By your loving deeds,
That you show you understand
What your world so dearly needs.

So love each other not for us,
But for your soul’s own evolution,
And all the problems of your world
Will find the best solution.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poem #136 - Balance

In this world of stress and strife
You need to take the time
To step outside the battles
And soak up the sublime.

There’s far too little happiness
And far too much disdain.
You need to seek out love and joy
And set aside the pain.

Find beauty in the tiny things.
Seek laughter when you can.
There’s time for work and time for play.
Put balance in your plan.

Yes, kind advice we offer you.
It’s nothing you don’t know.
But far too many fail to stop
And seek the inner glow.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poem #135 - Heaven

Surrounded by love…
That’s heaven’s way
You cannot escape there
The bright warmth of day.

The light of love does shine on
With a heat you can feel,
And by soaking its rays
All earthly ills can you heal.

Our world’s much like yours
We move about and we work
There are books and there’s music
If we choose such a perk.

It’s a world of pure thought.
With our minds we create.
But like you in your bodies,
To evolve is our fate.

We understand here our purpose:
To evolve and to grow.
And we do this each time
That our love we do show.

There are lessons for all,
Whether here or on earth.
For to discover our essence
Is our task from our birth.