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All of the poems in this blog are spirit-inspired. Every word came to me each day for a full year while in deep meditation. I simply wrote what I heard onto a pad of paper in my lap with eyes closed – meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes. I was unaware of each poem’s theme until I transcribed it later word for word. Each day brought new and wondrous discoveries about the world beyond our five physical senses, incredible wisdom, and messages of hope which I share with you in this blog. The last poems received are displayed below on this page, but the entire collection of 365+ poems are archived here in the left-hand column. You can search by topic or keyword using the search box in the upper left corner. May you find among them just the right message which speaks to your heart.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poem #321 -The World Beyond

We will take you on a journey
Now that you have asked.
Back to a place and time
Where once in bliss you basked.

A place without the troubles
Or the cares that you have here.
Where all was bright and shining
And all understanding seemed quite clear.

Not a place as you would know it
But a different state of being
Where thoughts and sound are energy
And without eyes still seeing.

You can imagine such a place at will
For you go there in your dreams.
And so this place of fantasy
Is not as fantastic as it seems.

We’d like to introduce you
To this place that we call home.
For you came from there and will return
One day again to roam.

Another world – a different realm
But a stranger you are not
For you go there now quite frequently
When your brain’s without a thought.

1 comment:

  1. The world of spirit invites us to view a little of the "world beyond" today. Through a quieting of the mind, we are able to experience all that is explained in this lovely poem. "Another world - a different realm, but a stranger you are not."

    On to enjoying a journey today to the "world beyond" with all of its joy and peace...