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All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Poem #95 - Balance

So many children suffer
From too little food.
Not enough to go around
For the entire brood.

Hear these words:

If one goes hungry
All do starve.
There’s no need for this
With so much meat to carve.

You live in a world
Of have and have not.
In some places there’s plenty.
Others nothing have got.

Why is there lack
When so much wealth abounds?
Consider the trumpet
As it blares out its sounds …

One note is loud
Yet the other quite soft.
One’s held out quite long
The other played oft.

Somewhere there is balance.
Somewhere in between.
This is the solution.
You must find the mean.

It all starts with seeing
Your face in the other.
Although he looks different,
Inside he’s your brother.

You must learn to love.
For this you are here.
When one suffers, you all do.
This should be quite clear.

Pray for the sinner
For he knows not the way.
Your love and compassion
Will hasten the day

When all taste forgiveness
And then understand
That when all think as one
You form a tight band.

And thus joined together
You learn and you grow.
In the spirit of love
To the heavens you go.


  1. I don't like this one too much. I get the assimilate to the borg from it. Individuality is very important and the "all" statements exacerbate it. I know the spirit of the message is the unity of man but it bothers me to think this way.

  2. Okay...powerful message today of love and concern for our fellow man...and again the message of "oneness." Beautifully stated, there is much to consider today. I love the comparison of the trumpet with the loud and soft notes. It exemplifies the problem of the "have and the have nots" well.

    We even have a place to begin the restoration of "balance" in our world...."It all starts with seeing your face in the other." There are more instructions to love, pray, forgive, and learn and grow together.

    I will think about this message throughout the day! Thank you, Council of Poets!

  3. I really like this poem because of the powerful of message of unity. By opening our hearts and accepting others for who they are and where they have come from is just one small step in learning how to love one another.If we love ourselves we can express this love in our daily actions with others... Jennifer C.