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All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poem #13 - The Role of a Lifetiime

Friends … lovers … and many others
These our words should heed
In times of need …

Care not for things of value
Money, silver, power…
These come and go
As you know
They all turn sour.

Carve a line
Cut it fine
Resist the call
Of all
That shines

Nothing lasts for long
In this world of matter
All will end in tatters

Like a bush with thorns,
Cuts draw blood
Prick the skin
So thin
Look within
No wounds can reach
The glories of the mind

Flutter, flutter like the
Butterfly whose wings flap so softly
Like the touch of grace
Upon your face
Soft as gossamer
Strands of a web the spider spins
To catch its prey
It’s all a play
And we the actors
Day by day
Do act it out
Dance and shout
Speak our lines
The way we live our life defines
The next step along the way.
Better stay
Get it right
Day and night

The role of a lifetime.


  1. Basically, I get the same message -that things of this earth do not matter - mankind should not be greedy- and eventually everything comes to an end.Although we in our human form can be hurt - nothing can touch the soul. Life is not the reality but we have to live it correctly in order to prepare ourselves for the our "real eternity". The role we play now determines our future in the next life.

  2. Our "role of a lifetime" is to live our lives unselfishly without being caught in the spider's web of material wealth or misuse of power. Wealth and power distract us from listening to the world of spirit. But Grace (the butterfly) is always near and waiting for us to "get it right" in this lifetime. I see the "glories of the mind" to be the knowledge of the spirit world and the messages of hope they bring. I love the images of the "play and actors" which seem to say that with practice we might get it right eventually.

    I see this poem as another message of hope. Even though we are tempted by the material world, our inner minds where the world of spirit talks with us cannot be touched. So "Look within..."

  3. I really like this one. It is about what is truly important and the looking within.